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Over 50 React.js developers we hire have already built hundreds of stable and scalable React.js solutions for both startups and large-scale enterprises. 

Our Top React.js Developers

Developing a digital product is a complex and challenging process. You have to properly answer the market and users’ needs and apply the right tech solutions to provide the best possible user experience. This wouldn’t be possible without the right technology stack.

As experienced experts in the field of front-end development, we often recommend React.js – the hottest and the most wanted JavaScript library. If you want to build cost-effective and eye-catching software, the best option is to hire a React.JS development company as soon as possible.

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React.js Development Services We Provide

React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that allows developers to build and maintain world-class user interfaces. We use it for single-page or mobile app development.

Choosing React.js development services is a great way to increase development efficiency, delight your users, and launch your product faster to the market. Among the React.js development services we offer, you will find:

React.js Web App Development

At Scalo, we use React.js to build fast, responsive, and scalable web applications. When you create a web app that offers a lot of interactions to the web user, React.js development services are often our first choice.

There are numerous handy features, and the development process is relatively short. On top of that, React.js helps make the UI of a web application fast and smooth.

Using the library’s impressive development capabilities, we can easily deliver applications that not only perform well but also provide the highest standards in terms of UX. React.js is extremely popular in web development – it is used by industry leaders like Meta Inc., Instagram, Netflix, and PayPal.

Custom React.js Development Services

We are experts in building a standout user experience! If you want to make your customers happy with a stable, scalable, and inspiring digital product, we’re ready to create an amazing interface that combines robust functionality and supreme visuals. React.js is perfect for building custom solutions from scratch. It’s a versatile library that allows us to build custom solutions that match our customers’ enterprises’ specific needs. During the first step of our collaboration, we will thoroughly investigate your business goals so that we can quickly deliver a fully customized app. Custom React.js development has unlimited benefits. You can choose how your app will work and look so that it perfectly suits your business. You get exactly what you pay for instead of having off-the-shelf software that doesn’t offer a lot of customization options unless you pay extra for them.

React.js Desktop App Development

React.js provides both Windows OS and macOS components. You can use them directly which helps you save plenty of time and effort to code them from scratch. While building powerful React.js desktop applications, we also use other components provided by the library for both operating systems. React.js is a cross-platform desktop development library that is fully compatible with electron.js and NW.js. Creating interactive UIs is nothing but painless and it is possible to efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes.

Dedicated Reac.js Development Teams

Very often, our customers need an entire development team to enhance their in-house resources. On the other hand, they cannot afford, or just don’t want to recruit React.js developers on their own. For such customers, we have introduced dedicated React.js development team services. You can choose one or more React.js developers to join or take over your development processes and you can choose those who fit your needs at scale. Our programmers are skilled enough to both refactor poorly written code and write an entirely new solution from scratch. Scalo teams are highly productive and experienced, and they can join your project in every phase to deliver high-end business solutions.

Our React.js Development Process

React.js app development may be challenging so finding the right React.js software development company is crucial if you want your app to become a success.

At any stage of your project, you have our full support and consultancy so that you can be sure that your product is properly taken care of. Here is how we work with our customers:

We organize a comprehensive workshop to make sure we understand you and your business well. During this step, you can consult your idea and analyze it with our experts. This is a so-called discovery phase that leads to a better understanding of your idea.

We prepare a detailed plan with a clear and transparent roadmap. Proper planning is half of the success of any project. Thus, we consider a clear plan a must. We break it down into manageable milestones which accelerates the process.

We choose technology. Deciding about stacks and approaches strongly impacts the next steps. Before plugging into the coding part, we translate all business needs and requirements into an unambiguous language.

Our developers start coding. We prepare all necessary mockups and prototypes. If needed, we can also work on an MVP. This phase also includes spending some time designing.

fter the coding phase is over, we run tests, both manual and automated, to check if your software works as intended. This phase ensures that the required business functions operate well and fit the real-world environment.

We deploy your product and help you attract users thanks to tailor-made solutions. The digital products we build provide a flawless customer journey and attract new clients.

As you can see, all we need from you at the very beginning is an amazing idea. We can do the rest. We are experts in helping our clients stand out from the crowd in the digital market.

Our React.js Industry Expertise

In the last few years, we have had a chance to collaborate with various industries, providing React.js app development services. Here is what we have focused on the most often.

Fintech & Banking

If you operate in banking, insurance, or fintech areas of expertise, you are aware that digital transformation is the only way to go. We’ll provide your visitors with customer-centric digital products to develop your business faster than ever.


Nowadays, most people shop online. To make the most out of your e-commerce platform or online store, you need reliable, customized solutions. We’ll be happy to build one for you.


The right digital solutions help manufacturers answer customer needs better. We’ll build a comprehensive, custom solution that will help your business thrive.


Managing the supply chain can be difficult. Fortunately, we have built many high-end solutions that can support your business processes.

Advantages of React.js

Wondering what makes React.js development so special? The library is recommended for companies that want to gain a competitive edge over their rivals. It allows us to build everything that concerns putting together visual elements, binding data to those elements, and specifying the logic governing them. Here are the biggest advantages of React.js:


React.js can be used both as a foundation for the entire application and as a way to supplement existing solutions with new features. The code developed in React.js is clear and easy to understand.

It’s time-saving

Developers use React.js to build innovative and cost-effective web and mobile applications in record-breaking time. This significantly reduces time-to-market. Thanks to React Native, developers can use the same components to create Android, iOS, and Web versions of an application.


Hiring in-house staff doesIt’s one of the most popular libraries in the world. The technology is capable of producing both simple apps and enterprise-class solutions. not improve agility nearly as much.


React.js enables extremely fast development, mainly thanks to component-based architecture and vast open-source libraries of available components.

Native user experience

React.js helps developers build beautiful user application interfaces which are responsive and highly interactive.

Development flexibility

Using React.js, you can build any kind of software, from small and simple websites, through medium-sized applications, to large enterprise-scale systems.

World-class performance

React.js’ virtual DOMs significantly increase its performance speed. You don’t need to write data to a physical drive because the library uses computer memory for smoother operations.

Supportive community

If necessary, you can always tap into knowledge and libraries from thousands of loyal React.js developers that enrich the React.js ecosystem. Many developers are likely to share their knowledge to solve problems.


React.js is a modular library. This means you can bootstrap a product with minimal resources, as well as develop sizable single-page apps, such as Meta.


React.js is one of the most SEO-friendly libraries out there. It eliminates many of the issues of the search engine when it comes to reading JavaScript heavy applications. It allows effective rendering from a server to a browser which improves SEO algorithms.

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At Scalo, we only hire qualified IT specialists who have all the necessary skills to execute the most complex React.js projects. As a result of our extensive experience with multiple frameworks, we can easily help you choose which technology is best suited to your digital product.

We work with Agile in mind, also when it comes to the collaboration model. You can choose how many people you need to work on your project and scale the team up or down, depending on your needs. If necessary, you can also add part-time specialists.

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