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Discover Scalo’s Embedded Software Design Services, where we transform your ideas into reality. Our expert team creates detailed plans for developing and implementing software and hardware components, considering specific requirements and constraints like limited resources and real-time performance.

Experience the power of specialized software and hardware working seamlessly together to fulfill your product’s unique function.

Join us on this transformative journey to reshape your industry with Scalo’s innovative approach to embedded systems design.

Why Choose Scalo's Embedded Software Design Services? 

When you choose Scalo for your embedded system design needs, you can expect a range of benefits that will enhance your project’s success:

Tailored Solutions
Tailored Solutions
We understand that every project has unique requirements. Our team takes the time to thoroughly analyze your needs and design solutions that are customized to meet your specific goals.
Optimized Performance
Optimized Performance
We optimize our embedded system design concepts for real-time performance and limited resources, ensuring that your embedded system operates efficiently and effectively.
Reduced Development Risks
Our prototyping and simulation processes help identify and address potential issues early on, minimizing risks and ensuring smoother implementation.
Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration
We ensure that all components seamlessly integrate into the overall system, verifying compatibility and consistency to guarantee a cohesive and reliable solution.
Expert Guidance
With our experienced team of embedded engineers, you can rely on our expertise and guidance throughout the entire design process. We provide valuable insights and recommendations to ensure the success of your project.

From Challenge to Solution: Our Approach to Embedded Systems Design 

Our embedded software design services process ensures the successful implementation of your embedded system, from requirements analysis to user experience design.
Let’s dive into each phase:

Requirements Analysis
We gather stakeholder input, define functional and non-functional requirements, and prioritize UX/UI discussions, all while considering hardware compatibility.
Architecture Design
Our process involves determining the overall structure, identifying components, and incorporating real-time considerations, fault tolerance, and connectivity with a focus on hardware integration.
Prototyping and Simulation
We create working models to demonstrate functionality, optimize performance, and refine the design, reducing development risks.
User Experience/User Interface Design
Our specialists excel at creating intuitive interfaces considering ergonomics, hardware limitations, and support for various interfaces. We test on real hardware for seamless operation.
Scalo in Action
Let's Tackle Your Challenges. Together.

We ensure clear and thorough documentation of the design process and outcomes through comprehensive design documentation and proof of concept (POC) for every project.

Our discovery workshops with our top architects provide a collaborative environment for ideating and finding effective solutions tailored to your needs. We can also assist you in defining performance, connectivity, and modularity requirements for your hardware.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations and meet your business needs by delivering exceptional design services, comprehensive documentation, POC, and the opportunity to engage in discovery workshops with our experienced embedded system design architects.

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When Should You Consider Scalo's Embedded Software Design Services?

  • When you need to develop customized embedded systems that meet your unique requirements and specifications.
  • When you want to leverage the power of embedded systems to enhance the performance and efficiency of your products or processes.
  • When you require expert guidance and support in navigating the complex landscape of embedded system design, including hardware selection, software development, and system integration.
  • When you aim to accelerate your time-to-market and gain a competitive edge by outsourcing your embedded solution design needs to experienced professionals.
  • When you seek a collaborative and client-centric approach where your input and feedback are valued throughout the design process.
  • When you are looking to integrate connectivity and IoT capabilities into your embedded systems for enhanced functionality and data-driven insights.
Jerzy Wiśniewski - CTO at Scalo
Jerzy Wiśniewski - Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

At Scalo, we take a holistic approach to embedded solution design, considering all aspects of the system’s requirements and constraints.

Our focus on optimized performanceseamless integration, and innovative design allows us to unlock the true potential of embedded systems for our clients.

Empowering Industries with Tailor-Made Embedded Solutions 

Our embedded solution design services cater to a wide range of industries, including:

automotive systems
From advanced driver assistance systems to in-vehicle infotainment, our embedded software design services drive innovation in the automotive industry, enhancing safety, connectivity, and overall user experience.
healthcare software
We develop embedded systems for medical devices, patient monitoring, telehealth, and more, ensuring accurate diagnostics, improved patient care, and streamlined healthcare processes.
Our embedded solutions enable smart manufacturing, powering automation, process optimization, predictive maintenance, and real-time data analytics for enhanced productivity and efficiency.
ATM Software
Financial Services
We provide embedded system design solutions for the financial services industry, enabling secure and efficient transaction processing, data encryption, and compliance with regulatory standards.
We design embedded systems for IoT applications, connecting devices, sensors, and platforms to enable seamless communication, data collection, and intelligent decision-making for enhanced functionality and data-driven insights.

Real-Life Use Case: Modernizing Waste Collection Vehicles 

A leading waste collection vehicle manufacturer in Germany approached Scalo to modernize their outdated embedded platform, hindering their ability to meet new business requirements, including connectivity and IoT functionalities. Scalo conducted a comprehensive analysis, developed a new solution, and created a functional prototype.

We advised on hardware selection and developed custom software for seamless IoT connectivity. The new embedded solution significantly improved the efficiency of the waste collection vehicles. Equipped with sensors, the vehicles collected real-time data on waste levels, optimized routes, and vehicle diagnostics. This data enabled proactive maintenance and enhanced operational efficiency.

Partnering with Scalo, the manufacturer modernized their fleet, gaining a competitive edge with smart machines, real-time data insights, remote monitoring, and improved service delivery.

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Let’s Talk About
Let’s Talk About

Let’s Talk About
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Jerzy Wiśniewski

Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

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