Don’t Let The IT Talent Gap Stop You

Does your company compete in a cutthroat market? Choose Scalo, the trusted partner that provides nearshore development services to fast-growing businesses.

We’ll help you build a custom nearshore development team or a full-fledged branch in Poland, where you’ll find top-notch tech talent. With Scalo, you can grow faster, smarter, and better.

Nearshore Software Development Services

Nearshore Software Development Services Offered by Scalo

Dedicated Development Teams

Get a nearshore development team that works only for you. Boost and solidify your in-house production with close collaboration.

Team Extension

When your project requires additional resources, our skilled software engineers can fill the gaps and expedite development through a nearshore team extension.

Nearshore Custom Software Development

No matter the size or complexity of your software, our nearshore custom software development team will deliver a solution that meets your needs and allows easy scalability.

Building Nearshore Development Center

Want to optimize costs in challenging business times? Engage with our IT nearshore software development hub and access qualified software developers for a fixed period.

Having Scalo as a Software Nearshoring Partner, You Will:

Increase your software development capacity

Support your inhouse team with missing competencies

Accelerate your software projects

Reduce your time-to-market

Achieve more flexibility

Advantages of Nearshore Software Development to Poland

Nearshoring IT Solutions

See how much comfort you can get in business by nearshoring your software development to Poland:

  • excellent cost-effectiveness and competitive prices,
  • the proximity of major European cities and time zone advantages,
  • cultural compatibility and hassle-free communication,
  • access to a highly skilled tech talent pool of over 360 000 professionals.

Do you want to know more about our nearshore development team? Contact Scalo and let us resolve your doubts about nearshore software development services.

Your Perfect Destination for Nearshoring Cooperation

Areas Where Our Software Nearshoring Services Can Help You

Technology Consulting

Solution and UX/UI Design

Software Development

Legacy modernization

Cloud Services

Data Solutions

Embedded Services

Business Process Digitalization

Why Choose Scalo as a Nearshore Development Company?

Successful project by Scalo

In the last 15 years, our developers have delivered over 750 simple and complex projects. The innovative and modern solutions are created in a proven delivery process in 4 development centers of nearshore services in Poland. Over 600 open-minded developers write multiple lines of code that combine to respond ideally to your needs.

By choosing Poland as your nearshore destination, you can keep your operations close and work with a development team that will deliver software perfectly tailored to your needs.

Software nearshoring to Poland allows you to work with passionate and well-educated tech talents. Up to 50 new developers join Scalo every month to learn and apply the latest and best coding practices.

How We Set Up the Nearshoring Cooperation

Initial Business Engagement

Nice to meet you! We will listen to your needs and expectations from your future nearshore partner. Your information will be safe with the NDA agreement.

Extensive Exploration

We will verify your new solution's goals, projects, cooperation model, and technology stack. This will help us understand you better.

Selection of Cooperation Model

We suggest the best cooperation model between you and your nearshore partner (end-to-end projects, dedicated team, or team extension).

Launch of Service Delivery

Once you accept and confirm the selected cooperation model, we will prepare a detailed plan for the next steps of nearshore custom software development.

Our Expertise

Nearshore Java Development Services

Java is a programming language that is a basis for many smaller and larger projects. Choose nearshore Java development services from Scalo to get timeless software that meets your business expectations.

Nearshore Testing Services

Every code needs professional and perceptive testing that will eliminate its weakest points. Our nearshore testing services focus on finding inaccuracies in your software project before its release. You can have complete confidence that the inside of your new software product will be thoroughly checked.

Nearshore .Net Development Solutions

Achieve your business goals with one of the leading .Net development companies. In Scalo, we can provide professional nearshore .NET development solutions using the skills gained on many previous projects. Through all steps of our collaboration, you have control over an entire software team united by your business goal.

Nearshore Cloud Solutions

Why should you choose Scalo to create a product integrated with the cloud? Our experts in nearshore cloud solutions have all the essential skills that can provide you with tailored cloud applications for your business.

Nearshore iOS/Android App Development

Are you planning to launch a mobile application? Contact Scalo, your nearshore iOS/Android App Development partner. Our well-qualified mobile developers will create an innovative and fast application for all mobile operating systems.

Nearshore Machine Learning Solutions

Build your new software product with elements of machine learning. In partnership with Scalo, you can achieve the most important business goals. Our nearshore machine learning solutions introduced by specialists will perfectly correspond to your needs.

Nearshore Python Development

Check our know-how in nearshore Python development. You can choose our experienced Python developers to create a powerful web or mobile application with machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, or cloud solutions. By cooperating with Scalo, you can rest assured that your budget will be consistent throughout the software development process.

Nearshore Embedded Software Services

If you have decided to base your new product on embedded software, you have found the perfect company to implement your idea. In our Nearshore Embedded Software Services portfolio, we have multiple accomplishments for various industries. Decide to work with Scalo and get a fully functional business application.

Nearshore Business Intelligence Services

Do you want your company to stay ahead of the competition thanks to the skillful use of large datasets? Choose nearshore business intelligence services from Scalo to make better business decisions and achieve better results.

Nearshore Security Approach

Increase your customers' trust in your company by investing in modern security monitoring solutions. Scalo’s nearshore security approach will let you protect the confidential data of your partners and keep cybercriminals away.

As a provider of nearshore software development services, we understand that business clients need holistic project delivery methods. That’s why we offer full-cycle software development services encompassing much more than just competent coding.

You can count on us in back-end development (JAVA, .NET, Python) and front-end development (JavaScript, React, Angular). Still, we can also equip your projects with quality assurance, embedded, security, cloud, business intelligence, and machine learning elements.

We Are the Software Partner for Well-known Global Brands

Examples of Our Successful Nearshoring Cooperation

Are you a fan or competitor of professional sports? Look no further than Scalo, where our expert nearshoring services have provided solutions to top European sports timing specialists, ensuring that when you watch competitions, you’re seeing results backed by our seamless software development.

Or, are banking solutions your focus? Thanks to our nearshoring software development expertise, we’ve partnered with one of the banking giants to build a team dedicated to software projects for European branches.

Efficient production processes are crucial no matter what industry your company operates in. Combined effort from Scalo nearshore services experts and a company providing warehouse logistics software resulted in the creation of a nearshoring center that develops customers’ software. Experienced Scalo programmers improve software that, among other things, streamlines production processes.


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