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Angular Development Services – Choose Scalo

Choosing the right technology to develop your project may be a tough task. On the other hand, the right technology stack is the first step on your way to success. Building a digital product is a long process that consists of answering the market needs and applying the right tech solutions. 

At Scalo, we often work with Angular – an open-source JavaScript framework originally developed by Google. Since the framework is perfect for both mobile and desktop web applications, we’ve been using it for building robust and secure digital solutions for our clients.

About Scalo

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Scalo. The Software Partner

We are a top Angular app development company that develops both ready-to-use and custom solutions with an attractive, user-friendly frontend and feature-rich backend. We help clients all over the world step out on the digital market.

We currently hire over 600 software developers, located in 4 development centers. For the last 15 years, we have been delivering reliable software to help our clients scale their growth with top-notch technology.

Our Angular development services include a wide portfolio of user-centric solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our clients.

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Our Angular Services

Being one of the leaders in the Angular software development industry, we work with both startups and complex organizations.

We use the framework to develop mobile and web apps, as well as build complex custom solutions. We also offer Angular development team augmentation and professional Angular support and maintenance.

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Mobile Angular Development

Mobile app development is one of the most often used Angular domains. We use the framework to build outstanding, highly performant applications that are extremely flexible thanks to the framework’s MVC architecture.

When it comes to mobile development, Angular offers reusability of the code which is one of the biggest reasons why developers all over the world choose the framework for both iOS and Android development processes.

The code written in Angular can be implemented anywhere during your mobile app development process. Also, data binding is a crucial factor – Angular allows for binding the data in two ways which help developers create robust mobile apps. We mainly use the power of Angular in building chat applications, real-time media, apps for travel and location, apps on social media, and apps for job portals.

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Angular Web App Development 

The benefits of using Angular for web app development are directly linked with Angular’s structure and architecture. Angular is an excellent option for building web apps, especially for SPAs (Single Page Applications) that provide users with wonderful UX when compared to traditional multi-page web applications.

In web app development, Angular helps us deliver increasingly great performance and seamless experience for end-customers. We also deliver successful cross-platform apps with beautiful user interfaces.

A great plus of building web apps with Angular is the framework’s rich ecosystem – it is powered with components needed for functionality improvements. There are many ‘off-the-shelf’ tools that make your web application incredibly intuitive and pleasant to use for your customers.

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Dedicated Angular Development Team 

At Scalo, we help companies hire the best Angular developers and consultants on the market. As an Angular nearshore development company, we help you find a world-class dedicated development team either as a part of your in-house team or a separate offshore team, whichever suits your needs best.

Our developers use the latest resources and tools to deliver end-to-end Angular development solutions so that you have both access to the industry knowledge and best practices, and cost savings – you don’t have to spend money on recruitment processes and other HR-related expenses.

We follow a flexible engagement model that will support you in accommodating changes in your business requirements at any stage of the development cycle. 

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Angular Maintenance

Keeping your Angular projects up to date is as important as the development process. Angular, just like any web ecosystem, is continuously improving, and making updates regularly is crucial to succeeding in highly competitive markets.

Proper updates enable you to take advantage of leading-edge new features, optimizations, and bug fixes. At Scalo, we offer comprehensive maintenance services from backup to speed optimization, security patches, and updates.

We follow a well-defined system to keep your Angular app healthy and fresh as it was before.

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Custom Angular App Development 

When you want to build a fully custom solution tailored to specific needs and requirements, choosing the best tech stack is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, if you collaborate with an experienced software development company, they help you choose the stack that would be versatile and offer various useful features.

Angular is our go-to framework for building the most demanding custom software. It has everything we need to develop big and scalable applications without having to add many various dependencies.

It’s enough to mention that the framework is used by giants like Microsoft to power its websites and apps, or Google to boost products like Google Voice calling app.

Our Angular Development Process

Meeting the modern demands of clients is what we aim at while building our Angular-based applications.

Our Angular development process usually included six steps.

Workshop with a comprehensive analysis

To make your app a success, we need to get to know you, your business, and your ideas. We gather all information and requirements to validate whether the concept can turn out to be successful. We do our best to understand your goal and decide how this goal can be achieved. This among others includes conducting user and competitor analysis.


This stage is crucial since it directly impacts the UI/UX of your app. Our designers work on an optimized design based on your requirements. It is said that the first impression is the last impression, and we do whatever it takes to create an app your end-users will love. During this phase, we design wireframes and mockups to make sure your app is just like you wanted.


During this phase, our engineers work on the actual code. They use a variety of programming languages, depending on the functionalities of your app.

Testing and QA

Once the development phase is completed, the next step involves testing the product comprehensively to iron out any bugs or errors. We conduct both functional (verification of how the app performs) and non-functional (verification of performance, security, and usability) tests.


this is finally a moment when your digital product goes live.


After your app is launched, we keep ensuring optimum performance and continuous upgrades/updates based on evolving requirements. It may include updating software, monitoring web traffic, backing up data, etc.

Our Angular Industry Experience

In the super-competitive environment, building custom software may be a make or break for your business. Therefore, more and more industries have decided to give digitalization a go.

We’ve developed hundreds of websites and applications for various industries, with a strong focus on the following.

Fintech & Banking

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Leading fintech companies need innovative, yet flexible and instant solutions. We meet their demands by building secure, well-functioning banking and trading apps and platforms.


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Online shoppers are more and more picky when it comes to e-commerce platforms. We build scalable and beautiful e-shops and e-commerce websites that drive traffic and increase conversion rate.


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Managing business processes may be easier than ever when you have the proper software. We make sure your revenue will skyrocket thanks to state-of-the art cost-effective systems.


An advanced CRM or a complex transportation management application? We’ve got you covered at any stage of your supply chain.

Angular Development Company – Our Competencies

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Angular is a powerful JavaScript framework we use for front-end app development. We use it along with other web technologies like backend frameworks, databases, UI frameworks, and content management systems. We have over 600 software developers with relevant knowledge and industry experience. We support our Angular development with:

  • Backend: PHP, .NET, Node.JS.
  • Data management: MySQL, MongoDB.
  • Cloud computing platforms: Microsoft Azure, AWS.
  • Frontend: HTML5, Bootstrap.

and many more!

What Advantages You Get with Angular Development

As one of the leading software development companies in Europe, we trust Angular as a powerful framework with many superpowers.

Angular has a Model-View-Controller design that supports faster app development, easier maintenance, and higher SEO-friendliness.

The framework has outstanding functionality. It shares a pre-configured environment for both development and testing. You don’t need 3rd party libraries to create basic functionality for your app.

It’s flexible and extensible. Angular works seamlessly with other libraries. Every app feature can be customized to meet your specific needs. Also, Angular is perfectly scalable – it enables us to divide code into modules which help us scale applications seamlessly.

It’s great for testing. You can easily write easy-to-test code. Angular offers the supreme dependency injection that makes every component testable in isolation.

The code is consistent and reusable. The component-based structure allows component reusability throughout the application.

Angular is highly versatile which allows us to use it beyond the front-end for web apps. This makes the framework suitable for cross-platform development.

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