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Boost your projects’ success with IT Staff Augmentation – from individual talent to fully managed teams.

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Enhance Your IT Capabilities with Software Staff Augmentation

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services are designed to help you strengthen your team’s talent pool as and when required. This service enhances the scalability and efficiency of your project development by enabling you to swiftly find the perfect candidate for high-demand, hard-to-fill, or temporary roles.

Our staff augmentation solutions offer your team the agility, business acumen, and flexibility needed to scale smoothly and complete development on time. Extended teams, provided by Scalo, integrate with your in-house team, work in sync with your iterations, participate in regular meetings, and report to your managers.

IT staff augmentation is the key to infusing your projects with the extra talent they need to succeed.

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Discover Our Range of IT Staff Augmentation Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of IT recruitment and IT staff augmentation services, hiring top talent and constructing dedicated software development teams to enhance the capacity and flexibility of businesses globally.

Extend Your Existing Team

Extend Your Existing Team

Add the extra talent to your current team to help you complete the project on time and to a high standard. Utilize our IT staff augmentation services to create specialized teams with a broad range of skills to meet your company's needs.
Vendor Transition

Vendor Transition

Are you looking to switch tech partners midway through a project? Our nearshore staff augmentation services can take over your ongoing project, smoothly facilitating an effective vendor transition without interrupting the development process.
Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

Leverage our IT staff augmentation services to recruit tech talent quickly. Our teams are primed and ready, with a pool of top talent available to kick-start your project promptly.
skilled professionals

Dedicated Development Teams

Do you need to get a whole team on board? Our IT staff augmentation services can do that, too. From project managers to developers, we have a pool of top talent at your disposal. With this option, you can jump-start your projects with a team ready to hit the ground running.
Long-Term Staff Augmentation

Long-Term Staff Augmentation

Our offshore staff augmentation services specialize in recruitment for stable, long-term collaborations. Secure experienced developers with hard and soft skills to work on your project. While your project manager oversees task fulfillment, you can concentrate on the core business aspects and leave the rest to us.
Need More Hands on Deck?

Our staff augmentation services provide skilled professionals to help you manage your projects effectively.

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 Technologies Behind Our Software Staff Augmentation Solutions

Professionals in Full Cycle Software Development

As a custom software development company, we deliver staff augmentation solutions covering front-end and back-end development. For the latter, we have a pool of talent proficient in Java, .NET, Python, PHP, and C#, among others. This lets us provide you with the technical expertise you need, enhancing your project’s back-end development.

At the same time, we support our IT staff augmentation services clients by providing the highest level of competencies in web and front solutions, namely in JavaScript, React, and Angular development. With hundreds of successful software projects under our belt, we have achieved full proficiency in other crucial technological areas as well. This includes Quality Assurance, Embedded solutions (C/C++), Cloud (AWS and Azure), Mobile, and Databases.

 The Benefits of IT Staffing

Staff augmentation is a versatile, scalable, cost-effective method of outsourcing.

Companies access the external talent pool via the staff augmentation services provided by third-party vendors, hiring tech talent on a contractual basis for concrete projects or projects.

Fast Recruitment
Fast Recruitment
Integrate highly specialized, top-notch software engineers as soon as possible to expand the capabilities of your team and benefit your project.
Access a New Talent Pool
Access a New Talent Pool
Technology staffing makes finding and hiring the specific skill sets required for each project simple. Additionally, we handle the issue of possible talent retention, ensuring your team is always complete.
Reduced Operating Costs
Reduced Operating Costs
Eliminating the price of office space, equipment, and taxes will lower your company's expenses. Spend your budget on what can leverage your business the most.
Better Control
Better Control
We put extra effort into selecting and offering you the best-fitted team and encourage our clients to participate in the hiring process. Manage the project and keep up with changes like an in-house team but with more benefits.

The Comprehensive IT Staff Augmentation Process 

Identifying Your Needs
First, we start our IT staff augmentation process by getting to know your unique requirements. We closely examine what your project needs, the skills that are missing, and how many extra people you need. We figure out the exact roles and skills that your project needs and how many more people you should add to your team.
Candidate Research and Evaluation
Next, we will perform a detailed check and research on specialists who would best fit your project. We evaluate their service quality, expertise, and reputation in providing valuable and reliable software staff augmentation services. Once the preselected candidates are assessed and verified, our delivery team grants them the final approval.
Initiating the Cooperation
Now, it’s time to get the partnership going. We agree on all necessary conditions with the approved candidates, like contract details, what work will be done, timelines, and how payment will be made. It’s of utmost importance to communicate clearly at this stage to ensure everyone understands and there are no mix-ups.
Onboarding New Team Members
Welcoming new team members is the next step. The vendor helps with this process, ensuring the new people fit into your team smoothly. They will get all the training and tools they need to ensure they understand their jobs, the company culture, and project objectives.
Project Execution and Monitoring
When the new team members are on board, the project work begins. During this stage, we focus on completing tasks according to the plan. Regular updates, meetings, and tracking progress are critical during this phase.
Support and Continuous Improvement
The final part of the IT staff augmentation services process comprises ongoing support, possible replacements, and taking care of the staff. We will provide ongoing help, manage staff changes, and ensure the new team members meet your project needs. We’ll also regularly review performance and give feedback to find areas for improvement.
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IT Staff Augmentation or Dedicated Development Teams?

As a cooperation model, software staff augmentation has its variations.

Adding extra team members to a core team for a particular project or regularly is known as staff augmentation. Team augmentation happens when a client requires a separate team focused on solving specific tasks or specializing in a narrow field while working alongside an existing core team. The model is a popular choice for companies wishing to expand their talent pool while keeping internal teams and enabling them to collaborate with outside team members on new initiatives. Staff augmentation involves hiring a specialist or a small team with a particular skill set to join and work alongside an already functioning core team.

In contrast, dedicated development teams give you access to a group working exclusively on your project that consists of experts who cover all the project’s stages. Unlike staff augmentation, where the external team members work alongside your internal team, a dedicated development team operates independently, although they remain in close communication with your company.

 Offshore Staff Augmentation

Cost-Effective Talent Access

Instead of hiring local experts, businesses in the USA or Canada can reach out to many highly skilled European professionals who offer services at much more competitive rates. Engaging in offshore staff augmentation with a company in Poland can help reduce costs on all projects.

Time Zone Advantage

Utilizing offshore staff augmentation services in Poland lets North American businesses take advantage of the time zone difference. With work progressing around the clock, the staff on both sides of the globe can increase productivity and push timelines together to finish projects much faster.

Flexibility and Easy Scaling

Having staff in Poland allows businesses to change their team size based on their project needs easily. This flexibility ensures that companies in the USA or Canada can adjust to evolving needs without worrying about letting people go, helping them use resources and run projects more efficiently.

 Nearshore Staff Augmentation

Streamlined Communication

Poland shares similar time zones with the rest of Europe and Middle Eastern countries. This makes it easy to communicate and work together in real-time, which helps manage projects better and get more work done.

Affordable Expertise

Companies can tap into Poland's top-notch technical expertise at friendly rates. This budget-friendly access to a wide range of skills and knowledge can greatly improve the quality of projects while keeping costs under control.

Quick and Flexible Team Changes

Nearshore staff augmentation services allow companies to quickly change the size of their teams based on their project’s current needs. This flexibility helps meet changing requirements without the stress of challenging recruitment or layoffs.
Enhance Your Team's Capabilities
Enhance Your Team's Capabilities
Enhance Your Team's Capabilities
With Our Top-Tier Professionals

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