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Why Scalo

We are Scalo, a globally operating Polish Software House.

With over 17 years of presence in the IT market, we’ve gained comprehensive expertise in IT outsourcing services across various industries, including the finance and insurance services sector, media & entertainmentinformation technologies & softwaremanufacturingautomotiveenergytelecome-commerce, and more.

Our vast experience in delivering custom software solutions and our highly adaptive approach make Scalo a versatile IT outsourcing partner. We are committed to improving our clients’ businesses, maintaining transparency, and asking the right questions that provoke growth – the heart of everything we do.

 Get the Best Out of IT Outsourcing by Partnering with Scalo

Scalo is a global software services company based in Poland. We are a reliable tech partner specializing in software consulting, creating development teams, outsourcing software development services, and implementing end-to-end software projects.


Get the benefit of our 17+ years of market experience, helping you navigate the IT landscape quickly and confidently.


Tap into our pool of 600+ developers, allowing you to scale your team and accelerate your software development process.


Leverage our track record of 700+ successful projects, guaranteeing high-quality, reliable, and tested software solutions.

Embrace Western work culture, ensuring seamless collaboration, effective communication, and efficient project management. Find the convenience in our four development centers in Poland, offering you flexibility and proximity for real-time collaboration. Solve your industry-specific challenges with our multi-industry experience, providing insights and solutions tailored to your business’s unique needs.

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Scale Your Software Development on Demand

Scalo provides versatile solutions, allowing our clients to scale according to the ever-changing business requirements. Change the capacity of our development teams working on your IT projects by scaling up or down as your needs shift during development.

Flexible billing models and cost-effective outsourcing services are particularly convenient in times of economic uncertainty. We’re aware of the ongoing market slowdown, so we take the ‘client’s first’ approach to provide the best possible services.

Why Scalo Team

What You Get by Working with IT Outsourcing Partner

Your business can benefit from outsourcing IT services in multiple areas. Whether offshore outsourcing or nearshoring, delegating the process of finding, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and potentially replacing software engineers can save you time and money.

By choosing the right IT services outsourcing company, you will gain access to a larger pool of potentially more skilled experts, which can be an answer to the possible shortage of local talent. The development teams are flexible and easily scalable, improving the process’s overall efficiency.

The resources you might save by outsourcing software development services can then be focused on boosting your core business.

Outsourcing is an excellent model recommended by some of the biggest brands in the Tech Industry and a great way of reducing costs while keeping the quality and efficiency of software development high. Forming a Tech Partnership with a reliable company offering IT outsourcing services is a well-established way of boosting your company’s capacity or solving the issue of local talent shortage.

 Competences We Have Onboard

Bespoke Software Development
Our IT outsourcing services include bespoke software development, crafting tailor-made solutions to address unique business challenges, and ensuring a robust digital infrastructure aligning with your business needs.
Cloud Solutions
Cloud computing is a vital part of our outsourcing software development services. We assist in finding scalable cloud solutions, eliminating the need for extensive infrastructure, and allowing your business to scale seamlessly.
Embedded Solutions
Providing IT services outsourcing, we build embedded solutions combining hardware and software to perform specific functions, seamlessly integrating within larger systems to streamline operations.
Quality Assurance
In our software development outsourcing services, quality assurance plays a pivotal role. We ensure the final product meets high standards, delivering digital products that improve business processes and enhance user experience.
Business Intelligence
As part of our IT services outsourcing, we offer business intelligence solutions. We help manage and analyze data, providing insights that guide effective decision-making and fuel business growth.
Web App Development
Our outsourcing software development services extend to web app development. We design and build user-friendly, responsive web applications, enhancing your digital presence and customer interaction.
Our IT outsourcing incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. We train machines to process future inputs based on learned patterns, optimizing business processes and driving innovation.
Security is integral to our software development outsourcing services. We ensure application integrity and confidentiality, deliver secure software, and provide continuous tech support to maintain the sustainability of your services.
Our Expertise
 How We Set Up Our Outsourcing Cooperation
Initial Business Engagement
We gather the basic information about the business needed and sign an NDA agreement.
We gather and analyze the information about your projects, the goals that need to be achieved, and potential technology solutions.
Cooperation Model Recommendation
Based on the information gathered, we recommend the best cooperation model for your needs (end-to-end software projects, dedicated development team, or team extension).
Launch of Cooperation
When you agree on the recommended IT services outsourcing model, prepare a detailed plan for our cooperation and start the implementation phase.
Scalo projects worldwide

Our Outsourcing Projects Around the Globe

Scalo’s IT services outsourcing spans the globe, aiding businesses in the US, the UK, Germany, and Israel. Our nearshoring service provides European clients with efficient communication and streamlined software development outsourcing services. Meanwhile, offshoring clients in the US and Israel benefit from reduced costs, access to specialized IT skills, and continuous development cycles.

Scalo adapts to specific client needs, providing a flexible, cost-effective solution for staying competitive in today’s digital landscape.

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Book a Free,Confidential consultation
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