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The business logic hidden in perfectly planned software architecture with readable and maintainable lines of quality code – that’s the plan for an ideal back-end application.

Our back-end development team creates solutions that are highly scalable, efficient, intuitive, and loved by your business and end-users alike.

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Benefits of Our Back End Development Services

We’re a full-cycle software and backend development company delivering performant and secure solutions fully suited to the client’s needs. Here is why you should choose our back-end development services:

End-to-end Services

We provide a full suite of software development services for web, desktop, and mobile solutions. We fully adjust to our client’s expectations and business needs to make sure they get top-notch quality.

Excellent Tech Stack

We implement a set of innovative and time-tested, cutting edge technologies. We’ve been working in the field of backend development for several years now so we can guarantee the team’s technical excellence.


We are flexible. We adjust the next steps, adapting to the unexpected and uncertain as the future arrives.


We deliver solutions that seamlessly accommodate growth. We’ll help you quickly and efficiently scale your systems according to evolving needs.


When it comes to security, there are no half-measures. Our backend developers always follow the latest security protocols for keeping your data and software safe.

Business Areas We Support

Business process digitisation

Internal process automation

Managing data and documentation workflows

Resources management

Sales management

Our Back End Development Process

Our back-end development process usually involves 6 steps:


We organize a comprehensive workshop to get familiar with you and your business. We define your needs and expectations to effectively decide on backend development responsibilities. It heavily depends on how complex the project is.


We write the initial endpoints and design the API. During this step, something is finally up and running. We create actual server endpoints, then, we design your back-end API. The key point is to document it and keep the document up to date.


We design and implement the database.

Test script

We write a back-end test script and then implement the API using a programming language. The test script allows our developers to verify all the back-end endpoints are working.


Time to deploy the back-end.


The last phase is maintenance. Our collaboration doesn’t end when the solution is finally deployed. We are there for you long after that, being ready to support you whenever you need our help.

Our Back End Development Services

Backend Application Development

Our team will build a dedicated back-end application for your company.

Microservices Development

We create dedicated business applications based on microservice architecture.

Increasing System Scalability and Capacity

Our team will boost the efficiency and capacity of your existing applications.

Expanding Your Existing Applications

Boost your back-end app’s performance and capabilities with new features.

App Migration

Let’s move your back-end application from one environment to another – and solve the legacy code issue along the way.

QA for Backend Apps

Benefit from our range of tests created specifically for back-end apps.

Do You Need Support in Back End Development?

Software Projects


Our team delivers a complete software solution.

Software Development Teams


We build a bespoke developer team for your software projects.

Technologies Our Back End Developers Use

Why Can You Trust Scalo as a Back End Development Company?

15+ years of expertise in back end development

Agile development model

Strong back end competences on-board

Focus on delivering business value through software solutions

Transparency of cooperation

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If you are looking for a reliable back-end development company, we are at your service. Book a free, confidential consultation with our experts today.

FAQ about Back End Development Services

Which Backend Framework to Use?

Backend development has become heavily dependent on frameworks so it’s crucial to choose the right one while planning your next backend development project. The choice will affect aspects like how quickly you need to build the solution, what level of security you expect, how the functionality should work, etc. However, there isn’t a one-fits-all solution. The choice of which backend framework to choose should be based on your needs. Recently, Express.js has become one of the most popular frameworks.

What is the Purpose of Backend?

A website consists of two parts – the front end and the back end. The front end is what you see in the browser. It’s client side. On the other hand, the backend development is everything that happens ‘under the hood’. It’s server-side responsible for storing and organizing data and ensuring everything on the client side actually works.

What Does Backend Services Mean?

Backend developers ensure the website performs correctly, focusing on databases, back-end logic, APIs, architecture, and servers. Simply speaking, backend development services mean writing, optimizing, and deploying the intricate server-code side.

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