Scalo is a top European software powerhouse with experience in delivering data solutions. Our data scientists and engineers craft sophisticated software solutions, fueling the business growth of forward-thinking companies. 

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Top Areas of our Expertise in Data Solutions

Data Advisory and Consultancy

Data Platform Services

Data Integration and Transformation

Business Insights and Data Visualization

Advanced Analytics and Cognitive

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Our Data Services

Versatile data solutions that inspire business growth. Unlock the value of information thanks to our business intelligence services.

Advisory and Consulting

Full-range consulting services to efficiently tackle business challenges.
Get a
deep analysis of the issue followed by a proposal of the best-fitting solution and seamless implementation.

Data-driven Transformation Consultation

Make better business decisions by taking advantage of data analysis. The data-driven approach enables companies to make strategic decisions safely and approach their customers more effectively.

Data Architecture and Planing Design

Improve data management at your company. Proper data collection through transformation, distribution, and consumption is crucial for business decision-making. Implement guidelines that control how information is obtained and used.

Data Integration & Infrastructure Design

Merge data from several sources to gain a proper business perspective. Make data more accessible, readable, and easier to use across systems and departments at your company, such as sales, accounts, and marketing.

Data Maturiry Asessment

Set a course for future business growth by measuring how advanced your current data analysis is. A high level of data maturity is the stage reached when data has become incorporated into every decision that an organization makes

Data Platform Services

scalo development teams

End-to-end data platform solutions for modern digital organizations. Collect, store, process, and present your data in new ways to spot patterns, predict trends and improve business decision-making.  

We are ready to design and implement an entire ecosystem of data storage and management that’s intuitive and easy to supervise. Our engineers will build a comprehensive data platform, and plan effective architecture that’s easy to manage and expand if needed.

Data Integration & Transformation

The best data engineers and scientists experienced in designing versatile data solutions.

Whether your business needs comprehensive data ecosystems, platform solutions for collecting and managing data, or a data warehouse, Scalo covers the full range of data-related services. 

Data Integration

Consolidate data from separate sources of a new or existing ecosystem, into a single dataset. Provide users with consistent access and data delivery across all applications and business processes.

Data Migration and Deployment

Seamlessly migrate data from one repository to another, from a data warehouse or through the cloud. Get a solid data migration plan to ensure a seamless transition and eliminate the risk of going over budget and creating overbearing data processes when migrating and deploying data.

Data Enrichment and Acqusition

Improve accuracy and add the necessary data to an organization's existing database by incorporating the latest updates and information. Making use of your existing data enables you to improve customer connections and business decisions.

Data Transformation

Convert, organize, and clean up existing data into a format that can be used for analysis, support decision-making, and fuel a company's expansion. Data transformation is utilized when data needs to be transformed to match the target system's requirements.

Business Insights

data services scalo

Choose Scalo to gain a full-fledged tech Partner for all your data-related challenges. Get comprehensive assistance in selecting the right data analytics tools as well as clear and understandable methods of visualization to make the most out of the processed data.

 Applications for Business Insights

Build business insights application to prepare and view custom dashboards that provide a comprehensive performance overview of all processed data. Create understandable, complex, dynamic, and interactive visual representations of information gathered. 

Data Visualization 

Data visualization tools offer a simple approach to spotting and comprehending trends and patterns in data by utilizing visual components like charts, graphs, and maps. It gives team members and business owners an easy way to deliver facts to non-technical people making communication clearer. 

Advanced Analytics and Cognitive

augumented teams scalo

Leverage state of the art technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning to increase speed and cost and reach new data processing levels to deliver measurable business value to your business. 

Predictive analytics

Use data, mathematical formulas, and machine learning methods to calculate the probability of future events based on past historical data 

Prescription analytics

Model and analyze possible business scenarios based on the available data. Predict outcomes and choose the best solutions by utilizing a combination of machine learning, business rules, and artificial intelligence. 

Digital Trust and Tracing

Build a bond between your business and customers. Safeguard customer data, implement effective cybersecurity, and provide reliable AI-powered services, process data chains to prove compliance and correctness at every data transfer stage to help the user decide on a secure company. 

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