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Scalo is a software development company based in Poland. We have experience in delivering custom software for various industries.

Hire a remote development team or expand your team to include Scalo experts.

Offshore Software Development Services

Why Should You Hire an Offshore Software Development Team From Poland?

Work with Polish Software Developers – one of the world’s TOP 3 Offshore Software Development Teams.

  • Poland is the biggest tech market in CEE. You can easily find the offshore development team among over 500,000 engineers and ICT professionals active in the Polish IT market.
  • Each year, over 20,000 brilliant graduates enter the job market. We owe it to the high and practical level of teaching at technical universities.
  • Working in international teams is part of everyday life for Polish programmers – many establish long-term business and friendly relations with representatives of other cultures, communicating fluently in English.
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Offshoring Cooperation Models 

Dedicated Development Teams

Dedicated Development Teams

You receive an assigned offshore development team that works exclusively for you. The close cooperation between your company and offshore development partner will accelerate and strengthen the in-house production process.

Team Extension

If your aspirations are high, but you notice the competency gap inside your development team, we can provide an offshore development team, including experienced software engineers, to bridge these gaps.
Offshore Custom Software Development

Offshore Custom Software Development

Whether you need large-scale software or a small and simple application, you can count on the total commitment of our offshore custom software development team. We will design a solution tailored to your current needs and ensure easy scalability.
Building Offshore Development Center

Building Offshore Development Center

Are you looking for cost optimization in challenging business times? Consider engagement with an IT offshore software development hub by Scalo and gain access to qualified software developers for a certain period.

 Why Choose Scalo as Offshore Development Partner?

Are you looking for an offshore development team with a solid foundation? Do you need a guide that takes you step by step through the software development process?

At Scalo, we believe in our clients’ enterprises and help them scale up.

Our professional developers have delivered over 750 complex projects in the last 15 years of functioning in the software market. Every single piece of code is delivered by working on mature, proven delivery processes created with clients’ needs in mind.


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Scalo is a well-established Polish software company. Why should you consider us as an offshore development partner? Scalo is based in the center of Europe, a hub of choice for the IT industry. The development centers are in the most beautiful Polish cities – Wrocław, Warsaw, Kraków, and Katowice. These cities are also full of innovative students and graduates of the most prestigious Polish academies. Each month up to 50 new, fresh-minded, and talented developers join the ranks of Scalo.

Cooperation with an offshore software development company from Poland is a guarantee of safety and law compliance. Membership in the EU obliges us to adhere to regulations such as personal data protection (GDPR). Membership in NATO provides military safety and political stability. The geographical location enables convenient access from major European and global capitals. You do not have to transfer your workload to distant parts of the world when there is a perfect offshore development partner in the very center of Europe.

Scalo offshore development services

Offshore Software Development

Offshore Development Partner – How the Engagement Process Works 
Initial Business Engagement
A pleasure to meet you! Let us listen carefully to your needs and expectations from your potential future offshore development partner. All the information will remain safe by signing the NDA agreement.
Extensive Exploration
Now it is the time to thoroughly verify the goals you want to achieve, existing projects, the model of cooperation, and the technology stack on which you want to base your new solution.
Exploration Outcome
Based on the gathered information, we recommend the best cooperation model between your business and offshore development partner (end-to-end software projects, dedicated development team, or offshore software development team extension).
Launch of Cooperation
After you receive and agree with the cooperation model recommended by the offshore software development company, we can prepare a detailed plan for further steps of offshore custom software development.

 Technology Competencies of Scalo’s Software Developers

Before you start cooperation with an offshore software development company, pay attention to whether the employees have sufficient competencies to care for every aspect of your project.

In addition to knowledge of specific programming languages, you also need specialists in testing, security, cloud, or embedded solutions who constantly develop their skills.

Thanks to this, you will receive a comprehensive product that will not require additional time and finances to supplement with critical elements.

offshore development technologies

Agile Offshore Development Approach

You are the Product Owner – we are the software development team. Our developers work on the solutions using the agile development approach. You can easily verify the project’s progress because we provide extensive feedback after each sprint.

Offshore Java Development Services

Java is an easily adaptable programming language that can actualize even the most complex project. Choose offshore Java development services from Scalo to get bespoke software that will meet your business requirements.

Offshore Python Development

Check our expertise in offshore Python development. You can choose our talented Python developers to create a powerful web applicationmachine learning solutionAPI interface, or any other enterprise product. The fixed-price model will make your budget accurate and consistent throughout the software development process.

Offshore PHP Development Solutions

Get in touch with one of the leading PHP development companies. At Scalo, we can provide you with professional offshore PHP development solutions using the experience gained on hundreds of projects. At any stage of our collaboration, you have complete control over a fully functional software team united by a single goal.

Front End web app development

Offshore iOS/Android App Development

Are you planning to release a mobile application? Get along with Scalo, your software development partner. Our mobile developers, well-qualified in offshore iOS/Android App Development, will create for you an outstanding and fast application for every mobile device.

Offshore Frontend Development Services

Why should you choose Scalo to launch your front-end application? You will be a part of the transparent front-end software creation process. After 15+ years in the software market, our experts have all the essential skills to provide you with tailored offshore front-end development services for your business.

Offshore Angular Development Solutions

If you have decided to base your application on Angular – an open-source JavaScript framework, you couldn’t have found a better place. In our Angular portfolio, we have numerous user-centric products for various industries. A decision to work with Scalo on offshore Angular development solutions will result in the launching a fully-functional business application.

Offshore Ruby on Rails Development Services

Scalo developers are equally dedicated to large enterprise projects and small, simple applications. If you are considering establishing an uncomplicated online shop or another web app, check on offshore Ruby on Rails development services in Scalo. Ruby on Rails framework assures fast and utility products that will help you attend to your first clients.

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