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Create and Launch Your Digital Products Faster With Dedicated Software Development Teams

We’re Scalo, a Polish software company specializing in delivering dedicated development team services to business Partners worldwide. With over 600 developers onboard, we’re ready to launch a new project in just a few weeks.

Our experts strictly follow Agile development principles, ensuring fast iterations and continuous delivery throughout the project. We provide you with regular updates and progress reports, as transparency and constant communication are innate traits of Scalo’s DNA.

We offer you access to a pool of talented professionals, well-versed in areas like cloud computing, embedded solutions, and various back-end and front-end technologies, e.g., .Net, Java, Python, JavaScript, and React. Our dedicated software development team from Poland will work as if its members were part of your in-house staff, putting their skills and passion into making your software ideas come to life.

 Maximize Efficiency with Scalo's Dedicated Development Team

Get Your Development Team in 4 Weeks

Get Your Development Team in 4 Weeks

The role of Scalo is to streamline your business processes by connecting you with top-tier experts. Entrust us with the fast selection and assignment of a dedicated development team from Poland that will work towards improving your operations.
Work With Talents Who Deeply Understand the Challenge

Work With Talents Who Deeply Understand the Challenge

Our teams are led by accomplished delivery managers who work closely with you and our experts. Each task is tackled by a motivated software development dedicated team that shares the same view of what you want to achieve.
Have a Development Team Working Exclusively For You

Have a Development Team Working Exclusively For You

Should you choose to work with Scalo, you will be assigned a carefully picked software development dedicated team. It's not just individuals who understand their roles but a group of specialists explicitly chosen to realize your project's full potential.

Meet Our Proven and Selected Tech Experts

Many of our experts will have worked together previously, bringing a deeper common understanding. With the implementation of professional project management methodologies, all assignments are well-organized and completed on time.
Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines

Say Goodbye to Missed Deadlines

Let our experienced, dedicated development team undertake your projects. Knowing the task is in capable, professional hands gives you the peace of mind needed to focus your energy on expanding your business - all while saving time and money.
Is Your Project in Need of Expertise?

Our dedicated development team is ready to take on your most challenging projects.

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Get the Best Out of Scalo Experts’ Vast Know-How 

There is no project too complex or too difficult for Scalo

We specialize in offering dedicated development team services. We build desktop and mobile software and help you stay competitive with professional business intelligence solutions. We’re also happy to act as consultants and advisors in quality assurance and security areas.

We can boost your company’s growth with complementary technologies and future-proof programming languages. that align perfectly with your business requirements.

Whether you need mobile or embedded solutions, QA and testing, UX or UI design, or back-end or front-end development, Scalo’s dedicated development team services are poised to deliver complex tech competencies designed to drive your business forward.

 Advantages of Working with Dedicated Development Teams

Scaling is our priority

We can modify our dedicated software development team on the go, scaling it to fit your project properly. Whether you require just a couple of developers or an entire group of software experts with a range of industry skills, we aim to deliver a higher level of performance every time.

Technology tailored to your needs

If you want advice on the best possible action for your project or a team that can improve upon what you already have in mind, together, we establish the best course of action. Once the initial consultation is complete, we work to shape the right team (or tech stack) to suit your needs.

Driven by self-development

Motivated employees focused on both their success and the success of the clients they work for are the key to victory. We care about the satisfaction and well-being of our teams by creating a work environment beneficial to self-development and the realization of personal goals.

Your business continuity is our priority

We understand the dangers of downtimes and how they affect workflows. For this reason, when specialists leave, we provide replacements and transfer the necessary knowledge to new project members. This ensures smooth transitions in situations that require it.

Learn and grow for a better business

Every project has its lessons, and our experience in providing dedicated development team services has taught us that every project comes with unique challenges. Through years of experience, we’ve grown as developers and aim to continue evolving with every project we take on.

Close-knit teams work better

Our dedicated development teams in Poland work in a conflict-free environment promoting a higher level of dedication for every project. Integration helps keep individuals efficient; that’s why we carefully tailor each group to include developers who are not only skilled but also well-acquainted.

Comprehensive support in technological transformation

We are here to elevate your project with expert advice and support for technological transformations. As we have a whole host of professionals on hand to tackle a range of requirements, we can explain how it all works and help your company embrace software innovations with ease.

A proven delivery management process

Our honed delivery management process ensures professional support at every step of the project with the help of an experienced Delivery Manager. This ensures that our clients are always well-informed and have constant access to information on the progress and status of implementation.

Jerzy Wiśniewski - CTO at Scalo

Jerzy Wiśniewski - Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

Every dedicated software development team we build is an experienced, cross-functional group of people determined to solve diverse business needs accurately and on time.

Our goal is to support our clients in their technological transformation and thus make their businesses adapt to the rapidly changing business realities.

We Follow the Client-First Approach 

Why Scalo

Benefit from Flexible Cooperation

One of our key features is flexibility – we work alongside our clients to understand, advise, and establish the best practices for projects moving forward. Working with Agile methodology allows us to remain open to changes; modifications can be made at any point to suit a project where and when necessary.

Scale Up And Down When You Need

The size of a software development dedicated team working for you will depend on the expected delivery timeline; we want your project to be completed on time, which is why we strive to establish a delivery model that suits both parties. The composition of your team will depend entirely on your needs and requirements and will be tailored for effectiveness and efficiency.

Delivery Model Adjusted to Your Needs

Our recommended client engagement process starts with a thorough requirement analysis to understand your business better. Based on this, we’ll propose a tailored approach, and if you’re satisfied, we move on to setting up your dedicated development team. We offer a transparent and mature delivery process that is highly flexible to suit your requirements better.

 How We Deliver Our Services
Business Engagement
At the start, we open a stakeholder workshop to define your specific business and project goals. We sign an NDA and start with project requirement analysis, after which we conduct another workshop to discuss its results and possible solutions.
Once we confirm the project goals and agree on the approach and engagement model, we draw up a project roadmap and set up timeframes for team delivery. Finally, after signing the framework agreement and establishing a work order, we start the initial team setup.
This is where we set up your dedicated development team and secure the infrastructure for your project. We choose a method of communication, a suitable process reporting and the relevant tools. A kick-off meeting is held to introduce the team, and once everything is confirmed on your side, we can start the knowledge transfer.
Our execution includes a transparent delivery process with ongoing communication, designed with an Agile approach for efficient development. Each dedicated software development team is supervised by a management team, with regular reviews and status meetings to assure high quality and timely delivery.
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Throughout our time in the industry, we’ve completed and implemented dozens of projects for clients in the finance, media, automotive, gaming, manufacturing, cryptocurrency, telecom, and sports software industries.

With Scalo’s extensive market knowledge, you can trust that we’ll work to bring you the best solutions for your specific projects. We aim to create relevant, innovative solutions, allowing your company to grow without obstacles and giving you the time to focus on what’s important. We’ll stay focused on providing you with the highest quality software and technology tailored to suit your needs.

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Our dedicated development team is committed to bringing your unique vision to life.

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