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Stay Ahead with Scalo's Embedded Modernization and Migration Services

Introducing Scalo’s embedded solutions modernization and migration service, where we ensure your technology systems never fall behind. Our dedicated team skillfully navigates the lifecycle of your software and hardware, considering the changing landscape of technology and evolving customer expectations.

Feel the strength of modernized systems operating smoothly, promising cost optimization, and adopting advanced technology features to meet the ever-increasing demands of your customers.

Embark on this revolutionary journey of constant evolution and stay ahead of the curve with Scalo’s pioneering approach to embedded solutions modernization & migration.

 Why Choose Scalo's Embedded Modernization and Migration Services?

Choosing Scalo for your embedded solutions modernization and migration needs opens the door to a host of benefits poised to elevate your project’s success:

Personalized Modernization
Personalized Modernization
We recognize the distinctiveness of each project. Our team invests time in understanding your specific requirements, thus delivering tailor-made modernization strategies that align with your unique objectives.
Efficiency Enhancement
Efficiency Enhancement
We optimize your legacy embedded systems modernization and migration processes to be compatible with the latest technologies, ensuring your system performs efficiently in the face of evolving trends and customer expectations.
Risk Mitigation
Our strategic migration processes identify potential challenges early, minimizing risks and guaranteeing a smoother transition for legacy embedded systems.
Seamless Transitions
We ensure all components integrate perfectly into the new system, maintaining compatibility and consistency to promise a unified and dependable solution.
Guidance from Experts
Backed by our seasoned tech experts, you can benefit from our professional guidance throughout the legacy embedded systems migration process. We provide invaluable advice and suggestions to guarantee the success of your modernization project.

 Discover Scalo's Comprehensive Embedded Transformation Service

Scalo offers a transformative service that revitalizes your legacy embedded systems, making them more efficient, modern, and adaptable. Here’s how we do it:

Code Refactoring
Code Refactoring
We restructure the existing code of your legacy embedded systems without altering their function. We aim to enhance overall quality and maintainability and make your solutions easier to modify and update. This could include profound architectural changes, minor adjustments, technology replacements, or migration to a more current programming language or framework.
data integration
Hardware Modernization
We revamp your system by replacing outdated components with cutting-edge ones, like microcontrollers, sensors, and communication interfaces. The objective is to tackle obsolescence, boost system functionality, decrease power consumption, and align your system with the latest technological advancements.
Platform Migration
Platform Migration
In cases where hardware modernization isn't viable or doesn't yield the expected results promptly, we facilitate the transition of your legacy embedded systems from one hardware platform or operating system to another. We meticulously plan, test, and validate this process to ensure a smooth transition, minimize compatibility issues, and prevent unexpected problems.
UI UX design
User Experience (UX) Re-design
We aim to optimize user interaction with your embedded applications or devices. Our process includes user needs analysis, current status survey, redesign goal setting, real hardware testing, visual layer improvement, process simplification, ergonomic consideration, and preparation of design documentation.
Data Migration
As most embedded solutions process and store data, we offer a comprehensive data migration service to ensure your valuable data remains accessible in the updated or migrated system. This process includes data assessment, determining data-related requirements, and preparing a recovery plan.

At Scalo, we understand the complexities of these processes and are committed to delivering a seamless, efficient service that adds value to your business.

When is the Right Time to Opt for Scalo’s Embedded Solutions Modernization and Migration Services?

When you seek to bring your legacy embedded systems up to date with the latest technological advancements and industry standards.

When you want to improve your embedded solutions’ performance, efficiency, and security by migrating them to a modern platform.

When you need expert assistance in managing the complex process of embedded solutions modernization and migration, including assessing your current systems, planning the migration strategy, executing the migration process, and validating the migrated systems.

When you strive to minimize business disruption and maximize ROI by entrusting your embedded solutions modernization & migration needs to seasoned specialists.

When you prefer a collaborative and client-focused approach where your insights and feedback are integral to the modernization and migration process.

When you aim to leverage the capabilities of modern embedded systems, such as IoT and connectivity, to gather actionable insights and enhance the functionality of your solutions.

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 Reimagining Industries with Scalo's Embedded Modernization and Migration Services

Scalo’s embedded solutions modernization and migration services are pivotal in steering various industries into the future, including:

automotive systems
Automotive Industry
In the era of autonomous vehicles and smart transport systems, the modernization and migration of legacy embedded systems are crucial. Scalo's services can be instrumental in upgrading older control systems like infotainment systems, ADAS, telematics, and ECUs with sophisticated software capable of real-time data processing and machine learning algorithms. Migration to platforms like AUTOSAR can also improve interoperability and scalability, enhancing connectivity and the overall driving experience.
healthcare software
Healthcare Industry
The embedded solutions modernization and migration in medical devices like imaging systems, patient monitoring systems, and implantable devices is critical to adding new features, improving patient safety, and complying with regulatory changes. Scalo's services can aid in migrating these systems to integrate with new hospital information systems or comply with new data protection regulations, enhancing diagnostics, treatment, and patient care.
Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation
Embedded systems like PLCs, HMIs, DCSs, and IIoT gateways are central to industrial automation, controlling processes and facilitating real-time decision-making. Scalo's modernization services can introduce new control algorithms and enhance user interfaces. Its migration services can help move these systems to more modern, secure, and reliable operating systems, boosting productivity, efficiency, and safety in manufacturing environments.
Consumer Electronics
Consumer Electronics
In the consumer electronics sector, modernizing embedded systems in devices like smartphones, smart TVs, wearable devices, and gaming consoles can improve user experience and energy efficiency. Scalo's embedded solutions migration services can be beneficial when a product is redesigned, when there's a shift to a new hardware platform, or when a new standard or protocol is adopted, enhancing functionality and user experience.
smart home
Smart Homes
Embedded systems are critical in enabling the functionality and connectivity of smart home systems like smart hubs, lighting systems, thermostats, and appliances. Scalo's embedded solutions modernization and migration services can enhance automation, control, and monitoring of various aspects of the home environment, leading to improved convenience, security, and energy management.
Embedded software case study

Real-Life Use Case: Driving Embedded Systems Modernization and Migration in Waste Management

A prominent German waste collection vehicle manufacturer faced a critical challenge – their existing embedded systems required a technological overhaul to accommodate new features.

Scalo’s embedded modernization and migration services came to the rescue. Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s existing systems, identifying their constraints and untapped potential. This analysis paved the way for strategically replacing dated embedded systems with cutting-edge technology.

The modernization plan was specifically designed to meet evolving business needs and to facilitate future applications, particularly in connectivity and IoT. Our advisory services aided the client with updated production processes and software architecture while we leveraged our technical expertise to build a functional prototype.

As a result, the client’s waste management vehicles are now more efficient and technologically robust due to the successful modernization and migration of their embedded systems.

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Let’s Talk About
Let’s Talk About
Let’s Talk About
Embedded Systems Modernization & Migration

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