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Software Implementation

Say goodbye to outdated systems and hello to enhanced performance, scalability, security, and innovation. At Scalo, we offer cloud migration and modernization services that enable you to transform your legacy applications and infrastructure into modern, cloud-based solutions.

With us, the process is seamless. We handle everything, from planning and design to implementation and testing, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, modernize your existing environment, or integrate cloud solutions with your on-premises systems, our skilled team has the expertise and experience to make it happen.

Benefit from Our Software and Data Migration Services 

Improved Cost Efficiency
Save money by eliminating the need for expensive server equipment, reducing maintenance costs, and paying only for the computing power you use, leading to significant annual savings.
Future-Proof Infrastructure
Embrace the cloud to ensure your business stays ahead with the latest technological advancements and avoid the hassle of maintaining outdated hardware.
Increased Agility and Innovation
Unlock the power of the cloud to rapidly respond to changing business demands, scale resources instantly, and focus on innovation rather than manual work, ultimately improving overall productivity.
Enhanced Scalability
Easily adjust your capacity and performance to meet changing demands and opportunities without compromising quality or efficiency.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration is a fundamental step for businesses desiring to leverage the power, scalability, and flexibility of cloud computing.

At Scalo, we are committed to assisting you in smoothly transferring your business dataapplications, and services to the cloud or transferring across different cloud providers.

Regardless of the scale of your migration project, our team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver outstanding results.


Data Migration 

Our migration to cloud services will help you find the optimal data storage solution for your needs. We offer expertise in migrating data between different database vendors, performing partial data migrations to other storage solutions, retiring data, executing disaster recovery migrations, and implementing data splitting through distributed storage solutions. With our cloud migration services, you can seamlessly transition your data while ensuring optimal storage and management.

Applications and Services Migration 

Our cloud migration services reach beyond data. We offer migration strategies for a variety of applications and services, including lift and shift, re-platform, re-architecture, hybrid, IoT, and vendor migration. Our strategic approach to migration ensures a streamlined and optimized transition for your applications and services.

Cloud Modernization Services

Cloud modernization implies revamping your cloud systems and services to enhance their performance, efficiency, and scalability.

With Scalo’s expertise in cloud modernization services, you can revamp your existing cloud infrastructure to meet the changing business environment and stay ahead of the competition.

Why Scalo

Cloud Optimization 

Effective cloud optimization plays a pivotal role in extracting the maximum benefits from cloud computing. At Scalo, our experts excel in optimizing resources for improved performanceenhanced cost-effectiveness, and increased utilization. We fine-tune, analyze your current cloud infrastructure, identify bottlenecks, and propose solutions to enhance your cloud-based systems’ overall performance.


Maintenance ensures the cloud infrastructure supports business needs over time and saves organizations from expensive downtime and data loss We offer comprehensive maintenance services targeting reliability, security, and compliance of your cloud environment. With a proactive compliance-centered approach, we aim to resolve issues before they escalate, leading to significant cost savings and improved system reliability.

 Leverage Our In-depth Industry Expertise for Standout Cloud Migration and Modernization

Banking and Fintech
Banking and Fintech
Scalo's cloud modernization services empower banking and fintech institutions to enhance their agility, scalability, and security, enabling seamless digital transformation and improved customer experiences in a highly regulated environment.
By leveraging Scalo's cloud migration solutions, manufacturing companies can achieve increased operational efficiency, real-time data insights, and streamlined supply chain management, leading to accelerated innovation and cost savings.
Our migration to cloud services enable e-commerce businesses to scale their operations effortlessly, enhance website performance, ensure high availability, and leverage advanced analytics to drive personalized customer experiences and boost sales.
With Scalo's cloud modernization services, logistics companies can optimize their operations through real-time tracking, enhanced visibility, efficient inventory management, and integration with IoT technologies, leading to streamlined processes, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction.
Scalo's cloud migration solutions offer insurance companies the flexibility, scalability, and data security needed to handle large volumes of sensitive customer information, enable seamless claims processing, and leverage advanced analytics for risk assessment and personalized services, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
By utilizing Scalo's cloud migration and modernization services, renewable energy companies can achieve enhanced monitoring and control of their energy systems, leverage predictive analytics for maintenance and optimization, uphold crucial compliance standards, and enable seamless integration with smart grid technologies, contributing to increased efficiency and sustainable energy management.
Rafał Chwastek - Scalo

Our cloud migration and modernization services are not just about moving your applications to the cloud. It’s about strategically utilizing the cloud to improve your business agility, lower costs, and reduce IT complexity.

In essence, we deliver more than just a technological shift; we create value-driven transformations for our clients.

Rafał Chwastek, Software Solutions Architect at Scalo

 When do You Need Scalo’s Cloud Modernization & Migration Services?

user time
When your business innovation is significantly delayed due to lack of flexibility in your current infrastructure.
When operational efficiencies are thwarted by your on-premise IT environment.
saved money
When you're struggling with high operational costs associated with managing an in-house data center.
When your current IT infrastructure cannot support the needs of your growing business.
When there's a need to quickly scale your IT capabilities to match a spike in business demand.
When you want to stay competitive and Agile in the digital age by leveraging cutting-edge cloud technologies.

Discover How Our Cloud Migration Solutions Can Meet Your Business Needs

A medium-sized retail company wanted to grow globally but faced challenges with its on-premises IT system. It was difficult to manage and costly to upgrade. The company decided to move to the cloud to enjoy scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Scalo helped them migrate to AWS and enhance their data analytics with Snowflake. We also implemented a DevOps stack to streamline their deployment process.

Thanks to our cloud migration solutions and modernization efforts, the client can now manage their data across multiple locations while benefiting from reduced operational costs.

 6 Reasons to Partner with Scalo for Cloud Migration and Modernization

Unrivalled Cloud Migration Expertise
Boasting a decorated history of successful cloud migration and modernization projects across varied industries, we're no strangers to delivering quality solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.
skilled professionals
Highly Skilled Professionals
Our team of over 600 talented individuals, including cloud consultants and developers, provides comprehensive cloud migration and modernization services right from strategy building and design to execution and support.
Experience Backed Insights
With 15 years of experience and hundreds of successful projects under our belt, we bring to the table industry-best practices, innovative methodologies, and valuable know-how.
Strong Association with Cloud Leaders
We have strong partnerships with top-notch cloud service providers, including a Gold Partner status with Microsoft Azure, equipping us to provide you with state-of-the-art cloud solutions.
Latest Technology Utilization
Latest Technology Utilization
Modern and relevant tools such as cloud-native architectures, microservices, and serverless computing give us an edge in offering up-to-the-minute cloud migration and modernization services.
Client-Centric Approach
No two clients are the same, and we embrace this diversity. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to address your unique requirements, pain points, and business objectives, placing you at the core of our process.
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