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Scalo’s AI Outsourcing - Your Answer to Talent Shortages

Leverage the full potential of AI with Scalo’s specialized AI Outsourcing services. As the demand for AI and Machine Learning talent grows, we’re here to bridge the skills gap, providing an expert solution for outsourcing Data and AI projects.

Our team comprises highly skilled AI and Machine Learning experts who can seamlessly integrate into your projects. We understand the challenges organizations face, including talent shortages and the need for cost-effective AI implementation.

At Scalo, we custom-design teams to effectively execute your planned AI strategy, ensuring you capitalize on AI’s promising returns.

 Scalo Tackles Key Challenges Through Effective AI DDevelopment Outsourcing

Navigating the complex landscape of AI can be challenging.

With Scalo’s services in outsourcing data and AI projects, we tackle these challenges head-on, enabling businesses to reap the full benefits of AI.


AI Skills Shortage

Scalo's AI outsourcing services solve the growing gap in AI talent, supplying skilled AI and Machine Learning experts to your projects.
Cost Management

Cost Management

Our AI development outsourcing services are designed to optimize costs, delivering effective AI solutions without needing costly in-house expertise.


Scalo’s AI outsourcing enables businesses to scale their AI projects efficiently, adapting to fluctuating demand and project requirements.


We drive innovation by integrating the latest AI technologies and best practices into your projects, keeping you at the forefront of the AI revolution.
Speed to Market

Speed to Market

With Scalo's AI outsourcing services, you can accelerate your time-to-market by leveraging our ready pool of AI talent and agile development process.
Scalo's AI Team is Ready
Scalo's AI Team is Ready
Scalo's AI Team is Ready
to Join Your Projects Even in 2-4 Weeks
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 Our Expertise in AI & Data Technolgies

 Discover Practical Applications of Scalo's Outsourcing Solutions

Explore the transformative potential of AI with Scalo’s AI development outsourcing.

Our services provide practical solutions to complex business challenges, delivering value across diverse scenarios. Here are some key use cases:

Creation of Specific AI Solutions

Leverage Scalo’s expertise for the development of advanced AI solutions using Machine Learning, Cognitive AI, or Generative AI. Whether starting from scratch or enhancing an existing system, our experts can help you create tailored AI solutions that suit your business’s unique needs.

Adoption of MLOps

With our outsourcing data and AI projects services, we facilitate the seamless adoption of MLOps, ensuring your business is equipped to manage, deploy, and monitor machine learning models effectively and efficiently.

Data Preparation for AI

Scalo’s AI outsourcing ensures your data is ready for AI. We provide robust data management and governance solutions, enabling seamless management and engineering of your data ecosystem.

Adopting Scalable Operations

Our AI team assists in adopting scalable operations such as AIOps and LLMops. These next-generation technologies ensure your business can efficiently utilize its data while being prepared for future scalability, offering real-time insights and predictive capabilities.

Building Business Intelligence Solutions

with our outsourcing data and AI projects services, we can aid in building comprehensive BI solutions, providing valuable insights for better decision-making, and ensuring regulatory compliance.
Jerzy Wiśniewski - CTO at Scalo
Jerzy Wiśniewski - Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

Many companies, over 50% in fact, constantly struggle with an AI skills shortage, hindering their ability to utilize the power of AI to the full.

Through outsourcing data and AI projects with Scalo, businesses can access specialist skill sets, enabling them to create bespoke AI solutions, build intelligent data processes, and adopt scalable operations.

This solves the talent gap issue and accelerates organizational innovation and efficiency.

 Driving Industry Transformation with Scalo’s AI Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing data and AI projects has become a strategic move for businesses across various industries.

Scalo’s AI outsourcing services provide tailored AI solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry, driving efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Experience digital transformation in banking with Scalo’s AI outsourcing. Our solutions use intelligent automation, fraud detection, and personalized customer experiences to analyze customer data, predict financial trends, and tailor financial products and services, enhancing the banking experience.
Optimize your manufacturing processes and supply chains with Scalo’s AI development outsourcing. Our AI solutions leverage machine learning algorithms to improve inventory management, predict maintenance needs, and streamline operations, resulting in cost savings, increased productivity, and high-quality outputs.
Scalo’s AI outsourcing can transform the retail industry. Our AI development outsourcing services drive personalized customer experiences, optimize inventory management, and provide predictive analytics for sales trends, enabling retailers to enhance customer satisfaction and boost profitability.
Revolutionize your insurance operations with Scalo’s AI development outsourcing. Our services automate underwriting processes, enhance risk assessment and fraud detection capabilities, and streamline claims processing, resulting in efficient operations, accurate results, and improved customer satisfaction.
hospital information system (his)
Tap into the potential of AI in healthcare through Scalo’s AI outsourcing. Our solutions provide data-driven insights for personalized patient care, predictive analytics for early disease detection, and optimized resource allocation, leading to improved clinical outcomes and enhanced patient experiences.
 The Journey of AI Outsourcing with Scalo

At Scalo, we take a structured and efficient approach to our AI outsourcing services, ensuring you get the best possible outcomes.

Our process, broken down into three key stages, is designed to be comprehensive and flexible, adapting to your unique business needs.

Team Envisioning
This initial stage involves a deep discussion about your business needs and project goals. We define the parameters of the required team, including capabilities and skills. Our comprehensive requirement-gathering process enables us to fully understand your needs and create the best team for your project.
Recruitment and Setup
Once the team parameters are set, we initiate our meticulously designed recruitment process to find only the best candidates. We handle all administrative and technical requirements, along with HR aspects, ensuring your new AI team is ready to go from day one.
Cooperation Management
A dedicated team and business consultant work closely with you to meet your needs, ensuring constant communication and addressing any issues. You can also take advantage of technology guidance from our Center of Excellence, confirming we are always aligned with your project goals and delivering to your satisfaction.
Scalo Custom Software Development

The Benefits of Choosing Scalo for AI Development Outsourcing

Selecting Scalo for AI outsourcing opens the door to tangible benefits and cost optimization. By offloading AI implementation to our expert teams in the CEE region, you reduce expenses and gain flexible, timely solutions with teams ready within 1-3 months, adaptable working hours, and contract lengths.

Our teams, comprised of the top 10% of AI professionals in the CEE region, bring a unique founder’s mentality and consulting mindset to each project, delivering unparalleled value.

With a track record of over 750 successful client engagements and more than 400 software engineers on board, Scalo exemplifies excellence in AI outsourcing.

Choose Scalo and experience a seamless journey of AI integration, industry-specific solutions, and diverse specializations, optimizing your business performance and future-proofing your operations.

Your Path to AI Adoption
Your Path to AI Adoption
Your Path to AI Adoption
Begins Here with Scalo

Jerzy Wiśniewski

Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

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