With over 600 software engineers on board we deliver a wide range of technology competencies. Full expertise in software projects development enables us to build well-performing and scalable products. Here is what you can get from Scalo. 

.NET Development Services

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As a Gold Microsoft Partner Scalo delivers wide range of .NET development services and solves challenges such as legacy systems transformation, custom solutions development and cloud implementation. We ensure the efficient and scalable solutions for various size of business.

Java Development Services

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If your business or digital product needs web or mobile capability, Java is a good choice. It is well-known for its versatility, dependability, scalability, and adaptability to even the very complex business logic.

Python Development Services

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Python is sutiable for most of the software projects because of its versatility, readability, ease of use, and security. Make the most of our expertise.

React.js Development Services

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If you want to build cost-effective and eye-catching digital solution, the best option is to hire a React.JS development company. Check what Scalo does.

JavaScript Development Services

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At Scalo, we offer JavaScript development services for fast-growinf businesses. Whether you want to build a website, platform, or a complex desktop application, we're here to help.

C# Development Services

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We create bespoke web services and deliver best experience to your users thank to highly customized apps powered by C# on Microsoft’s .NET platform

C/C++ Development

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We provide software engineers who can develop, supervise and maintain C or C++ based software through its entire lifecycle.

Node.js Development

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Node JS development services - we deliver powerful and efficient and lightweight apps.

PHP Development Services

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At Scalo we create a tailor-made PHP solution just for you - we build websites and apps that are customized to the needs of your business.

Angular Development Services

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We design user-friendly, full-fledged app with Angular technology.

Data Solutions

Scalo provides a wide range of services that enables companies to make the most of their data. We build digital solutions and provide data consulting services.

Embedded Solutions

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With embedded software expertise we help you turn obsolete machines into smart solutions. Scalo’s competences in the embedded field are: custom solutions development, embedded consulting, simulation software and connectivity solutions.

Front-End Development

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Web and desktop solutions development for various industries such as e-commerce, finance, media and entertainment. We ensure the front is compatible with back-end.

Back-End Development

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We design high performing applications easy to scale. With back-end expertise we either build new products or rebuild the already existing products to adjust them to business needs.

Software Testing and Quality Assurance

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Testing software products and ensuring highest quality before they go live. Get the bug-free experience thanks to wide software testing solutions Scalo offers.

Business Analysis and Software Architecture

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Scalo helps determine product requirements in order to create thehighly performing software product. We connect business requirements with mathichg technology solutions.

UI&UX Design

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We ensure the delightful user experience. With a good understanding of customers needs and expertise in UX and UI we deliver functional and beautiful apps which please end users.

Check Out Our Services

Scalo is a technology partner with over 15 years of experience on the market. We help companies add experts to their software teams or build dedicated teams of software developers able to work remotely.

Apart from IT Outsourcing services, Scalo offers expertise in software development. With proven project management expertise, we provide software consulting services   for various industries.

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