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Elevate your decision-making process with Scalo’s Power BI integration services.
Maximize the value of your data sources by seamlessly merging them into a singular, comprehensive reporting dashboard tailored to your specific needs.

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Become a Data-Driven Organization with a Custom Power BI Solution

At Scalo, we excel at custom-made solutions. Our experts will adeptly navigate your existing technological infrastructure, integrating data from varied sources and formats. As a result of our Power BI development services, you will benefit from interactiveuser-friendly Power BI reports that transform complex data analysis into a swift, streamlined process.

We place paramount importance on data integrity. That’s why we will ensure that your data is consistentreliable, and traceable at every step. With layered security, you can share the information selectively, ensuring the right data is shared with the right users. Moreover, our client-centric approach to Power BI data integration ensures you get the reports you need for optimal productivity.

Redefine your business intelligence landscape with Power BI integration services. Experience data transformation that empowers your organization with actionable insights, driving informed decisions and fostering growth.

 Benefits of Scalo’s Power BI Integration Services

Empower your business with a customized Power BI solution.

data analytics
Accelerated analysis
Our Power BI integration streamlines your data into a unified dashboard. Tailored to your brand's identity, interactive reports offer all vital information at a glance. No more data fragmentation; just efficient, streamlined insights.
decision making
Informed decision-making
Scalo’s Power BI solution provides a consolidated view of your data, delivering actionable insights for strategic decisions. Eliminate guesswork and reveal hidden trends to inform crucial business choices.
Enhanced transparency
Enhanced transparency
Gain clarity in your company’s performance metrics—no more uncertainty or lengthy analysis. Our Power BI data development services result in a real-time, comprehensive view of your business operations so that you can react accordingly in an ever-changing business climate.
Unified data ecosystem
Unified data ecosystem
With Power BI integration services, you don’t just get reports. You will also gain one smoothly working data ecosystem, aligning all sources into a single, reliable, and consistent source of truth for all stakeholders.
Business Intelligence
Intelligent automation
Move beyond traditional tools like Excel. We will provide automatically updated Power BI data-driven reports, saving you time and effort. Explore data in depth with drill-down features, allowing for both high-level overviews and granular analyses.
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 Overcome Business Hurdles with Power BI Integration Services

A customized Power BI solution can transform complexities into solutions.

Here are some typical scenarios that can benefit from a structured approach to analytics.

Data complexity
As your organization expands, managing data across various systems becomes daunting. Scalo’s Power BI integration services transform this data chaos into a coherent, accessible format, speeding up data analysis and enhancing efficiency.
Outdated systems
Replace obsolete spreadsheets and legacy databases with data integration in Power BI. Stay ahead in the market with advanced analytics capabilities, which are crucial for your business growth.
Limited insights
Limited data visibility hinders strategic decision-making. Scalo’s Power BI development services provide clear, transparent data insights, empowering you to make informed, data-driven decisions.
Hidden correlations
As businesses gain more and more data, the possibility to collate and enrich it also becomes more significant. A tailored Power BI solution can help uncover previously unseen patterns.
Market forecasts
The ability to anticipate the future in the ever-changing market is essential. Move beyond static reports with Power BI data integration to dynamic, predictive analytics, enabling you to plan and adapt your business to future challenges strategically.
Our Partnerships and Certifications

As a Microsoft partner, we have extensive experience in harnessing Microsoft technologies.
Our expertise in Power BI integration services ensures that wherever your data resides, it becomes a cornerstone in your decision-making process.

Our ISO certification signifies our unwavering dedication to safeguarding client and customer data. Trust Scalo to be the guardian of your digital assets, ensuring security and compliance at every step.

Microsoft Gold
Microsoft Gold dark
ISO 27001
Clutch Global

 Possibilities for Data Integration with Power BI

With our Power BI integration services, you can gather and process data from multiple sources.

Our integration capabilities encompass the following:

Effortlessly merge Excel data into Power BI for enhanced business insights with minimal input required.
Leverage CRM data integration in Power BI to refine your marketing strategies and target sales efforts more effectively.
Connect Power BI with your ERP system for profound insights into your company’s financial health and operational efficiency.
For those in commerce or logistics, integrating Power BI with WMS systems can significantly enhance fulfillment process efficiency and inventory management.
Incorporate SQL databases into Power BI to unlock deeper insights, revealing underlying trends and enriching your BI capabilities.
Introduce ServiceNow integration with Power BI to monitor customer service performance, including ticket resolution rates, to elevate customer care standards.
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 The Scope of Our Power BI Services

At Scalo, we believe in a comprehensive approach to Power BI development services.
That is why we have developed a range of options, ensuring you get the right solution for your needs.

Explore the possibilities for Power BI data integration.

Data Consulting
Data Consulting
Uncertain about maximizing your data potential? Our experts will collaboratively explore options tailored to your unique business objectives.
Data Ecosystem Audit
Data Ecosystem Audit
Assessing the potential of your data, we evaluate your sources, formats, and flows, guiding you toward optimization and developmental prospects.
UI UX design
Future Data Ecosystem Planning
Elevate your data strategy with us. We identify the most effective pathways for harnessing your data, ensuring prompt and impactful business outcomes.
Power BI Implementation
Power BI Implementation
Experience the power of Power BI data-driven reports. We seamlessly integrate Power BI within your organization, crafting custom dashboards and aligning them with your branding.
Power BI Optimization
Power BI Optimization
Enhancing your existing Power BI setup, we refine metrics, functionalities, and insights to match your precise requirements.
Reports Customization
Reports Customization
Need more from your out-of-the-box dashboard? We tailor your Power BI data-driven reports, implementing relevant features to deliver the results you seek.
Power BI Training
Power BI Training
Maximizing ROI and user competency, our training programs empower your team to fully utilize the Power BI tools at their disposal.
How Does Our Power BI Data Integration Process Look? 

We take an end-to-end approach to our data projects.

Here is how we ensure comprehensive support throughout the Power BI integration process.

Business analysis
We will engage with your team and delve into your business requirements. Once we understand your expectations and the current state of data, we can craft a strategy that aligns with your goals.
Audit and data sources mapping
Here is where we meticulously analyze your data ecosystem, reviewing sources, formats, naming conventions, and any other details necessary to unify your data into a single solution.
Solution design
This is the pivotal stage of Power BI data integration, where we establish the primary source for your reports, prioritizing security and information integrity.
Reports logic and style guide design
At this stage of Power BI development services, we customize the solution to fit your requirements. We focus on dashboard themes, specific metrics, and brand integration.
Reports implementation
With the groundwork laid, we deploy Power BI data-driven reports across your organization, enabling immediate access to critical insights.
To maximize your investment, we facilitate the adoption of Power BI within your company, training key users and ensuring seamless usage of the new system.
Read About Our Clients’ Experiences 

IT Budget HolderFintech Company (NDA signed)

We have been consistently impressed with the level of collaboration and professionalism displayed by Scalo throughout our engagement.

Head of R&D DepartmentWaste Management Solutions Provider (NDA signed)

​​Scalo certainly brought a new approach to software development to our company. Thanks to them, we got to know modern processes and tools.

CEO, CFOFintech Company (NDA signed)

They’re exceptionally hardworking. I don’t think we’ve worked with any team before with working hours like that. They clearly care about the product and it’s not just a job for them, so that has been amazing for us as well.

Łukasz Pol
Head of Business Development
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