Any technical challenge that your business is facing can be solved with a smart software solution.

Our embedded software consulting and technical analyses will help you find the most suitable answer to your needs. Use modern technology to overcome your manufacturing challenges and open up new opportunities.

What is embedded consulting services?

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Embedded Systems Consulting

Embedded systems consulting services can help with a wide range of business issues. Our software consultants can give you insightful information about software practices you could use in your company to improve business operations.

Embedded Consulting Process

We might examine the regular processes at work and offer suggestions for tasks you could automate or facilitate with technology. In 15 years of our presence in the global IT market, we’ve helped various companies from industries such as manufacturing, robotics and automation in custom embedded software development

Does your business need an embedded systems consultant?

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Embedded Consultancy

Embedded systems consultancy is usually sought by organizations seeking assistance with the product development of embedded systems although it all comes to a particular challenge your business needs to face.

What Embedded Consultant can help with?

A hardware/firmware consultant with a broad range of experience who can provide various answers to your specific difficulties is likely what you want if you need help designing a product from scratch or if you have several complex issues.

Types of Embedded Systems Consultants

The field of embedded systems is broad. No embedded systems consulting company possess full cross-industry competence.

Instead, embedded systems consultants frequently have areas of expertise divided into technologies, industries, or hardware/software specializations.

Hardware/Software Specialization

Embedded systems are composed of both hardware and software. Firmware is the common name for the computer programs that the microprocessor in an embedded system runs. The term was created because updating the software on an embedded system frequently necessitated updating the hardware. Hardware plus software equals firmware. The three main subcategories of embedded consulting are hardware-only, hardware-only, and both.

Industry Specialization

Embedded consultants that focus on particular sectors are also frequently found, including industries such as consumer goods, telecommunications, and medical equipment. Due to the specifics of some industries or the consultant's preference for working there, industry-based specialization happens.

Technology Specialization

Last but not least, it's typical to come across embedded consultants who focus on a particular technology. For instance, a popular area of expertise is portable electronics. Other consultants could be experts in specific protocols like CAN-bus or Bluetooth, or they might be experts in microprocessors made by particular manufacturers, like Microchip, Atmel, TI, or ARM.

Embedded software consulting & technical verification

Use Scalo’s embedded software consulting services to identify, analyse, and solve technical issues your manufacturing company may be facing. Our team will examine your existing production hardware and software setup to determine opportunities for implementing embedded solutions at your business.

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Proof of Concept (POC)

Test your approach to solving manufacturing business problems with a custom PoC. Once the technical verification stage is complete, our solution architects will design a concept of a solution. Selecting technologies and environment, they will present a model of an application, the way it works and responds to your challenge.

Let’s talk about embedded software

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