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Navigate the World of Data and AI Services with Scalo, a Software Partner

With Scalo’s IT Data and AI services, we leverage the vast capabilities of AzureAI, and Machine Learning (ML) to drive innovation and modernize businesses. Our robust data management solutions simplify data migration and streamline modernization processes, letting you focus on what matters most – growing your business.

We provide an in-depth understanding of your business performance and help you build a data-centric culture. Our data services replace intuition with data-driven decision-making and break down silos between data sources, enhancing strategic planning within your company.

For your customers and products, we go beyond the standard. We break down barriers to personalization, broaden the visibility of client experiences, and proactively shape their journeys for the best experience. Our Data and AI services can also help with risk mitigationefficiency improvement or enhancing client experience through improving decision making processesadopting required governance and securityautomation of business processes or personalization of products and services.

At Scalo, we don’t just manage data or deploy AI; we turn them into a competitive advantage.

Discover Our  Data & AI Capabilities Offer 

Dive into our suite of Data services and AI expertise.

These are designed to turn complex data into actionable insights, integrate AI into your systems seamlessly,
and streamline data management processes for optimized operations and strategic growth.

AI Adoption

AI Adoption

Simplify your operations with Scalo's AI integration. We'll help you use data to make smarter decisions and deliver tangible business results.
Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Use our data analytics services to gain useful insights. Enhance your efficiency and boost the growth by using data strategically.
Data Migration & Modernization

Data Migration & Modernization

Trust our expert guidance for the cloud transition. We ensure uninterrupted business operations during migration and modernization.
Data Management

Data Management

Scalo’s data management services establish robust processes. Make informed decisions with confidence.
Data Ecosystem

Data Ecosystem

Explore data possibilities through a dedicated ecosystem. Maintain a strong data foundation for better business outcomes.
AI Outsourcing
AI Outsourcing
Our AI experts manage your systems, freeing you to innovate within an AI-driven landscape.

 Capitalize on AI-Driven Data lnsights to Scale Up Your Business

Embarking on a journey to leverage data and AI can present unique challenges.

Our data engineering and AI services are explicitly designed to help you navigate these obstacles.

Fostering Innovation Through AI

We aid organizations in adopting AI solutions to foster innovation, experiment, and prove value, even when expertise and capabilities in this field are limited. We help with building the trust to this technology.

Enabling Data-driven Decision Making

We allow organizations to unlock reporting, visualization, and business intelligence capabilities to improve their decision-making process.

Reducing Technical Debt in Data

We help our clients with migrations or modernizations of existing data landscape to enable them for enterprise grade management.

Bridging the Skills Gap

We assist businesses in their digital transformation journey, addressing capability shortages and fostering growth in a digital landscape.

Data Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

We assist in tackling the complexities of data privacy and ensuring regulatory compliance, which is crucial for effective data governance.

Navigating the Complex Technology Landscape

We provide technology guidance and support to address the skilled worker shortage, ensuring your team can utilize advanced tech and AI services.

Justifying Investment

We work hands-to-hands with our clients to build compelling business cases around specific solutions adoption.

Facilitating a Cultural Shift

We work with clients to improve the literacy in data or AI through dedicated workshops with non-technical stakeholders.
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Jerzy Wiśniewski - CTO at Scalo
Jerzy Wiśniewski - Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

We firmly believe in the transformative power of Data and AI capabilities.

Our mission is to deliver comprehensive, capable, and value-oriented teams that catalyze a smooth and innovative digital estate transformation.

Scalo teams in Data & AI help our clients realize the unique opportunities and business outcomes that drive sustainable growth.

A Deep Dive Into Scalo's Data and AI Services 

AI Implementation

Boost Efficiency and Productivity with AI Adoption

AI investment can bring as much return as 350%, according to IDC. But to make the most of the effort, it is important to plan and execute the AI adoption process in the right way.

Scalo’s Artificial Intelligence services are designed to integrate AI models seamlessly into your current business processes. We target creating an AI strategy for your business, aligning and prioritizing use cases with a strong business case.

Our AI services provide a dedicated framework for the best resolution to your challenges or ideal team to execute your AI strategy.

With our AI adoption expertise, we unlock the potential of AI with generative, cognitive, and machine-learning solutions. We use technologies like Azure AI Services, Azure ML Studio, Langchain, Hugging Face, OpenAI, and Meta AI to automate processes and enhance employee and client experiences.

Adopting AI technology with Scalo enables you to receive incremental gains like automate manual processes, enhance operational efficiency, and ultimately drive informed strategic business moves or expand your market share through new product features or experience.

Our AI adoption teams bring value in following areas:

  • Setting up an AI governance framework and growing AI literacy
  • Expanding with AI-powered features
  • Creating new AI-based solutions using ML, Cognitive, or Generative AI
  • Implementation and deployment of existing solutions
Data Analytics

Empower Data-Driven Decision-Making

Scalo’s data analytics services are crucial in a rapidly evolving, data-driven world. Despite the efforts by many companies to become data driven, only 1 in 4 reaches this stage, according to Wavestone (2023). Through our data services, we can help you become one of those successful organizations.

We initiate the process with data analytics exploration workshops. Here, we delve into your data landscape, pinpointing critical areas for data exploitation through analytics.

You can leverage our frameworks to transform your complex data into actionable insights, fueling operational efficiency and strategic growth. Data visualization plays a crucial role in translating raw data into visually intuitive formats for more impactful decision-making.

We integrate Business Intelligence as a central part of our data services, using sophisticated tools and methodologies to anticipate business trends, augment performance, and guide you toward enlightened, data-driven decisions. We also tap into advanced capabilities such as pattern recognition in images or language translation using data, aiming to elevate your business services with state-of-the-art, data-driven functionalities.

Our BI & Reporting teams help with:

  • Building a Business Intelligence solution
  • Modernizing reporting with Power BI
  • Consolidating and unifying reporting experience using Microsoft Fabric
Data Management

Establish Trustworthy Data Foundations

Only 46% of organizations state they can trust their data, according to Precisely’s 2024 report. The inability to rely on data hinders business performance and prohibits well-informed decision-making. Scalo’s data management services are aimed to solve this challenge by establishing and enhancing your organization’s data accessibility, trust, and quality.

We create robust data streaming, integration, and modeling solutions using our comprehensive data science services. These solutions form the foundation for data-driven decision-making within your organization.

Our primary aim is to construct ETLs, ELTs, or real-time data workflows that provide secure, scalable, and high-quality data access, consumption, and maintenance. Through our data engineering services, we build real-time data streaming and data integration processes, incorporate data governance rules into existing pipelines, and facilitate DataOps adoption.

We also establish a single source of truth for data, ensuring consistency and reliability across your organization.

Our Data Platform team helps mainly with:

  • Reducing technical debt
  • Providing necessary capabilities and skillsets
  • Optimizing a complex data landscape
Data Migration

Seamlessly Migrate to Cloud

Per Forrester’s research, modernizing your data solutions to Intelligent Data Platform can bring up to 232% ROI over 3 years with savings ranging from 10% to 70% across your data landscape (2023). To enable you to leverage these benefits, Scalo provides cost-efficient data science services, including comprehensive frameworks for data migration and modernization.

We offer strategic guidance, execution support, and post-migration maintenance to help transition your data systems to the cloud without disrupting business continuity. Our services cover both simple databases and analytical solutions like data warehouses or datamarts, focusing on cost and performance optimization.

Each data services engagement follows a business case with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) method. The purpose is to modernize existing data workloads following cloud rationalization rules, primarily transitioning from on-premises to Azure. We also focus on cost optimization and ensure backups and business continuity, thus safeguarding your data while boosting its potential.

Our SMEs resolve following opportunities:

  • Retiring obsolete technology
  • Improving workload scalability
  • Expanding technical capabilities
Data Ecosystem

Build Competitive Edge with Data Ecosystem

According to Gartner, a comprehensive cloud-based data ecosystem will be a significant competitive differentiator. For this reason, the Data Ecosystem is a pivotal component of our data services. Our aim is to implement a dedicated ecosystem that enhances overall operating model and provides an interactive platform for stakeholders to unlock the vast potential of data.

Our services focus on establishing a solid data infrastructure, efficient processes, and effective governance, enabling scalable data management and consumption. Use cases for our services include adopting a data platform, setting up data governance, and adopting scalable operations such as DataOps and MLOps.

Areas we can support include:

  • Delivering cloud expertise
  • Building up modern data capabilities
  • Setting up governance, security, or regulation processes and practices
Scalo's Five-Stage Data & AI Implementation Process 

At Scalo, the delivery of our data and AI services is a structured process unfolding in five key stages:

Business Needs Analysis
The first stage focuses on understanding your business requirements. We collaborate with you to establish clear objectives and create a compelling business case.
Solution Proposal
We propose a tailored solution and a most suitable collaboration model based on the initial analysis. The proposal includes a detailed blueprint of the planned data and AI services and a preliminary Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
We move to the implementation phase once the proposal is agreed upon. This stage involves executing the plan, culminating in a production-ready solution.
We comprehensively test the implemented solution to ensure it is optimized to meet your business needs and able to operate seamlessly.
Maintenance and Support
Post-deployment, we provide regular maintenance and troubleshooting, ensuring the implemented tools’ ongoing success and smooth operation.
Scalo's Data & AI Team
Scalo's Data & AI Team
Scalo's Data & AI Team
is Ready to Join Your Projects Even in 2-4 Weeks
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 Shape Your Industry's Future with Scalo’s Data & AI Services

Research by Deloitte indicates that around 71% of manufacturers incorporate data analytics into their processes but only 33% leverage AI in their projects. We empower manufacturers through the integration of data sources and IoT solutions, as well as modernization of legacy systems. Our data engineering services in this sector drive operational efficiency and pave the way for Industry 4.0.
McKinsey predicts that banking will be among the biggest beneficiaries of GenAI, potentially gaining an equivalent of between 9-15% of operating profits. Scalo's AI services, including intelligent chatbots and credit risk platforms, are transforming the banking landscape. We also provide GDPR implementation services, digitize business processes, and offer data management solutions to ensure regulatory compliance and improved decision-making.
Per IDC, only 21% of retail industry leaders are already investing in GenAI implementations. We help retailers navigate the digital age and gain a competitive edge through our comprehensive data and AI services. By leveraging data, we provide insights to optimize supply chains, improve customer engagement, and drive sales.
Scalo Software Development

Benefit from Scalo's Advanced Tech Stack

Scalo harnesses a robust suite of advanced technologies to deliver its comprehensive data science services.

When it comes to AI adoption, we leverage solutions like Azure AI services, Azure OpenAI service and Azure ML to automate processes and enhance user experience with AI assistants. Our proficiency in Machine Learning, MLOps and AI adoption framework ensures our clients get the most out of their AI investments.

For Data management & ecosystems, we utilize powerful tools like Azure SQL database, Azure Data Factory, and Azure Synapse to enable smooth, secure, and scalable data management processes. Our expertise extends to DataOps, data integration, ETL, real-time data streaming, and the creation of efficient data management architectures, including Data Warehouse and Data Lakehouse.

In the realm of Data analytics, our tech stack includes Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, Microsoft Fabric and Power BI, among others. These technologies drive insights and support decision-making processes from data. Our team is skilled in business intelligence, data analytics and data science lifecycle.


Connect with Scalo for Cutting-Edge Data & AI Services

Scalo is your ultimate partner for Data and AI services, combining a client-centric and value-oriented approach into a comprehensive offering. As a company with a strategic focus on Microsoft Azure, Scalo employs over 600 software experts and delivered more than 700 projects, showcasing its deep technical expertise in data engineering services.

We provide three dedicated profiles of teams:

  • Data Platform team,
  • BI & Reporting team
  • and AI adoption team.

They support use-cases from migrations and modernization of AI models or databases to custom AI-powered software, making Scalo a leading provider of Data and AI services.

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