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Effortless Solution Implementation in Embedded Systems

Venture into Scalo’s embedded software development services world, where we bring your designs to life.

Our expert embedded software development services team takes meticulously crafted plans and turns them into functioning software, seamlessly interacting with the dedicated hardware. We manage the challenges of interfacing with hardware components such as sensors, actuators, communication interfaces, and memory devices while meeting strict deadlines and real-time demands.

Experience the thrill of witnessing your product coming alive as specialized software and hardware harmonize to perform their dedicated functions.

Embark on this fascinating journey of actualization with Scalo as we redefine your sector with our cutting-edge embedded system development services.

 Why Trust Scalo's Embedded Software Development Services?

By selecting Scalo for your custom embedded software needs, you are banking on an array of advantages that boost your project’s success:

Guaranteed Determinism
We don't merely design; we promise predictability. Our professionals create software that executes with reliability and consistency, ensuring your embedded solutions respond swiftly and accurately.
Optimized Task Prioritization
We respect the diversity and complexity of your tasks and their timing requirements. We use intelligent algorithms to prioritize and schedule tasks, guaranteeing that critical tasks receive higher priority and are executed first.
Maximized Response Time
We believe in optimization, not compromise. Our embedded software engineering team works tirelessly to minimize overheads and context switching, leveraging efficient algorithms and data structures to ensure your operations are completed within the stipulated timeframe.
Consistent Communication
Embedded services thrive on predictable communication. We design communication interfaces and hardware components to offer consistent and predictable latencies, promising timely data exchange and seamless interaction with external devices.
Rigorous Validation
We don't just meet specifications; we validate them. Our robust validation and verification processes ensure your embedded devices operate under various scenarios and load conditions, ensuring their reliability even in worst-case scenarios.
Expertise at Your Disposal
With our experienced team of embedded engineers, you get the advantage of their technical proficiency and industry insights throughout the implementation process. We ensure a smooth transition from design to an effective solution.
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Implementation of Embedded Solutions
 Our Approach 

Scalo delivers expert embedded software development services built on the principles of expertise, innovation, and dedication.

Discover how we can guide your project through to successful completion:

Business Logic
Business Logic Implementation
We translate your business needs into precise operations within a specific hardware environment. We focus on power efficiency, real-time operations, safety, reliability, and performance optimization.
data integration
Firmware and Driver Development
We develop low-level software that ensures the proper functioning of hardware components and allows higher-level software applications to run seamlessly on your embedded systems.
decision making
Testing and Validation
Using a systematic approach, we test software and hardware components embedded within a more extensive system. We adhere to industry standards and regulatory requirements, especially for safety-critical systems.
Optimization and Performance Tuning
Optimization and Performance Tuning
We continuously optimize your embedded systems, focusing on standard code, memory, performance, real-time, and power optimization. We consider the system’s requirements, hardware/software architecture, and performance characteristics.
Compliance and Certification
We help your embedded devices meet industry standards and regulations to ensure quality, safety, and reliability. We guide you through the testing, documentation, and verification processes required for compliance and certification.
IoT Integrations
As cloud experts, we can connect your embedded devices to the internet, allowing them to communicate and exchange data autonomously or with human intervention. We leverage services like AWS IOT, Azure IOT, Google IOT Core, IFTTT, MQTT, and more to bring added connectivity value to your embedded ecosystem.

When Should You Consider Scalo’s Embedded Software Development Services?

When building embedded software systems tailored to unique hardware environments and stringent real-time operating constraints.

When you aim to tap into the benefits of embedded software to streamline system performance, reduce latency, and optimize resource utilization in your hardware devices.

When you seek expert assistance to tackle challenges in embedded software development, such as real-time operating system (RTOS) selection, low-level programming, device driver development, and system-level troubleshooting.

When you’re looking to reduce your product’s time-to-market and gain a competitive edge by delegating custom embedded software development to professionals with a deep understanding of microcontroller architectures, system-on-chip (SoC) technologies, and embedded software lifecycle.

When you prefer a collaborative approach where your technical insights and project requirements inform the iterative development process, ensuring the final embedded software aligns with your hardware and operational needs.

When you plan to integrate networking protocols or Internet of Things (IoT) functionalities into your embedded software, enhancing system interconnectivity, remote monitoring capabilities, and data-driven decision-making.

From Automotive to Smart Homes: Powering Progress Across Industries 

Scalo’s embedded software development services offer comprehensive and custom solutions across various industries, enhancing functionality, safety, and user experience in various embedded systems.

automotive systems
Automotive systems
heavily rely on embedded software engineering to manage infotainment systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), engine control units (ECUs), cybersecurity, and more, all aimed at improving driving safety and experience.
In industrial automation
Scalo's embedded system development services can help manage programmable logic controllers (PLCs), human-machine interfaces (HMIs), distributed control systems (DCS), and industrial IoT gateways, among others. These systems enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety in manufacturing and industrial environments.
hospital information system (his)
The medical services industry
benefits from custom embedded software, enhancing patient care, diagnostics, and treatment. Scalo solutions can be utilized in medical imaging systems, patient monitoring systems, implantable devices, medical equipment control systems, and electronic health record systems.
Consumer electronics
Consumer electronics
are abundant with connected devices enhanced by embedded software services. From smartphones and tablets to smart TVs and wearables, our embedded software can contribute significantly to enhanced user experiences and advanced features.
smart home
In the realm of smart homes
software engineering for embedded systems is integral to the functionality of smart hubs, lighting systems, thermostats, security systems, appliances, voice assistants, and energy management systems. They facilitate automation, control, and monitoring, contributing to an intelligent, comfortable, and secure home environment.

Scalo’s embedded software development services are versatile and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of these industries and more.

As the world becomes more interconnected, the role of custom embedded software in improving the functionality and efficiency of various systems across industries continues to grow.


Real-Life Use Case #1 – Software Modernization for Global Leader in Compounding

In a bid to modernize its operations, a company specializing in compounding and extrusion solutions sought Scalo’s expertise to migrate its outdated hardware and software platform to a new, more efficient operating system.

The challenge lay in maintaining the original functionality in the new embedded device to ensure a smooth transition. With its knack for problem-solving, Scalo chose to adapt the existing code to the new environment over rewriting the software from scratch. The new operating system was seamlessly integrated with a slight adaptation of the old code and enhanced with new features like configuration files and automatic tests.

Thanks to Scalo’s embedded software development services, the client’s software’s functionality remained intact while ushering in an era of modernity and efficiency.

Scalo solutions

Real-Life Use Case #2 – Scalo Improves Embedded Platform for Waste Vehicles Manufacturer

A leading German manufacturer of waste collection vehicles was grappling with a technologically encumbered embedded platform controlling their vehicle machinery.

The hardware and software were in dire need of an upgrade to accommodate new functionalities. Scalo stepped in, initiating the project with a thorough requirements analysis and tool selection. Following international standards and best industry practices, including EN 13849, ISO 61508, and ISO 26262, Scalo implemented a software development process based on the V model standard.

This bolstered the collaborative work of the multisite company and enabled a comprehensive overhaul of the client’s solution, ultimately transforming the company’s operations and setting new standards in waste management technology.

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Let’s Talk About
Let’s Talk About
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