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Transform Data into Actionable Intelligence with Scalo's Data Analytics Services

At Scalo, we offer a comprehensive suite of data analytics services, specializing in extracting meaningful insights from data using advanced descriptive and diagnostic analytics methods. Our solutions leverage robust business intelligence environments to drive informed decision-making and strategic growth for your business.

We also offer innovation consulting, providing expert guidance on leveraging data for maximum value. Complementing our data analytics solutions, we build extensive business intelligence systems using Power BI, solidifying our commitment to turning data into actionable intelligence.

 Approach Key Challenges Effectively with Scalo's Data Analytics Solutions

data integration
We restore trust in data by ensuring accuracy, transparency, and integrity in all data management processes.
data analytics
Our data analytics solutions respond to diversified requirements and stakeholders, offering tailored strategies to meet unique needs and expectations.
cost optimization
Guiding organizations on the unclear path to ROI, we provide clear-cut, measurable outcomes to demonstrate the value of investing in data analytics.
Scalo tackles the challenge of low data literacy by simplifying complex data scenarios into digestible insights, making data accessible and understandable for all stakeholders.
Scalo addresses the issue of capacity shortage with our scalable data analytics services, capable of handling expansive data sets without compromising on quality or accuracy.
Scalo's Data & AI Teamis Ready
Scalo's Data & AI Teamis Ready
Scalo's Data & AI Team
is Ready
to Join Your Projects Even in 2-4 Weeks
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 How Our Data Analytics Engineering Services Can Help 

Scalo’s data analytics engineering services offer a wide array of practical applications for businesses:

Sales Performance Reporting through Microsoft Fabric

Scalo's services can help unify the reporting experience for sales teams. By leveraging Microsoft Fabric, we can consolidate disparate sales data into a single platform, enabling real-time tracking of sales performance and targets.

Modernized Customer Call Analytics with Power BI

Our services can modernize call center reporting with Power BI. This facilitates a more dynamic approach to analyzing customer interaction data, highlighting patterns and trends that can enhance customer service and streamline operations.

HR Analytics - Building Business Intelligence Solutions

We can transform raw HR data into actionable insights, offering a comprehensive view of employee performance, retention, and satisfaction. This data-driven approach can help form strategies for talent acquisition, management, and development.

Enabling Self-Service Reporting for Marketing Performance Analytics

Scalo's services promote data literacy within marketing teams, enabling them to independently access, analyze, and interpret marketing data. This self-service reporting can inform campaign strategies and measure ROI more effectively.

Jerzy Wiśniewski - CTO at Scalo

Jerzy Wiśniewski - Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

Consider this – according to IDC, companies with high data and analytics maturity see a 40% increase in revenue, and their gross profit goes up by 9.5%. These aren’t just numbers; they’re a testament to the power of effectively harnessed data.

If you’re ready to unlock the potential of your data and drive your business forward, book a consultation or workshop with us. Let’s explore together how Scalo’s data analytics solutions can help you achieve your business goals.

 In-Depth Look at Scalo's Comprehensive Data Analytics Services

Scalo’s comprehensive data analytics services are designed to transform the business intelligence (BI) and reporting landscape for mid-size and lower enterprise organizations.

Our strategic approach is divided into two main stages: Planning and Assessment and Implementation and Solutions, each carried out by a dedicated team of experts.

Planning and Assessment

Planning and Assessment

This stage sets the groundwork for successful data analytics solutions. Our team, consisting of Power BI/Microsoft Fabric Analysts, BI consultants/Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Architects, and Azure Cloud Administrators, conducts a detailed analysis of your existing data structures and business requirements.

We leverage our data analysis, business intelligence, data engineering, and data modeling expertise to identify key opportunities and potential challenges.

Our team also assists in creating robust business cases, ensuring that our data analytics services align perfectly with your business goals and deliver significant value.

Implementation and Solutions

Implementation and Solutions

Upon formulating a strategic plan, we move towards practically implementing our data analytics solutions. Our team is proficient in Azure technologies like Azure SQL DB, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Synapse, Power BI, and Microsoft Fabric.

We also have Python, SQL, and Power Query programming languages expertise. We leverage these skills to implement and maintain BI integrations, offering services that extend to reporting, data visualization, and real-time reporting.

Our expertise in adopting and maintaining Power BI/Microsoft Fabric platforms ensures a seamless transition to data-driven operations.

Our comprehensive data analytics solutions ultimately cater to evolving business needs, driving continuous improvement and value creation.



Our commitment to your business extends beyond implementing our solutions. Scalo provides robust maintenance services for our data and analytics services, ensuring they deliver optimal performance and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of your business operations.

We offer dedicated outsourcing services for solution maintenance, guaranteeing that the implemented systems continue to serve your business effectively while accommodating growth and changes.

Our team’s proactive approach aids in problem-solving, international collaboration, and quality assurance. This ensures that your business data analytics solutions maintain effectiveness and provide real, measurable value for your organization.

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 Elevate Your Industry Standards by Partnering with Scalo

Scalo’s data analytics services are specifically designed to empower diverse industries, driving them towards a more data-centric operational approach.

By harnessing the power of data, we aim to unlock new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and insight in these sectors.

Scalo's data and analytics services are pivotal for the manufacturing sector, aiming to enhance data accessibility, trust, and quality. Through robust data streaming, integration, and modeling solutions, we enable data-driven decision-making, helping manufacturers optimize production processes, streamline supply chains, and predict maintenance needs.
In the banking industry, our data analytics solutions facilitate secure, scalable, and high-quality data access, consumption, and maintenance. We construct ETLs, ELTs, or real-time data workflows that help banks manage risk, comply with regulations, and enhance customer service. Our data governance rules incorporated into existing pipelines ensure consistency and reliability across banking operations.
Scalo's services are instrumental to retail businesses, aiding in establishing a single source of truth for data. By facilitating DataOps adoption, we empower retailers with real-time insights into customer behavior, market trends, and inventory management. This ensures reliable data-driven strategies to enhance customer experience, optimize inventory, and drive sales.
How Scalo's BI & Analytics Team Employs Data Analytics Capabilities 
Assessment Workshops
Scalo’s data analytics engineering services begin with planning and assessment workshops. Here, we ideate on the potential utility of the client’s data across their organization and formulate a robust business case to track value in subsequent stages.
Data Analytics Solution Design
Next, Scalo’s BI & Analytics Team designs the data analytics solution, gathering requirements from IT and business stakeholders. This step aids in cost minimization and ensures the quality of the final output.
Proof-of-value Engagement
Following this, we conduct a swift proof-of-value engagement, considering the desired business cases and requirements. This step aims to deliver value swiftly while minimizing investment costs.
Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution
Once the value is realized, we focus on developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solution, ensuring that necessary governance, capability building, and standards are established for full-scale adoption.
Direct Collaboration
Finally, our BI & Analytics Team proposes direct collaboration on new features, business areas, or technologies and can also help in maintaining the solution through dedicated outsourcing services. Our comprehensive business data analytics solutions ensure continuous delivery of value and adaptability to evolving business needs.

Experience Dependable Data Analytics Services with Scalo

Scalo leverages its 15-year tenure and 750 completed projects to deliver exceptional data analytics engineering services.

Our team, consisting of over 600 software experts, offers specialized knowledge in data management, AI, and software engineering. Our strategic focus on Azure and Microsoft, coupled with our partnerships across software, data, and AI providers, equips us to tailor comprehensive business data analytics solutions.

Our experience spans diverse industries, particularly banking and manufacturing, with services encompassing migrations, modernizations, custom AI-powered software, and specific reporting and BI tools.

DiscoverHow Our Data Services
DiscoverHow Our Data Services
How Our Data Services
Can Be Tailored
to Your Project

Jerzy Wiśniewski

Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

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