Using test automation to accelerate product development

The Client

A large software company based in Europe.

  • IT 
  • Software 
  • REST
  • Spring
  • Microservices
  • Java
  • Quality Assurance

Balancing speed and precision

The priority for the organization is to be able to build software to their client’s specifications, and deliver it fast. However, agile delivery has to be achieved without compromising quality.

Given their rapid growth, the client was facing a high volume of manual test cases, which impeded efficient software delivery. In this particular case, manual work was increasing project turnaround times and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the financial product being developed.

Our client knew they had to change their strategy and implement test automation in further development. However, to address this need they required dedicated resources and time to set up the process. They decided to find a partner to facilitate this change and train their in-house manual testers on relevant skills.

Elevating testing strategies

We were quickly able to respond to this need. We have multiple senior testers on board, all with extensive commercial experience in broad ranges of industries.

Our engineers analyzed the project scope, produced initial documentation, and created new, more agile testing strategies. They also selected and implemented new tools and processes in the client’s test environment.

We then designed and delivered a bespoke technical training session for the in-house manual testers to help them introduce automated testing. Our workshop equipped them with the necessary programming skills, ideas for handling API with REST Assured, and knowledge of best practices in improving code review processes.

Reaching testing mastery

As a result of our work and training, the client’s internal teams gradually began setting up automated test scenarios for all the items they were developing.

Change is never easy, so the team benefited from the ability to consult updates to their strategy and practices with our experts. As a result, the client’s new QA processes are now up to par with best Agile software development practices, improving product quality and time to market.

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