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From understanding customer needs and behavior to working applications – the design thinking approach is the perfect way for us to ensure the best user experience.

Our design team creates web and mobile apps that are highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and deliver a top-notch user experience.

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How we ensure the best user experience

User research

Get to know your user with our selection of user research methods and tools.

  • Identifying sources for the analysis of the voice of the customer;
  • Collecting and analysing the VoC;
  • Creating research tools;
  • qualitative research–interviews, participant observation;
  • Identifying conscious and unconscious customer needs;
  • Multiple variant testing of UX solutions.
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Customer experience (CX) design

Identify and manage interactions between your product or service and its end-users.

  • Collecting and analysing data on customer needs and experience–using interviews, participant observation, and research;
  • Preparing recommendations for increased customer experience in services;
  • Verification of the impact new product changes have on customer experience and satisfaction;
  • Creating user archetypes (personas);
  • Preparing a customer journey map with pain and positive touchpoints;
  • Prioritising CX activities to maximise their effectiveness.

User experience (UX) design

Use insights to better predict the expectations of your user and create an intuitive product that will meet their needs.

  • UX competitor analysis;
  • User research analysis;
  • Target user analysis;
  • Designing and prototyping solutions;
  • Testing prototypes with users.
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User interface (UI) design

Create a product interface your end-users will love–intuitive, flexible, and highly usable.

  • Identifying technologies and frameworks with the most impact on the product;
  • Graphic design;
  • Prototyping user interface;
  • Preparation of reusable interface elements;
  • UI design adhering to industry’s best practices;
  • Validating the feasibility of implementing the designed solution on the target platform.

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