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Discover Premium Quality Assurance with Scalo's Embedded Systems Solutions

Tap into Scalo’s Quality Assurance Services for embedded systems – your guarantee for superior reliability, functionality, and performance across the development lifecycle.

At Scalo, embedded QA is not just a process but a commitment to delivering top-tier products, satisfying customers, and upholding brand reputation. We anchor our approach to ISO 25010’s definition of quality – a system that fulfills stakeholders’ explicit and implicit needs.

Our seasoned QA team ensures compliance with the standards and certifications relevant to your project.

Choose Scalo for your project’s quality assurance and witness our unwavering dedication to upholding quality excellence in embedded systems design.

 Why Should You Choose Scalo’s QA & Testing Services for Embedded Systems?

Selecting Scalo’s embedded QA services can unlock numerous advantages designed to bolster the success of your projects:

Tailored Quality Assurance
Tailored Quality Assurance
Appreciating the uniqueness of every project, our embedded QA team dedicates time to comprehending your specific needs, thereby offering customized quality assurance strategies that resonate with your distinct goals.
Performance Optimization
Performance Optimization
We fine-tune your quality assurance processes to adapt to the latest standards and trends, ensuring your system delivers superior performance amidst rapidly evolving customer expectations.
decision making
Risk Management
Our strategic quality assurance procedures identify potential challenges early in the process, mitigating risks and guaranteeing a smoother journey in your embedded systems development.
Consistent Quality
Consistent Quality
We ensure that every component adheres to the highest quality standards, maintaining a reliable and consistent system and delivering a dependable solution.
Expert Guidance
Leverage the experience of our seasoned QA experts, who provide consistent professional advice throughout the development process. Their invaluable insights ensure the success of your quality assurance endeavor.

 Quality and Excellence: A Look into Scalo’s Embedded Software Testing

Scalo’s embedded systems testing services are comprehensive and meticulously designed to ensure the highest level of system integrity.

Here’s a snapshot of what our services entail:

Test Planning
We develop a detailed embedded software testing plan that outlines the strategy, objectives, scope, and resources needed for the QA process. This plan also includes potential test automation strategies, as well as quality metrics for tracking project progress and focusing on non-functional requirements, such as resilience and performance edge cases.
Verification, Validation, and Field Testing
Our embedded system testing process ensures that the design and implementation of your software align with the specified requirements. We also conduct field testing in real-world environments to validate performance and usability under actual operating conditions.
Real-Time Testing
For real-time embedded systems, we conduct real-time embedded software testing to ensure that the system meets strict timing requirements and responds predictably to external events.
Compatibility Testing
Our embedded system testing services include compatibility testing to ensure your embedded system can effectively communicate with other devices and platforms.
Safety and Security Testing
In critical embedded systems, we conduct rigorous safety and security embedded software testing to verify that the system operates safely and securely and is protected against potential threats.
Hardware Testing
We test hardware components like sensors and actuators to verify their functionality and ensure proper integration with the software.
Regression Testing
As changes are made to your embedded system, we perform regression testing to ensure that existing functionalities are not negatively impacted.

Scalo’s Embedded Software QA & Testing Services: When is it Right for You?

When you aim for flawless embedded systems aligned with your needs.

When you want to use rigorous embedded system testing to improve your products’ quality and efficiency.

When you require experienced professionals for complex embedded QA tasks, including risk analysis and test strategy.

When you wish to beat competitors with a quick, flawless market launch using expert QA services.

When you value a client-focused approach where your feedback shapes the QA process.

When you plan to integrate robust systems into your operations and need a qualified embedded QA team for thorough testing.

 Harvest the Benefits: Scalo's Embedded QA Services

Why Scalo

Scalo’s embedded QA services offer much more than bespoke quality assurance, risk mitigation, and expert guidance. They deliver visible, tangible results that boost efficiency and success in your project.

Our comprehensive QA process culminates in a clear roadmap of quality assurance, including detailed test scenarios illustrating system behavior.

Defects? We identify, document, and systematically record them in your ticketing system for efficient tracking and resolution.

We also arm you with an in-depth cost-benefit analysis of test automation, aiding you in making informed decisions for your project.

Opted for automation? We provide automated test codes, a key asset for future embedded system testing requirements.

Moreover, we check the configuration of any third-party testing tools into your version control system, streamlining your update and version management process.

In short, Scalo’s QA services go beyond quality control, providing you with tangible resources that contribute to your project’s reliability and success.

 Empowering Industries with Tailor-Made Embedded Solutions

The Quality Assurance Services for embedded systems offered by Scalo are expertly designed to cater to diverse industries:

automotive systems
Our embedded software testing services meticulously validate the functionality and performance of embedded systems in vehicles. We ensure the flawless operation of advanced driver-assistance systems, in-car entertainment, and more, contributing to enhanced safety, connectivity, and superior user experience.
hospital information system (his)
Scalo's embedded QA services play a critical role in ensuring the dependability of embedded systems in various healthcare applications. This includes medical devices, patient monitoring systems, telehealth services, and more, leading to accurate diagnostics, improved patient care, and efficient healthcare processes.
We conduct exhaustive embedded system testing in smart manufacturing applications. Our services confirm the optimal functioning of systems involved in automation, process optimization, predictive maintenance, and real-time analytics, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.
Financial Services
Financial Services
We provide embedded software testing in the financial sector. Our QA services guarantee efficient transaction processing, secure data encryption, and compliance with regulatory standards, ensuring robust and reliable financial operations.
Scalo's QA services verify the seamless operation of embedded systems in IoT applications. We assure the smooth interconnectivity of devices, sensors, and platforms, enabling efficient data collection and intelligent decision-making, enhancing functionality, and insightful, data-driven outcomes.
Scalo Software Development

Real-Life Use Case: Migrating Manufacturing Machine Software

Facing the discontinuation of the WinCE 6.0 platform, a leading Swiss manufacturing machine company partnered with Scalo to migrate to a more robust Linux platform.

We ensured the smooth and secure migration of the main software logic and user interface. Our embedded QA experts played a crucial role in testing each step of the transition, ensuring seamless functionality and software integrity on the new platform.

Within the project, Scalo implemented a comprehensive CI/CD stack, including advanced automated testing and static code analysis. This not only guaranteed a flawless product but also minimized potential risks associated with the migration.

The result was a successful migration within six months, allowing the company to continue selling its products without interruption. Moreover, the latest solutions we integrated reduced hardware production costs.

By partnering with Scalo, the company ensured a risk-free, efficient, and cost-effective transition, proving that modern solutions and diligent QA processes lead to significant business benefits.

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Let’s Talk About
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