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We are Scalo, a globally operating Polish Software House. 

A Wide Industry Experience

Over 15 years of presence in the IT market, we’ve acquired a deep-seated expertise in various industries, including the finance and insurance services sector, media & entertainment, information technologies & software, manufacturing, automotive, energy, telecom, e-commerce and more

A rich experience in delivering custom software solutions, as well as a highly adaptive approach, makes Scalo a truly versatile Tech Partner. Improving our client’s business, being transparent, and asking the right questions to provoke growth are the heart of everything we do. 

Our custom IT Outsourcing Solutions

At Scalo, we offer complex custom software solutions and a variety of staff augmentation services to help you scale your business while reducing costs and risks. We deliver complete digital products based on your requirements, build remote dedicated development teams working exclusively towards your goals, and offer team extension services to boost the efficiency of your in-house teams.

Custom Software Development

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When you want to focus on your core business, we deliver end-to-end projects and build tailored software solutions.

Remote Development Teams

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We form remote development teams working exclusively for you to accelerate and strengthen your in-house software development.

Staff Augmentation

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We offer team extension services when you need to augment your in-house teams with specific roles and competencies.

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What You Get By Working With IT Outsourcing Partner

it outsourcing services

Your business can benefit from outsourcing IT services in multiple areas. Whether offshore outsourcing or nearshoring, delegating the process of finding, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and potentially replacing software engineers can save you time and money.

By choosing the right outsourcing company, you will gain access to a larger pool of potentially more skilled experts, which can be an answer to the possible shortage of local talent. The development teams are flexible and easily scalable, improving the process’s overall efficiency.

The resources you might save by outsourcing software development can then be focused on boosting your core business.

Outsourcing is an excellent model recommended by some of the biggest brands in the Tech Industry and a great way of reducing costs while keeping the quality and efficiency of software development high. Forming a Tech Partnership with a reliable company offering IT outsourcing services is a well-established way of boosting your company’s capacity or solving the issue of local talent shortage.

outsourcing services

Scale Your Software Development on Demand

Scalo provides versatile solutions allowing our clients to scale accordingly to the ever changing business requirements. Change the capacity of our development teams working on your IT projects, by scaling up or down as your needs shift during the development process.  

Flexible billing models and cost-effective outsourcing services are particularly convenient in times of economic uncertainty. We’re fully aware of the ongoing market slowdown, so we take the ‘client’s first’ approach to provide the best possible services. 

What Makes Us A Trusted Outsourcing Partner?

Scalo is a globally operating software services company, based in Poland. We are a reliable tech  partner specialized in software consulting, creating development teams, outsourcing IT specialists, and the implementation of end-to-end software projects. 

15+ years on the market

600+ developers

700+ delivered projects

Western work culture

4 development centers in Poland

Multi-industry experience

The Technologies and Competences We Have Onboard

Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke or custom software development, is a process of creating custom-made software based a well-defined set of requirements specified by the client. In contrast to off-the-shelf commercial software, bespoke software usually serves a particular group of users or solves a specific business challenge that could not be addressed otherwise.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing offers on-demand availability of computer system resources without investing in extensive machinery and building additional infrastructure. Cloud solutions are primarily associated with data storage and processing power without direct active management from the administrator. At Scalo offer assistance in finding the optimal solutions that will allow your business to scale further as your needs grow.

Embedded Solutions

An embedded solution is a combination of hardware and software built to serve a specific function. The embedded systems can be programmable or have a fixed functionality. Embedded systems are used in many industries and usually function within a more extensive system.

Quality Assurance

When building custom software solutions, we put extra effort into quality assurance. It is an inseparable part of delivering high-quality digital products. QA testing focuses on improving the software development process and ensuring the final product meets the high standards we've set for our software products.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is a collective term describing the strategies and technologies used by organizations to manage and analyze data for further business use. At Scalo, we can aid you in data mining, complex event processing, business performance management, benchmarking, analytics, dashboard development, and more.


Mobile development is the process of creating software or app for mobile devices of all sorts. Including enterprise digital assistants and consumer mobile phones or tablets, these software applications are designed to run on mobile devices varying in terms of operating systems, hardware, screen types, and dimensions. UX and User Interface design is also an inseparable part of mobile development, as it determines how a user interacts with the device and the interface of the software. Mobile front-ends, need robust back-ends to ensure stable access to enterprise systems. Often the back-end facilitates data routing, security, authentication, authorization, working off-line, and service orchestration.

Machine Learning

ML is considered a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science focused on training machines on historical data to process future inputs based on learned patterns. Based on the training data, machine learning algorithms then build a model to predict or make decisions without explicit programming, meaning without manually written instructions for a system to do an action. It is particularly useful where it is challenging to develop conventional algorithms to perform the needed tasks.


Security is an essential part of the software development process. It is a set of practices and ongoing procedures focused on ensuring proper application integrity and confidentiality. Producing secure software requires properly organized development processes designed with security in mind. As businesses expand and their software scales up, it becomes more complex, meaning the security becomes more challenging. Applications, systems, and networks can become vulnerable to potential security attacks, data leaks, malicious code, or service disruptions. At Scalo, we provide custom software built around high-security measures, and we provide constant maintenance and tech support to ensure sustainability of your services.

How We Set Up Our Outsourcing Cooperation

Initial Business Engagement

We gather the basic information about the business needed and sign an NDA agreement.


We gather and analyze the information about your projects, the goals that need to be achieved, and potential technology solutions.

Cooperation Model Recommendation

Based on the information gathered, we recommend the best cooperation model for your needs (end-to-end software projects, dedicated development team, or team extension).

Launch of Cooperation

When you agree on the recommended model, prepare a detailed plan for our cooperation and start the implementation phase.

Our Outsourcing Projects Around the Globe

Check Out What Clients Say About Our Outsourcing Services

The team offers good project management, and they deliver as promised. 


They communicate well and work quickly, providing a seamless partnership. 

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They provide high-quality resources that easily integrate into internal project management methodologies and standups. 

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What is outsourcing in software development?

Outsourcing in Tech is a common practice of delegating the process of custom software development to an external service provider. It is an effective solution to the shortage of locally available software engineers, reducing the costs of hiring, onboarding, and potential replacements, and a great way of mitigating overall risk.

Both offshore outsourcing and nearshoring are efficient ways to save time and access flexible and easily scalable teams. Choosing the right IT outsourcing partner can significantly boost your R&D, improve the security, and let you focus on your core business.

Benefits of outsourcing software development?

Both offshore outsourcing and nearshoring are efficient ways to save time and access flexible and easily scalable teams. Choosing the right IT outsourcing partner can significantly boost your R&D, improve the security, and let you focus on your core business. 

What IT services can be outsourced?

Today, businesses can outsource a variety of information technology services, including application development, infrastructure and software support and maintenance, data center administration, and more.

Do you offer support and maintenance services after development?

We provide software maintenance, which is the act of upgrading, modifying, and updating software to stay current with user demands, after the product has launched. Program maintenance is carried out for a variety of purposes, including as enhancing the software as a whole, fixing problems or bugs, enhancing performance, and more.

What are the main steps in IT outsourcing process?

The stages of the outsourcing process vary between companies but the most standard approach includes 4 key phases:

1. Assessment and development of strategy as  the initial step of outsourcing, and frequently the most challenging.

2.  Proposal and service provider selection.

3. Due diligence.

4. Contract procurement.

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