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Cloud Security Services

Scalo’s Cloud Security Services

Scalo’s comprehensive cloud security services integrate security principles, best practices, and advanced threat detection into your cloud-based infrastructure and applications.

By leveraging our services, you can significantly reduce security risksaddress vulnerability concerns, and ensure secure cloud solutions.

Benefit from enhanced protection, streamlined operations, and peace of mind as Scalo empowers your organization to navigate the cloud securely.

Advantages of Scalo’s Cloud Security Services 

Enhanced Data Protection
Enhanced Data Protection
Threat Intelligence and Analytics
Threat Intelligence and Analytics
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
Multi-layered Security Controls
Multi-layered Security Controls
Trusted Expertise
Proactive Vulnerability Management
Proactive Vulnerability Management

Comprehensive Cloud Security Services for Enhanced Protection 


Security Automation

Security automation is one of the several elements of our cloud data security services that protects you from cyber threats. It allows us to check your security controls automatically and continuously, so we can spot and fix any issues before they become problems. We use the best tools (such as OWASP Dependency-Check, Dependabot, and Arachni) and practices for security testing, vulnerability scanning, code analysis, and reconnaissance, so we can keep your system secure and resilient.

Securing Cloud Infrastructure

We use the best practices and techniques to manage and secure your cloud infrastructure. We ensure that your cloud configuration is consistent and auditable, your access control is robust, your network is segmented, and your access policies are clear and effective. We also automate and standardize your infrastructure changes using the Infrastructure as a Code technique. Our cloud security services give you peace of mind that your cloud environment is always secure and optimized.

backend and frontend development

Threat Modelling and Risk Assessment

We take a holistic approach to identifying and understanding project-level security risks within infrastructure and system functionalities. By prioritizing security efforts and implementing appropriate controls and countermeasures, our cloud security management service ensures enhanced protection for clients, safeguarding their cloud environment from potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Security Education

With Scalo’s cloud security service, you can foster cyber-security awareness across the company. We offer engaging training sessions, team advising, and security workshops to help create a culture of security consciousness and empower employees to actively safeguard the organization’s digital assets and mitigate potential threats.

Security Monitoring

Scalo’s cloud data security solutions ensure continuous monitoring of your cloud environments and applications, providing real-time visibility and proactive threat intelligence. We will help you define and set up notification mechanisms for potential security incidents, allowing you to detect and prevent incidents, threats, and data breaches that could compromise your sensitive data and compliance.


Compliance and Governance

Within our cloud security service, we ensure that your cloud environment complies with governance rules, whether set by your organization, regulatory agencies, or industry standards, such as GDPR and PCI DSS. By conducting regular assessments, Scalo helps you maintain a strong compliance posture and avoid potential penalties or data breaches.

Incident Response

With Scalo’s Incident Response, you can benefit from a swift and efficient resolution of cloud data security incidents. Our cloud security management team investigates the root cause, analyzes the impact, addresses security bugs, and implements corrective actions to prevent similar events in the future, ensuring your cloud environment remains secure and resilient.

Additionally, when needed, we organize post-mortem meetings to learn from incidents and continuously enhance your security posture.

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When do You Need Scalo’s Cloud Security Services? 

When you want to migrate your data and applications to the cloud and need a secure and reliable cloud solution that meets your business needs and goals.
When you want to protect your cloud assets and data from cyberattacks, breaches, and unauthorized access and need a comprehensive cloud security strategy and solution.
When you want to enhance the security posture of your system and minimize the response and recovery time in the event of security breaches.
decision making
When you want to comply with the industry standards and regulations for cloud security, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001, and need a cloud security solution that ensures your compliance.
When you want to assess the safety and security of your existing cloud infrastructure and rate its effectiveness with comprehensive security audit and valuable expert insights.
When you want to partner with a trusted and experienced cloud security provider that can provide end-to-end cloud security consulting, from strategy and design to implementation and maintenance, and ensure your satisfaction and success.

How Our Cloud Security Services Help to Meet
 Your Industry-specific Needs 

Banking and Fintech
Banking and Fintech
Scalo's cloud security service helps banking and fintech companies protect their sensitive data and transactions from cyberattacks, comply with strict regulatory standards, and automate security processes across their cloud infrastructure.
Our cloud security solutions allow manufacturing companies to secure their industrial control systems, production data, and supply chain networks from cyber threats while ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.
With Scalo's cloud security service, e-commerce businesses benefit from a secure online environment through security automation, compliance, and governance. Our cloud security solutions protect customer data, ensuring secure transactions and fostering trust among online shoppers.
By utilizing Scalo's cloud security service, logistics companies benefit from comprehensive security measures, including security automation, monitoring, and incident response, ensuring the protection of sensitive shipment data, mitigating risks of disruptions, and maintaining the integrity of their operations.
Scalo's cloud network security service provides insurance companies with robust security measures, such as threat modeling, compliance, and incident response, safeguarding sensitive customer information, protecting against data breaches, and ensuring compliance with industry legal and ethical regulations.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Through Scalo's cloud security service, renewable energy companies benefit from enhanced security automation, threat modeling, and risk assessment. This not only fortifies their infrastructure and shields against cyber threats but also ensures the steadfast resilience of renewable energy systems, all while upholding stringent compliance standards.
Rafał Chwastek - Scalo

We understand that achieving absolute security in cloud infrastructure is a continuous effort. At Scalo, we excel in implementing proactive cloud security approaches that empower businesses to anticipate and counter potential security incidents.

By leveraging our expertise and cutting-edge solutions, you can confidently neutralize or minimize the likelihood of any malicious security breach before it even unfolds.

Rafał Chwastek, Software Solutions Architect at Scalo

Why Can You Trust Scalo? 

Our cloud security skills are validated by globally recognized, domain-specific certifications (e.g., eWPT, eWPTX, OSCP, OSCE, GPEN, CEH, and more).
We put you at the center of everything we do and strive to deliver the most suitable cloud security solution for your requirements, pain points, and objectives.
skilled professionals
Our team of skilled and certified professionals can provide end-to-end cloud security consulting, from strategy and design to implementation and maintenance.
coding implement phase
We leverage the latest technologies and trends in cloud security to ensure your innovation and growth.
We bring more than 15 years of software industry expertise and hundreds of successful project deliveries.
We possess vast experience conducting penetration tests.
We work closely with the top names in cloud computing (Microsoft Azure and AWS) and use their tools and methods to create secure and scalable cloud solutions for you.

Our Cloud Security Services in Action 

Scalo in Action

When a bank sought to introduce a microloan product with installment repayments, they faced the challenge of building a robust system that adhered to strict regulations. With concerns surrounding GDPR and banking compliance, the bank believed leveraging cloud services was impossible.

Scalo, a trusted software company specializing in secure cloud solutions, shattered the bank’s preconceptions. We demonstrated that the entire microloan system, including front-end, middleware, and seamless integration, could be built in the cloud while maintaining compliance.

Our expertise in industry and GDPR regulations enabled us to advise and implement a secure cloud solutioneliminating the compliance risks that had initially deterred the bank. The benefits of the cloud, such as cost-efficiencyagilityredundancy, and high availability, became accessible without compromising on security.

Scalo’s cloud-native model seamlessly accommodated the bank’s evolving work environment and facilitated successful cloud migrations. By embracing Scalo’s cloud security service, the bank fortified its systems, mitigated security risks, and achieved the resilience needed to offer microloans to its customers confidently.

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