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 Achieve the Highest Product Quality with Our QA Services Experts

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Quality Assurance goes beyond just code quality and is paramount for crafting software that offers a superior user experience and reinforces the value of your product.

Our software QA services experts have the skills and expertise to ensure that your new digital products meet your requirementsintegrate well with your existing setup, and are highly user-friendly.

Our Cutting-edge Software Testing Services

At Scalo, we offer cutting-edge software testing services to ensure that your applications meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. With a focus on delivering exceptional results, our team of experienced test engineers utilizes advanced methodologies and powerful tools to thoroughly test your software. Our comprehensive approach to software testing covers the entire development life cycle, from planning and design to execution and support.

Why Can You Trust Scalo?

Profound expertise in QA field
Over 60 senior QA Engineers on board
Over 60 senior QA Engineers on board
Proven best practices
Proven best practices
data analytics
Performance-driven quality metrics
Advanced QA measurement system
Advanced QA measurement system

Tailored Software Quality Assurance Services

We offer tailored software quality assurance services that match your needs and expectations.

Whether you need to test your product’s functionalityusabilityreliabilityperformancesecurity, or compatibility, we have the expertise and tools to help you achieve the best results.

Scalo DevOps

Functional Sustainability

We ensure that your product works well and meets your users’ expectations. We achieve that by performing manual and automated tests to check the product’s functional completeness, correctness, and appropriateness. We also help you decide which tests to automate for the best results. With our functional sustainability approach, you can rest assured that your product works as intended and delivers value to your users.

Performance Efficiency

Our software testing services will ensure optimal performance for your product in various conditions and scenarios. We run thorough tests to ensure your system is fast, efficient, and scalable, meeting all your set standards and goals. We also find and fix any performance issues that may affect your product’s quality and user happiness. Scalo’s quality assurance services will give you a fast, reliable product that works well and utilizes resources efficiently.


The actual value of a system lies in how easily users can operate it. Our tailored software quality assurance services prioritize end-user satisfaction. We measure usability in relevance, learnability, operability, user error protection, aesthetics, and accessibility. Ensuring your software meets these criteria guarantees that users will recognize it as a satisfying solution.

Scalo Technologies Outsourcing


Our software testing services boost your software security. We apply robust measures to safeguard your data, ensuring only approved individuals can access it and preventing unauthorized alterations. We keep track of everything that happens in the system, so you can prove who did what and when. Our software QA services give you peace of mind and confidence in your software performance.


Our software quality assurance services ensure compatibility, which is key for high-quality software. We make sure your system can run well with other systems, avoiding conflicts and effectively exchanging information. This allows adaptability, smooth operation, and easy integration, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

UI/UX and QA


Our software QA services team cares about reliability, which makes the system solid and trustworthy. Reliability defines how the system works and recovers from failures in different situations. We gauge reliability by system maturity, availability, fault tolerance, and recoverability. These aspects show us how the system handles real-world problems.


Within our software quality assurance services, we test maintainability, which is the system’s ability to update and adapt. We check how easy it is to work with and improve the system. We evaluate its modularity, reusability, analyzability, modifiability, and testability. These factors show how well the system can be changed and tested.


Our software quality assurance services can help with portability, which is the ability of a software system to run well on different platforms and environments. We can help you make your software flexiblescalable, and cost-effective, whether you have an on-premises or a cloud-based solution.

 How We Deliver Software Testing & QA Services
Goal Recognition & Test Planning
We begin by getting to know your project inside out. We review your requirements, design a test plan, set clear criteria for quality, and select the best tools and techniques for testing.
Setting Up the Testing Environment
We prepare the test environment with the essential components, methods, and conditions for testing. We also create detailed test cases and scenarios to cover all aspects of your software.
Performing Tests & Reporting Results
We execute various manual and automated tests to check if your software meets the expectations and standards. As a part of our QA automation services, we report any errors or issues we find and suggest improvements.
Quality-Integrated Delivery
We embed quality assurance throughout your software lifecycle via CI/CD tools, ensuring continuous testing and delivery. With you, we prioritize tasks per quality and business needs, aiding in smart, value-driven decisions.
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 Areas We Support With Software Testing & QA Services

Business Process Support Systems

Business Process Support Systems

We help you test and improve the IT systems that support your core business processes. We ensure that your systems are well-designed, reliable, and efficient, enabling smooth collaboration across different departments and tasks.
multi platform integration

Mobile, Web & Desktop Applications

We deliver software testing services across various platforms and devices for your digital products. We check and optimize your applications’ quality, performance, and usability and ensure that they meet your user’s expectations.
Test Automation and Data Migration

Test Automation and Data Migration

We assist you with migrating your legacy system to a new one with minimal disruption and downtime. We use our QA automation services to reduce the need for manual testing, save time and money, and ensure the accuracy and integrity of your data transfer.
Data Protection

Application Performance and Security

We monitor and evaluate your application performance and security using advanced tools. We identify and suggest possible enhancements and ensure your software is resilient and protected from potential threats.

Types of Software Tests We Conduct

Unit Tests
We verify the correctness of the code in isolation.
Integration Tests
We ensure the modules work together and form a complete software product.
Functional Tests
We identify and suggest missing or enhanced features based on the product requirements.
Usability Test
We assess the app's user-friendliness, functionality, and goal achievement.
Compatibility Tests
We check the product compatibility with various platforms, operating systems, applications, and network environments.
Performance Tests
We measure the system performance under realistic usage load and conditions.
Regression Tests
We confirm that the existing app features remain functional after adding new features.
Acceptance Tests
We validate the product quality and satisfaction with the actual end-users.
QA Automation Tests
We use an automation tool to execute the test suite and reduce manual testing efforts.
Leszek Porębski Scalo
Leszek Porębski, Software Solutions Architect at Scalo

We are passionate about quality at Scalo. Our Scalo Quality Management System (SQMS) is inspired by the ISO 25010 framework, which defines quality as the alignment of a system with the needs of stakeholders. This means we always go the extra mile to deliver products and services that delight our clients.

To ensure the best quality, we constantly grow our QA Engineers’ skills and confirm their competence through globally respected certifications such as ISTQB, giving our clients trust in the excellence of our Quality Assurance practices.

 Our Proven Strategies for Delivering Software Testing Services

test scenarios

Quality Control at Every Step

We believe quality is not a one-time check but a continuous process throughout the software development lifecycle. Within our software testing services, we help you define and implement quality control measures at each critical stage of your project, such as:

  • Setting and enforcing code coverage rules in the automated build process.
  • Creating and executing automated tests at the unit level.
  • Designing and implementing automated test runs for continuous deployment.
  • Laying out the testing process and strategy, including the required resources and environments.

Test Scenarios Documentation

We document every test we perform in the form of test scenarios. They describe how to conduct the test and what and when to verify. This way, you can easily track the quality and progress of your software solution.

Our test scenarios cover functional and non-functional requirements like performance, security, reliability, and disaster recovery. We also tailor them to your specific business needs and goals.

quality monitoring

Quality Monitoring and Evaluation

We don’t just test your software quality; we also monitor and evaluate it constantly.

We use metrics and indicators to measure the quality of your system and the effectiveness of our testing methods. We also identify and fix any undetected issues as soon as possible.

We understand that quality is not an end but a means to achieve your business goals. That’s why we also measure and optimize factors that matter to you, such as time-to-market.

We want to give you a clear picture of your product’s quality and place it in the context of your organization’s objectives.

Boost Your Quality Assurance
Boost Your Quality Assurance
Boost Your Quality Assurance
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