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At Scalo, we offer custom .NET development services catering to your unique business needs.

We build modern .NET applications that help you achieve your business goals and take advantage of reliable technology to design powerful software.

Our custom .NET solutions are tailored to your specifications, ensuring the highest precision and efficiency in meeting your objectives.

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 Why Work With Us

100 .NET Developers
100 .NET Developers
15 Years of .NET Expertise
Project Kick-off in 2-4 Weeks
Project Kick-off in 2-4 Weeks
Flexible Cooperation and Billing Models
Flexible Cooperation and Billing Models
Vast Experience in Multiple Industries
Ready to Revolutionize Your Business with .NET?

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 Business Challenges We Can Solve Using .NET and Microsoft Technologies

As a custom .NET development company, Scalo harnesses the power of the .NET development platform, one of the most scalable and fastest technologies currently available for various business purposes.

It’s the first choice for companies looking for secure and efficient digital solutions.

Custom Business Applications

When no software products available on the market meet your business requirements, you need a partner to help you design and build a bespoke .NET solution tailored to your needs.

Software Migration and Legacy Transformation

When your current software is built using technology that is no longer supported, or if your business has outgrown your solution’s original architecture, our .NET development services can assist in transforming and modernizing your systems.

Cloud Migration Services

When you're ready to join the cloud revolution and need to migrate on-premises software supporting your business to the cloud, we can help you leverage the .NET development platform to ensure your applications continue to run smoothly.

Legacy Software Support

When your existing solution needs maintenance or you want to develop new functionalities to support your operations, our .NET software development services are here to help.

Cloud-Native Solutions

Whether your business is well-established or just starting out, when you expect cloud-based applications that are easy to access and maintain, our bespoke .NET development services can deliver.

Product Integrations and Customizations

Whether you are a product company looking for a professional services team to integrate your software with a customer’s existing landscape or a client needing a customizable solution, we can assist.

Microsoft Power BI and Data-Based Solutions

Whether you have an established business and need specialists to build your Management Information platform or are thinking about properly using data from the beginning of your operations, we can help.

Digital Decoupling and Microservices

When your current solution is holding your business back through performance or development bottlenecks or when you plan from the beginning to build software that will support rapid growth, our custom .NET development teams are ready to assist.

Leverage Modern .NET Frameworks with Scalo

Scalo’s custom .NET development services are built on the strategic use of modern .NET frameworks, enabling us to deliver robust and custom .NET solutions.

Our experienced developers utilize these frameworks to create both modular .NET applications and complex IT systems.

Our approach to custom .NET software development is efficient and methodical, ensuring we deliver solutions that meet your business needs and can scale over time. With Scalo, you can unlock the full potential of .NET development.

Our Cooperation Models 

With a broad spectrum of service models, we approach each project individually.

We help our clients build quality software in every cooperation model through a unique combination of technological excellence and dedicated talent.

Our consulting services, designed to define the best working relationship for your business needs, are a pillar of this approach.

Bespoke Solutions
Bespoke Solutions
Scalo takes full responsibility for fulfilling your business needs with a technical solution. Our custom .NET development services ensure we deliver solutions tailored to your business requirements.
Members of the Scalo Centre of Excellence support clients in analyzing business challenges and proposing resolution paths. Our custom .NET development services are tailored to your needs, ensuring we provide the most effective solutions.
skilled professionals
Team Extension
Whether you need individual experts to join your team to fill competence gaps and increase delivery capacity or require complete teams to take over specific business areas or technical components and deliver value based on an agreed backlog, our .NET software development services are here to extend your capabilities.
Wojciech Czujowski Scalo

We combine our .NET development services expertise with an in-depth view of client business and the challenges they face. This approach allows us to find the perfect match between the technology and business worlds.

Wojciech Czujowski, Head of Program and Project Management

.NET Development Success Stories 

it outsourcing company scalo

Company From the Data Processing Industry

Project Scope: A dedicated team was assigned to maintain the legacy reporting solution while concurrently designing and implementing a new one. The Scalo team quickly introduced performance enhancements that allowed the existing system to run while simultaneously beginning work on an independent and scalable microservice-based module. An isolated reporting schema was introduced, and all data was migrated through asynchronous communication.

Once all tables were synchronized, a separate database was introduced to enhance performance. The new reporting solution was enabled without downtime using the eventual consistency approach.

Business Challenge: Digital Decoupling and Microservices

sports software scalo net development

A Global Company From the Sports Industry

Project Scope: Following successful cooperation with Scalo on an existing, on-premise solution, the client asked us to initiate an R&D project to deliver a new product available in a SaaS model. The Scalo team, in cooperation with the client, is designing and developing a scalable system based on Azure and Kubernetes. Software architect and project manager from Scalo ensure technical excellence and timely delivery.

Business challenge: Cloud-Native Solutions

eu agency software dev

EU Security Agency

Project Scope: Our team is developing a new version of a system for one of the leading EU security agencies. This system plans and manages operational resources among all member states. The application will facilitate the storage of information on available resources from member countries, plan and control resource use in operations, and summarize the actual usage post-procedure. All EU member states will utilize it.

Seven experienced .NET developers joined the two distributed Scrum teams in the project. In compliance with security regulations, our people have been thoroughly vetted and granted security certificates.

Business Challenge: Custom Business Application

Custom .NET-Based Apps We Deliver 

ASP.NET Web Applications
ASP.NET Web Applications
We provide easy-to-access software products, perfect for various contexts, based on the ASP.NET environment. These applications support different users and are ideal for diverse scenarios.
Cloud-Native Applications
Our team specializes in Azure-based software built in the modern cloud to ensure access, scalability, and security. These cloud-native applications are a testament to our bespoke .NET development capabilities.
Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications
We create Xamarin-based apps for mobile purposes, which are a perfect fit for the leading platforms: iOS and Android. Our custom .NET software development services ensure your mobile applications are robust and user-friendly.
UI UX design
Desktop .NET Applications
Our team delivers stable C#-based solutions for business purposes, available directly from desktop computers. These applications are designed with your business needs in mind and are a part of our custom .NET development services.
data integration
Low-Code Solutions
We deliver software fast and with a minimum amount of code to reduce your time to market. Our low-code solutions are a part of our .NET development services, ensuring you get the most efficient and effective software.

 Why Should You Decide on .NET?

Security by Design
Security by Design
.NET incorporates robust security mechanisms such as Code Access Security (CAS) and validation and verification practices. Scalo, as a custom .NET development company, utilizes these features to develop secure applications, ensuring data integrity and application reliability.
High Popularity
High Popularity
.NET is a trusted choice among developers worldwide due to its extensive class libraries, APIs, and seamless integration with other Microsoft technologies. Scalo leverages this robust framework in its bespoke .NET development services, delivering highly efficient and reliable applications.
Open Source
Open Source
Being open source, .NET facilitates greater flexibility and transparency, making it possible to inspect, modify, and enhance the source code. This enables Scalo to offer tailored, custom .NET software development solutions, adaptable to your evolving business requirements.
multi platform integration
.NET Core, a subset of .NET, supports the development of applications that run seamlessly across Windows, Linux, and MacOS. As a custom .NET development company, Scalo capitalizes on this cross-platform functionality to create software that ensures your services reach a wider audience, irrespective of their OS preference.
Ongoing support
Ongoing support
Microsoft's sustained commitment to .NET means regular updates, security patches, and the addition of new features. Scalo's custom .NET development services leverage this support, offering relevant and robust solutions amidst the ever-evolving tech landscape.
Take Your Business to New Heights.
Take Your Business to New Heights.
Take Your Business to New Heights.
Let's Start Your .NET Journey Together!

Łukasz Pol

Head of Business Development

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