At Scalo, we leverage JavaScript technologies to create intuitive web and mobile experiences. Years of delivering custom software development services make us a reliable partner to help you increase the value of your business.

JavaScript Development Services at Scalo

If you are looking for a programming language that is well-suited for event-driven, functional, and imperative styles, nothing can be more recommendable than JavaScript. It allows the implementation of complex features on web pages as the core technology of the World Wide Web. 

The language has curly-bracket syntax, dynamic typing, and first-class functions. At Scalo, we offer top-notch, comprehensive JavaScript development services for rapidly developing businesses. Whether you want to build a simple website, a large-scale e-commerce platform, or a complex desktop application, we’ve got you covered!

About Scalo

scalo the software partner

In the digital era, we know that building amazing software is what businesses need to keep developing rapidly.

At Scalo, we help businesses scale and grow. For the last 15 years, we have successfully delivered over 300 software projects.

We currently hire +600 experienced developers and solution architects with a wide range of tech competencies. 

JavaScript Development Services We Provide

What we believe in is comprehensiveness. Therefore, we fully customize our JavaScript software development services to meet your needs and business goals. We want to help you realize your project requirements and support your efforts in building a competitive advantage.

Our experienced JavaScript developers have created hundreds of both simple and complex applications and responsive websites so you can be certain you are in good hands. Our JavaScript development services include, but are not limited, to:

javascript desktop app development scalo

Desktop App Development

javascript web application development scalo

Web App Development

javascript custom app development scalo

Custom JavaScript App Development

dedicated javascript team scalo

Dedicated Development Teams

JavaScript Web App Development Services

software development company

Web Application Development

Without a web application, your business is losing both money and market share. Web applications are the best way to provide customers with a centralized, safe, and scalable experience. On the other hand, you gain reliability, customer loyalty, as well as better performance.

No matter if you are an established company that needs to digitize processes and cut costs, or a startup that needs to build your new digital product, there is a great solution to consider – a proper web application. At Scalo, we help businesses build the right solutions for their individual needs.

JavaScript Development Company

We are an experienced JavaScript development company that covers web app development from the very beginning to the end. We analyze your technical and business requirements to find the best-suited technology stack and develop a fully-fledged web app that will enhance your brand experience and help you reach a wider audience. Also, we go further – we optimize and scale your app and maintain its legacy code if needed.

JavaScript Desktop App Development

software dvelopment company

Desktop Applications Development Services

We build world-class desktop applications that are powerful and performance-driven. Our team of JavaScript developers builds native cross-platform desktop apps for small, medium, and large-sized businesses that want to grow rapidly.

Scalo’s JavaScript app development services

Our feature-rich applications look ace and work seamlessly so that you can focus on what’s most important – running your business. Everything from the ideation phase, through design and coding, ending at automatic updates, debugging, crash reporting, and profiling – we do it for you. With Scalo’s JavaScript app development services, you can remain assured that your app will be well-built and delivered on time.

Custom JavaScript Development Services

augumented teams scalo

Bespoke Software Solutions

Every business is different. They have different goals and needs. At Scalo, we get it well. This is why we treat each customer like they are the most important ones. We offer tailor-made solutions and deliver feature-packed, efficient, and scalable development services. With years of JavaScript development experience, we know how to deliver the custom solutions your business needs to thrive

Software Developement Process by Scalo

We start with a complete workshop to get to know you and your business. From there, our developers create a wireframe prototype and test integrations. Finally, we implement the solution and work with you to ensure that it meets your specifications and your individual needs. Custom JavaScript development services are the fastest way to improve your business processes and maintain a competitive edge. 

scalo development teams

Scalo’s JavaScript Expertize

We use various JavaScript frameworks and libraries such as ReactJS, Node.js, and AngularJS and we can easily help you with the integration of third-party APIs and data sources into your JavaScript solution. Our custom JavaScript development services include:

  • Front-end UI development
  • Backend development
  • JavaScript mobile development
  • Enterprise development
  • CMS development

Learn more about custom development services at Scalo.

Dedicated JavaScript Development Team

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Hire Remote JavaScript Team

Sometimes you not only need an external team who will build a custom app for you, but an entire team that will be fully assigned to your projects. You need professional support, but you don’t want to struggle with recruitment processes and pay additional costs of hiring new people. Here comes the Scalo dedicated JavaScript development teams that will quickly and easily provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to successfully deliver your project. 

The Advantages of Working with Development Team

By choosing a dedicated team, you get reliable developers, experience, a clear understanding of the requirements, and the best product on the market. We provide top-notch support and reassure you to achieve higher ROI by optimizing your cost by leveraging our resources.

We offer a flexible model to choose – you can hire our developers full-time or on an hourly basis as per your needs and requirements. If you want to accelerate your hiring, communicate directly with JavaScript professionals, and manage a team like yours, our dedicated development team is the best solution for you.

Our JavaScript Development Process

At any stage of our collaboration, we take care of your business. We know that when it comes to software development, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our JavaScript development process is a comprehensive, yet agile and flexible series of steps:


We get to know you and your needs during a detailed and customer-oriented workshop. You tell us about your ideas, and we come up with our suggestions.

Setting Goals

Based on the information we collect during the workshop we define the scope of the project. We sum up what you want to achieve and define what features you need. This phase should end with a clear idea of what we will build to bring your vision to life.

Software Development Plan (SDP)

The next step is choosing the right technology stack for your JavaScript project. It is crucial to choose the one that will best meet your needs.

Custom Development

When we know what technology to use, we can start working on the actual development process. Here is where our skillful developers do their magic with JavaScript code. During this step, we also create a prototype or mockup of the project. When it’s approved, we start coding the actual app or website.

Software Testing & QA

Once the coding phase is done, we run a series of tests to make sure your digital product works as intended. We run both manual and automated testing using the best available tools.

Deployment & Maintenance

The final step is deployment. Once it’s done, your website or app can be accessed by users.

In most cases, we keep collaborating with our clients and provide the maintenance and reporting processes.

Our JavaScript Industry Expertise

Our JavaScript developers have years of experience in developing solutions for different industries. We support your business growth, no matter the size of your company.

Fintech & Banking

Digital banking has been developing faster than ever. We’ll be happy to help you build your insurance software, trading platform, as well as billing or payment solution.


More and more customers shop online. We’ll help you build a feature-rich e-commerce platform your customers will fall in love with.


If you want your business to grow fast and increase market share, digital transformation is a must. We’ll help you optimize your business processes and boost performance thanks to complex CRM solutions.


Supply chain management can be optimized by implementing smart ERP systems. Let’s make your logistics processes more effective, too.

Advantages of JavaScript

Why is JavaScript the best option for your web project?

JavaScript Domination

The language is used everywhere. JavaScript is the native language of the web browser and dominates web development. Let’s be honest – you can build anything and everything in JS as it’s used in more areas than any other programming language.


JavaScript is used by major corporations in a major way. The LinkedIn website is built with JavaScript, Facebook and Instagram mobile apps are built with JavaScript, Slack and Skype desktop apps are built with JavaScript, and finally, big fish like Google, YouTube, or Netflix use JavaScript.


JavaScript is both for front-end and back-end programming. It’s the only interpreted language that is universally accepted by all web applications and browsers.

Fast and Smooth Development

There are many features that make JavaScript development easier. From writing a smaller number of lines to re-using packages, and perfect scalability, JavaScript is a way to go for the most demanding projects. Also, the language minimizes communication with servers which improves app performance.


It’s easy to understand and learn. JavaScript has a simple structure and it’s extremely feasible to implement.

Rich Interfaces

Need a catchy webpage? JavaScript provides various interfaces with drag-and-drop components and sliders that improve customer experience.

Extended Functionality

There are multiple third-party add-ons that allow JavaScript developers to add snippets of predefined code to save time and money. This results in faster and smoother development with much more ease than other programming languages.

Hire a JavaScript Development Company!

If you want to build user-friendly, rich-feature websites, web or desktop apps, or custom solutions, JavaScript should be considered your top choice. At Scalo, we have a proven track record in JavaScript development. 

Looking for a JavaScript development company with extensive expertise and a transparent work process? Contact us to schedule a free consultation!

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