At Scalo, we have spent over a decade delivering software projects for different industries around the globe. Working with companies from branches such as banking, financial services, media, entertainment, e-commerce, manufacturing, and international corporations, we learned how they run their business and understood their specific needs.

Today, we combine these experiences with our software development competences to support our partners’ growth.

Financial Services

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Billions of financial transactions each day and clients’ growing demand for a digital banking experience are transforming the entire finance industry.


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Modernising software infrastructure is no longer an alternative. Making products and operations digital boosts manufacturing performance and reduces operational costs.

Media & Entertainment

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Digital media consumption is reaching new heights, as consumers spend more time and money subscribing to new entertainment services.


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Global corporations are commonly faced with challenges of growing their customer base, time limitations and the complexity of changing technology.


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To ensure broad market exposure of your business and brand, you have to adapt to customers’ changing expectations.

SaaS Platforms

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You can confidently rely on our expertise to build and optimize your SaaS platform, delivering a robust and user-centric solution that drives your business forward.

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