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Scalo’s Business Analysis in Software Development 

Software Implementation

With Scalo’s business analysis consulting services you get a rich blend of knowledge, tailored guidance, and comprehensive support for all things related to software solutions.

Our expert consultants thoroughly evaluate existing software systems, design innovative new ones, and recommend the most suitable solutions. At this crucial stage, we lay a foundation for strategy and project guidance, ensuring our proposed solutions effectively support future development.

We take pride in partnering closely with our clients, intuitively grasping their software needs, and suggesting solutions perfect for their unique circumstances and limitations.

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Why Is Business Analysis So Important in Software Development Process?

The Business Analysis stage is a crucial step in software development, shaping the project’s success by clearly defining goals, needs, and objectives. This thorough procedure heightens the likelihood of delivering software that meets user expectations and business needs.

Resolving ambiguities and potential pre-development issues enhances efficiency, cuts costs, and results in a final product that precisely aligns with the desired outcome.

What Do Our Business Analysis Consulting Services Entail? 

Workshops: Crafting Tailored Solutions

Our business analysis consulting services workshops are dedicated to potential customers, serving as a vital touchpoint before they embark on their decision-making process. These curated workshops assemble a Scalo team of 3 to 5 specialists, housing architects, data engineers, software developers, and UI/UX experts. During up-to-16-hour sessions, we deeply explore customer needs and craft tailored solutions, addressing any concerns along the way.

After the workshop, we take about 2-3 weeks to review everything we have learned carefully. We then provide a strong, rough plan for the system and give a general idea of how much it might cost.

We also make sure to include a list of ‘what-ifs’ to deal with any special situations that might come up.

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Discovery Phase: Paving the Way Forward

The core objective of the discovery phase integrates IT business analysis to create a clear, comprehensive project plan – a lifesaver when dealing with complex systems filled with dependencies. This phase lasts about 2-3 months and requires the teamwork of experts in the field, software planners, developers, business analytics, and UI/UX specialists.

While engaged in the discovery phase, Scalo focuses on shaping significant deliverables, including high-level system architecture, proof of concepts, requirements prioritization, necessary technology research, roadmap, effort estimation, non-functional requirements list, and functional requirements assessment.

These deliverables are regularly discussed, confirmed, and prioritized with the client, ensuring their vision remains at the forefront throughout the process.

Why choose Scalo's experts?

Broad Industry Experience
Broad Industry Experience
Scalo’s seasoned specialists draw on wide-ranging cross-industry knowledge to apply best practices tailored to your business.
Agile Approach to Business Analysis
Agile Approach to Business Analysis
We quickly comprehend market dynamics and your business processes, enabling us to devise and implement effective strategies promptly.
skilled professionals
Skilled Team
Access to a team of experts who couple academic proficiency with hands-on experience from numerous successful projects in business analysis.
Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology
Scalo utilizes the latest business intelligence technologies to offer innovative solutions that enhance business efficiency.
Scalable Strategies
Scalable Strategies
Scalo's team can help you develop scalable strategies, enabling growth and evolution with your ambitions and evolving needs.
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Key Takeaways from Our Business Analysis Consulting Services 

Scalo Results for Business

High-Level System Architecture – Scalo’s business analysis consulting services simplify complex technological landscapes by providing clear, high-level system architecture, promoting ease of understanding and strategic investment.

Proof of Concepts – Through carefully developed proof of concepts, we validate your innovative ideas and strategies, paving the way for minimizing risk in real-world implementations.

Categorization and Prioritization of Requirements – We assist in categorizing and prioritizing operational requirements, driving focus on high-value tasks and increasing business productivity.

Research of Necessary Technologies or Internal Systems – Our IT business analysis team identifies and researches key technologies and internal systems to empower your business with the latest advancements, further enhancing your competitive edge.

Roadmap – Our business analysis consulting services offer a clear, step-by-step roadmap to your strategic goals to ensure timely and effective achievement, eliminating ad hoc decision-making.

Effort Estimation – With precise effort estimation, our business needs analysis helps companies optimize their resources and timeline for project completion, resulting in cost savings and timely delivery.

List of Non-Functional Requirements – By pinpointing non-functional requirements, we ensure your systems perform at their peak, providing customers with a satisfying and seamless user experience.

Assessment of Functional Requirements – We conduct thorough checks of functional requirements, ensuring system functionalities align perfectly with your business objectives, boosting performance and efficiency.

In What Scenarios Can Our Business Analysis Services Assist You? 

Uncharted Projects – Our services deliver bespoke strategies and clear roadmaps when embarking on unfamiliar software development projects.

Workflow Issues – If your software development process lacks optimization or faces procedural bottlenecks, our BAs help streamline operations.

Technological Challenges – When you’re daunted by emerging software technologies and need clarification on their integration into your existing system, our experts simplify it for you.

Risk Overlays – Should your software project harbor potential risks or ambiguities, our IT business analysis experts can spot them early to minimize future complications.

User-Experience Gaps – If there’s a discrepancy between your software’s functionalities and the users’ needs, we enable a seamless connection with smart analysis and crisp solutions.

Budget Constraints – When you struggle to align your software development aspirations with budgetary constraints, our business analysis services facilitate cost-effective strategies.

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Our business analysis services aren’t just a line item – they’re an enriched experience to boost your software achievements.

We believe in being the compass that confidently navigates you through the technical labyrinth and the bridge that connects your software functionalities with the pulse of end-user expectations.

We don’t just deal with businesses; we cater to the people behind them. For us, it’s not the size of the project that matters, but the impact we make in your journey.

Leszek Porębski, Software Solutions Architect at Scalo

Business Need Analysis in Use Cases 


E-Commerce Middleware Solution

An enterprise with a flourishing e-commerce business sought to enhance its mobile app experience with aggregated content from its e-commerce platform. Still, it was unsure about the ideal technology, cost, and effort involved. The thought of investing too much time and resources in the investigative process was daunting.

Enter Scalo’s Business Analysis consulting services. Our team conducted an in-depth business needs analysis, assessed various technologies, and presented the company with a plan for a middleware solution and a cost estimate they were comfortable with. Resources spent on the investigation were minimized, and the client was satisfied with a clear vision of the system upgrade.

Legacy platform

Legacy Entertainment Platform Overhaul

A media company struggled with an outdated, high-maintenance legacy entertainment platform that no longer meets its evolving needs. They faced two main issues: maintaining the existing software integrations while transitioning the platform and utilizing industry-ready products to lower the future maintenance costs of in-house-built solutions.

Our Business Analysis services experts came to the rescue with a broad understanding of proven industry technologies, UX/UI design capabilities, and system architecture. Once the business needs analysis was complete, they provided the client with clear, practical solutions.

With comprehensive UX/UI designs and architectural outlines, the company had a robust roadmap to transition its platform, retaining what was necessary and introducing cost-effective industry solutions. Overall, Scalo’s business analysis consulting services enabled the client to minimize costs and streamline the transition process.

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