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The Client

An international financial institution that operates in several markets. Their ecosystem consists of numerous interrelated and tightly integrated modules, which handle user data related to billing, invoicing, and property management.

The Challenge

The client needed to introduce changes simultaneously to multiple applications used in different markets and it had to meet an end-to-end flow. The updates to the complex system required great attention to avoid accidental interferences and security gaps. Additionally, all client’s international apps needed to adhere and adapt to the changing regulations in their respective regions.

When our engineers entered the project, there were already four SCRUM teams involved, with 36 full-time members, all scattered in different world regions.

The Solution

Having previous experience in the financial sector, we were able to immediately understand and respond to the specific problems our clients faced.  Our custom team consisted of: 2 QA Experts, QA Manager, Project Manager, 8 QA Manual & Automation. Engineers started with a careful analysis of the existing project setup and testing strategy. Once we better understood the scope and objectives, we proposed a new QA process together with technical solutions. 

Based on Agile, our approach speeded up and cut software delivery costs, inextricably linking testing with subsequent releases. Our engineers handled the communication and synchronization of successive changes delivered by the international teams. We covered all scenarios and integrations, from web and desktop applications to hardware.

The Effect

The framework we created facilitated efficient collaboration between the internal and external development and QA teams working on the project. As a result, the final product fulfilled all the quality and security standards required by the client. 

Taking into account regional differences and requisites, our testing strategy and guidelines laid the groundwork for a more structured QA process. It has helped to organize and streamline work in international testing teams. 

What started as a one-off engagement has turned into a long-term relationship. Our client continues developing applications, and we are pleased to continue supporting their efforts, both in software development and quality assurance. 

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