Scalo was built to help business scale and grow. As a world-class software house we empower you with tailor-made software solutions and agile development teams.

Connecting Business and Technology

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Scale up and be one step ahead 

In the digital era, time and technology are of the essence. Your business can’t stop. Your ideas can’t wait till tomorrow to be linked with a proper technology solution and put into life.  

To seize market opportunities, you need to use cutting-edge software solutions that allow you to stay always one step ahead of your competitors.  

You just need a reliable software partner to help scale your growth with technology

MidPoint71 Scalo

Software Partnership for Your Growth 

We built Scalo to accelerate our client’s growth using software services. We translate business ideas into modern technology language and create highly-performing applications.  

What makes us different from the others is the deep understanding of your challenge. We don’t just develop software – our goal is to add technological value to your business. Therefore, our ambition is no to be another software development company. We want to be your software partner instead. 

Scalo in Numbers:

| 600 software developers on board |

| 15 years on the market |

| 4 development centers |

Software House Based in The Heart of Europe


We’re one of the top software houses, based in Poland, the center of Europe, but working for satisfied clients from around the globe. 

Fifteen years in the software world allowed us to gather experiences from various projects, technologies, and industries. This also taught us that there is no one path suitable for everyone. Every customer is a new story for us, and your challenge becomes our challenge. Why? Because our goal is to deliver you tailored software services with your business in mind. 

To achieve this goal, we use the expertise of more than 600 tech talents who build Scalo: Solutions Architects, Project Managers, Software Developers, and QA Engineers. Scalo talents 4 development centers in major IT hubs in Poland allow smoothly matching of our development capacity to your projects and act quickly. 

Awards and Achievements that Proof the Quality of Our Work

Cooperation Built on Values

We’re the team sharing the same truth values. Whether it’s everyday work, cooperating with business partners, or facing challenges – we know how to act and stay true to ourselves and our principles. 

We know that we achieve more when we work well together as a team

Team Spirit

Continuous learning and business development is in our DNA

Continuous Development

We are always open to discussion and new ideas. We appreciate diversity, candor, and equality


We take responsibility for what we do


We believe it is worth being fair and respecting others


Scalo Way – Our Unique Approach to Software Partnership

Having delivered more than 300 software projects in the last 15 years, we built the unique approach we call “Scalo Way”.  

The central assumption of our philosophy is: That even most sophisticated technology solution is worthless if it doesn’t bring any business value. And our goal is to craft digital products with your business in mind

Therefore, we always act according to the “Scalo Way” to find a proper software solution for your business case and help you grow.

How we do it

Discovery - Deep analysis of your business case, goals, and the initial assumptions

Solution Design - Linking you with proper solutions based on our experience and technological expertise

Mobilization - Setting and adjusting the cooperation model to achieve fast and effective solution delivery

Development - Successful cooperation in a full swing

Software Engineering Company with Wide Range of Tech Competencies

As a software partner, we truly understand that our clients need a complex approach to project delivery. Therefore we offer full-cycle software development services and a wide range of software competencies.  We’re experienced in custom software and have strong expertise in back-end development (JAVA, .NET, Python) and front-end development (JavaScript, React, Angular). We support our clients in the field of quality assurance and embedded solutions, as well as in cloud technologies, security, machine learning, and business intelligence

Technologies We Use

Software Is People – Company Built by Committed Employees


Our clients often say they are impressed mostly by one thing about the Scalo team, and this thing is our commitment. Yes, we are 100 % involved in the project from the very beginning to the end, and your goals are our goals.  

We’re a group of tech enthusiasts focused on solving business challenges with software solutions. We measure our success with digital answers we found for business questions. That’s the reason why we always dig deeper, challenge initial assumptions and look for new paths until we find solution that gives you real value. 

Software House with Global Perspectives and Ambitions

Partnerships and Certifications

Looking for a Software Partner? Let's’ Talk

Schedule a consult with our experts, and let’s see how Scalo can answer your software needs. 

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