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Business Challenge

Legacy apps as an obstacle to business growth in finance.

Our Finance and Banking Software Solutions

App migration from existing, outdated technology to a new, modern technology.

Clients’ demand for new channels for purchasing financial products and a better customer experience.

Software development for financial services brings online banking products offering financial services via digital channels.

Scaling customer support to build high-quality service, where immediate response times become crucial.

Chatbot implementation for the seamless availability of financial services.

Inefficient monolith architecture slows down software development and makes it harder to introduce new functionalities in your apps.

Microservice-based architecture to rebuild monolith apps and exploit new opportunities.

Fast-changing financial regulations influence business processes at the company.

RegTech. Custom Software product development to manage regulatory compliance.

The risk assessment process wastes too much time – including the precious time of your employees.

Loan management software development to cover lending processes, supported with AI-based solutions to speed up decision making.

Old, paper-based procedures become inefficient and generate costs.

Business process automation solutions to digitise internal workflows at the organisation.

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We specialize in developing tailored solutions for financial organizations. Whether it’s legacy app migration, managing regulatory compliance, or digitizing internal workflows, we can help. 

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Our Expertise in Custom Banking and Financial Software Development

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Tailored Software Services for Financial Industry

Billions of financial transactions each day and clients’ growing demand for a digital banking experience are transforming the entire finance industry. Information Technology and the latest software are triggering this transformation with solutions for online banking, mobile payments, digital ID, data management and the adoption of Artificial Intelligence technology.

Dynamic regulatory changes shift the role of software services to introducing (or incorporating) Open Banking standards and API development, constituting the backbone of digital finance.

Get familiar with our portfolio of successfully delivered custom financial software development services by visiting the case studies tab.

Benefits of Financial Software Development With Us

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Why Scalo?

Within the last decade, technology has drastically changed multiple sectors such as payments, electronic commerce, banking, social commerce, and wealth management, making them appealing to investors. Scalo provides versatile financial software solutions allowing our clients to scale accordingly to the ever-changing business requirements.

Change the capacity of our development teams working on your IT projects, by scaling up or down as your needs shift during the development process. Flexible billing models and cost-effective outsourcing services are particularly convenient in times of economic uncertainty.

We’re fully aware of the competition level in the  financial services market, so we take the ‘client’s first’ approach to provide the best possible services. Your goals are our goals

What is Financial Software Development?

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Custom financial software development refers to a variety of technology-driven financial services. Financial firms use technology as a key business model component to provide a wide range of customer-centric services. 

Sofotware-based financial services range from an online investment platform, automated real-time decision-making processes, online financial advisory, and antifraud solutions to online loans or insurance products.

Finance Software Development Company - Our Case Studies

Our Financial and Banking Software Development Process

We offer end-to-end software development processes for the financial industry. The entire process consists of conceptualizing, designing, building, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific business need.

Initial Business Engagement

Discovery Phase and Solution Design

Project Setup

Design and Development

Handover and Closure

Further App development

What Technology We Use to Provide Financial Software Development Services?

We offer software solutions based on Java, Python, .NET, React, Angular and other technology stacks being current industry standards.

High-security standards and seamless functioning are basic and crucial qualities of financial services built by our teams.

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Can You Integrate Financial Software with Existing Systems?

Yes, it is most possible to integrate financial software with existing systems. However, the level of integration may depend on several factors, such as the software and systems involved, the necessary level of customization, and the expertise of the IT team performing the integration. It is recommended to consult with a qualified software vendor, such as Scalo, to determine the best approach for integrating financial software with your existing systems. Proper integration can improve your financial software’s accuracy, efficiency, and productivity.

Can You Provide Ongoing Maintenance And Support For Financial Software Applications?

Yes, ongoing maintenance and support services are available for financial software applications and other bespoke software we deliver. Our services include software updates, bug fixes, troubleshooting, and technical support. The level and scope of maintenance and support may vary depending on the specific software. Adequate maintenance and support can help ensure the longevity and performance of your financial software investment.

What is an example of financial applications software?

A financial application is a software program that aids in the management of financial business processes. Accounts payable software, for example, allows a company to keep track of outstanding payments and ensure that all payments are made correctly and on time.

What are the types of financial software?

Financial software utilizes a wide array of solution such as accounting software, gateways for payments, mobile wallets, and payments, platforms for lending, trading platforms, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, crowdfunding platforms for Regulation and Compliance Technology (RegTech), and more.

What are microservices in finance and banking?

Microservices in finance and banking are a method of structuring a product’s code to improve performance. Because of the architecture model, it is also much easier to add new modules and even entire technologies to existing code.

Is digital financial software SaaS?

SaaS applications combine technology and internet capabilities, allowing financial companies to improve their performance and create market-driven products without sacrificing quality while propelling the industry into the future of finance.

What software do financial institutions use?

Customer Relationship Management, Cash Optimization, Trading Platforms, Payment Networks and Information Management software are a few examples of the many software and service types that banks require in order to function in the brand-new world of digital banking.

What are the different types of chatbots for financial services?

Financial services require seamless 24/7 availability and constant connection with the users or potential clients. Chatbots are an industry standard and a highly efficient way of providing interruption-free customer care. A few types of chatbots are used in finance and banking, such as Menu/button-based chatbots (Rule-Based Chatbots), Keyword recognition-based chatbots, Machine Learning chatbots, Voice bots, Appointment scheduling or Booking Chatbots, and other hybrid models of customer support chatbots.

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