How to benefit from using agile test automation

The Client

Global bank with presence in 40 countries, and 38 million customers and corporate clients.

  • Finance
  • Web API
  • JUnit
  • JBehave
  • Java
  • Quality Assurance
16 months

Navigating software updates

Our client was working on an application supporting credit and debt collection. This software was important for business operations and needed new functionalities to remain up to speed with the market.

The product was developed and maintained by an external developer. Limited support meant that the software had to be urgently updated to remain functional. Any changes could not impact existing functionalities.

The application required regression testing to minimize bugs and other inconsistencies that would lead to further issues. Our team was involved in developing the appropriate testing process.

Improving testing frameworks

Having worked with this client in the past, we were familiar with their setup. We were thus able to tackle this challenge immediately.

Our specialists analyzed, designed, and implemented a new testing strategy based on Agile principles to ensure a faster, more cost-efficient process.

We started with analyzing high-priority test scenarios. This step helped us to create an automation suite aimed at reducing both the effort and time necessary to run tests.

The automations our team recommended enabled the review of already developed functionalities, accelerated development, and simplified application maintenance.

After implementing and enabling test automation, we trained our client’s testers on how to make use of the suite.

We have also proposed a set of new tools for tracking and prioritizing issues, together with guidelines for efficient cooperation with external developers in the future.

Boosting efficiency

Thanks to the new automation suite, our client managed to reduce the time their team needed to run tests by 60%. This change quickly translated into lower development cost and enabled them to release new features faster.

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