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Software modernization and migration services transform outdated software systems into modern and robust solutions that boost performance, scalability, and user satisfaction.

Software Migration Services

Software migration can enhance performance, reliability, security, scalability, and user experience. However, it can be risky without proper execution. Scalo’s software migration services offer expertise and experience to ensure a smooth and efficient migration with minimal or no downtime.

We select the right technology, plan and execute the migration, and ensure flawless performance in the new environment. Trust us for seamless software migration.

Software Product Modernization Services

Software product modernization by Scalo improves quality, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, meeting evolving customer expectations. With deep expertise and a proven track record, Scalo guides businesses through software modernization.

We analyze software, identify improvement areas, and create a tailored strategy aligned with your goals. As a software modernization company, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to optimize user interfaces, boost security, and enhance the scalability of your product.

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Benefits of Software Modernization & Migration Services

Enhanced performance and efficiency

Reduced maintenance and support costs

Increased security and compliance

Scalability and flexibility

Faster time-to-market for new features and updates

Compatibility with the latest hardware and software platforms

Our Software Migration & Modernization Process

Discover and Define Your Goals

Our process begins with a comprehensive analysis of your unique software ecosystem, understanding the specifics of your business goals and individual requirements. We'll work closely with you to identify what needs to be migrated and what needs to be modernized, and develop a strategic plan tailored to your goals and vision.

Assess and Optimize Your Apps and Data

Our expert team will assess your applications and data for compatibility, performance, and security, making any necessary modifications or updates to ensure a smooth migration and modernization process. We’ll also help you move your valuable data to the target environment, ensuring its integrity and security along the way.

Seamless Application Migration and Testing

Using the best approach, we'll migrate your applications to the desired environment, taking care to minimize any disruption to your operations. Benefit from future-ready, scalable, cost-effective apps thanks to cutting-edge tech and best practices. Rest assured of flawless, high-performance operations with our thorough testing.

Smooth Deployment and Go-Live Experience

Scalo team will deploy the migrated and modernized application in your target environment, ensuring a smooth transition and minimal downtime. We understand the importance of a successful go-live, and our experts will be there every step of the way to provide support, monitor the application's performance, and address any issues that may arise.

Post-Migration Aid and Ongoing Optimization

We don't stop at deployment; Scalo’s commitment extends to providing ongoing support and maintenance for your application. Our experts will optimize your application for enhanced performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, we'll empower your team with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and maintain the application long-term.

Key Elements of Scalo Modernization and Migration Services

Our Software Modernization & Migration Services are a comprehensive solution helping you transform your legacy applications into modern ones. It covers various software development and deployment aspects, such as refactoring, cloud migration, UX redesign, data migration, CI/CD migration, and maintenance.

Software migration to cloud


Refactoring improves code quality and performance without altering functionality. It can change code structure, technology, language, or framework. Refactoring reduces technical debt, enhances maintainability, and reduces Time-To-Market. Scalo has refactored software solutions for various use cases and domains. We can refactor your application efficiently and effectively with your business goals and customer value in mind.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration moves an application or workload from an on-premise to the cloud. It can lower costs, increase scalability, and improve performance. Scalo has experience in cloud migration projects using various strategies and technologies. We can help you pick the best cloud solution for your needs. We work with leading cloud vendors and can handle complex data and IoT scenarios.

UX Redesign

UX is key to product success. It impacts user experience and satisfaction. UX/UI trends and standards change over time, and old designs can make users unhappy, less engaged, and less likely to convert. Scalo can redesign your product with a new UX/UI that meets your goals. We will analyze your situation, find improvements, plan, and deliver a unique design that follows UX/UI best practices and standards.

Data Migration

Traditional SQL databases may not handle all the data needs as data volume and variety grow. Scalo Software Migration Services can help you to find the best storage solution for your use case, such as a different database vendor, or the most fitting cloud service. We can also help you to retire or recover your data if needed. We have experience in data migration scenarios, such as data splitting through distributed storage solutions and migration between vendors and storage solutions.

Ux redesign and data migration


CI/CD Migration

Continuous integration automates code building, testing, and deployment in software development, saving time and reducing errors. Selecting the right CI/CD tools and platforms, as well as considering a cloud-based service for flexibility and scalability, is essential. As a part of our software migration services, we assist in choosing and migrating to the optimal CI/CD solution for your project, ensuring proper quality control and assurance practices as part of our software migration services.


Maintenance keeps your software in top shape by fixing bugs, adding minor modifications, and improving existing features. It helps you adapt your software to new situations or needs that may arise after the initial release. With Scalo’s maintenance services, you can ensure that your software is reliable, performant, and cost-effective. You can also prevent potential issues from becoming critical by getting timely feedback and solutions from our experts.

When do You Need Scalo’s Software Modernization & Migration Services?

When you require improved performance and scalability to handle growing business demands

When your legacy solutions aren't performing well and are hindering productivity and efficiency

When you want to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, such as cost savings and flexibility.

When you need to align your IT systems with a cloud-first strategy and embrace digital transformation to drive innovation and growth

When you aim to minimize the risks associated with outdated software, like escalating costs, decreasing business agility, and reliance on unsupported tech

When you need to migrate your on-premises web applications to Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service or Azure Static Web Apps

Leszek Porębski Scalo

Our mission is to help you achieve your digital transformation goals with scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud-based software solutions.

But we don’t just migrate your softwarewe modernize it, using the latest technologies and methodologies to optimize its performance and functionality. With us, you can unleash the full potential of your software and achieve your digital transformation objectives.

Leszek Porębski, Software Solutions Architect at Scalo

How our Software Modernization Service Can Help You

software migration and modernization

Software Product Migration for a Fiber Internet Provider

A European fiber internet provider needed to upgrade its online service app. It was slow, buggy, and costly to run. To address these issues, the company bought software modernization services from Scalo. We helped them move to a better system that saved money and resources.

The software migration involved refactoring the old application, adopting a service-oriented architecture, and rewriting certain features using an event-driven approach and non-blocking IO for improved performance.

We also used continuous integration and delivery for the new modules and integrated them with the existing monitoring systems. The new app was faster, more reliable, and more scalable.

Customers loved the improved user experience, and the company cut down operational costs.

Software Modernization Services for an E-Commerce Company

An E-Commerce company needed to switch to a better architecture with more platform features. They couldn’t find any third-party solutions that met their needs.

Scalo helped them move to MACH architecture and use headless solutions for different subdomains. Scalo engineers used third-party software such as CommerceTools, FluentCommerce, Talone.One, VueStorefront, Stripe, and others to solve various problems. They connected most solutions with low-code or no-code techniques and deployed them in the cloud. The combined solutions worked better than any single one. The new architecture solution minimized custom code.

With Scalo’s software product modernization services, the company saved on maintenance effort, and easily got access to all the new platform features without extra work.

software modernization success

Successful project by Scalo

Software Migration and Modernization for a Manufacturing Company

A Swiss manufacturing company had been developing products on the WinCE 6.0 platform for 15 years, only to find it discontinued by Microsoft. With our expertise, we successfully migrated their software logic to the Linux platform and enhanced their user interface with the Flutter framework. Additionally, we implemented a complete CI/CD stack to streamline their development process.

Thanks to our modernization efforts, the client can now continue selling their products while benefiting from reduced hardware production costs.

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