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About Scalo 

Scalo is one of the most performant European software houses with over 600 software developers on board. For all 15 years of industry experience, we have successfully delivered hundreds of digital projects for both startups and large-scale enterprises.

Currently, we have 4 development centers that accelerate our clients’ growth, translating their business ideas into modern technology language.

Our goal is to develop efficient, feature-rich, and beautiful applications your customers will fall in love with at first sight. We believe that outstanding design, innovative technology, and business value can go hand in hand to make your concepts come true.

Node.js and Node.js Development

Nowadays, JavaScript is the only reasonable choice when it comes to front-end development. Node.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that allows developers to build data-intensive and real-time web and mobile applications. Its servers can be effectively scaled to handle thousands of requests per second. As an experienced Node JS development company, we’ve been using this powerful and efficient framework for most of our projects.

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Our Node.js Services

With over 15 years of experience, we have designed and developed numerous Node.js applications that proved to be full-fledged, advanced solutions. They have helped our clients increase revenue, meet their business goals, and reshape their business environment.

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Mobile Node.js Development

Benefits of Node.js Development Services for Mobile

Mobile Node.js development uses JavaScript as the primary programming language. The framework allows us to share data easily between the server side and client side which decreases development time and cuts down the development costs.

Also, Node.js is cross-platform so you can easily target all major platforms with one code base. It has a particularly modular design which offers an excellent and extensive ecosystem for mobile app developers.

Finally, Node.js allows us to create real-time applications like chat or games. It enables swift synchronization which is helpful in regulating the overall performance of the app especially when there is a sudden surge in traffic.

Node.js is used in mobile development by industry giants like PayPal (they released an open-source library that uses the framework) or Netflix (they use Node.js on the backend).

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Node.js Web App Development 

Web Applications Development Company

At Scalo, we take our clients through full-cycle web app development with a broad suite of services, from first analyses to the final implementation and maintenance.

Node.js is currently one of the trendiest frameworks for web app development, mainly thanks to its robust technology stack, excellent speed, and amazing efficiency, as well as overall developer productivity.

Advantages of Node.js Development Services

Node.js is fast and the Google V8 engine that is used in the framework is heavily invested which results in performance improvements every year.

On top of the speed and performance, Node.js also offers scalable technology for microservices. It is a lightweight technology tool that breaks the app logic into smaller modules instead of creating a single, large monolithic core. This enables better flexibility and supports further growth. You can easily add more microservices on top of the existing ones to integrate additional features with the basic app functionality.

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Our Competencies

At Scalo, we effectively use Node.js to make the most out of JavaScript projects. Thanks to the framework, we are able to write code much faster, avoiding errors before we even run the code.

We offer our clients a unique fusion of 15 years of experience in the Node.js field and professional expertise, based both on our knowledge and the best practices we have created on our own. As a Node.js development company, we have the firepower to kick-start your Node.js-centric product development in full swing.

Our Node.JS Development Process

As one of the leading Node.js app development companies, we take care of even the most complex processes. We guide our clients smoothly towards their goals to make sure all business needs they have are met.

We run a thorough analysis

It’s also called a workshop – this phase is for us to meet you, your business, and your concepts. We analyze the project and the idea and explore the needs your business may have. We prepare the right strategy and think over the concept. This step also includes analyzing your target audience and your main competitors.

We plan the app design and development process

We prepare an action plan and in-depth analysis of the project’s scope. Here, we decide on the basic functionality and the most important features.

Our designers prepare product designs that satisfy the needs of your users

We work on the intuitiveness of navigation and the way your app functions. We also focus on visual design.

The actual development – this is where our Node.js developers do their magic

They write the code, and we ensure smooth collaboration between the development team and your business. This phase ends with the launch.

Maintenance and development

After we launch your web or application, it is still important to monitor it. This is the only way to track how your product works. We always implement monitor tools that enable fast response times in the event of any failure.
Quality Assurance Services provided by Scalo

Node js Maintenance 

We build Node.js-based solutions, but we also help our clients maintain and improve their existing Node.js software. From additional feature development to redesign, reengineering, and continuous improvement, we’ve got your Node.js project fully covered.

We know that updates, upgrades, and maintenance are just as essential as growth. Improper maintenance of web and mobile applications can result in issues related to stability which may even lead to the app’s failure.

On the other hand, proper maintenance can make your app flexible so that you can regularly build new features and improve the existing ones. Therefore, we support our clients all the time to fix their problems and answer their questions whenever needed.

Our Node.js Industry Expertise

For the last several years, we’ve been working for various industries, creating both ready-to-use solutions and fully customized custom software.

Fintech & Banking

Fintech and banking require fully secure solutions. If you need one, we’ll be happy to build an account management application on any kind of online payment app for you.


At Scalo, we build simple online shops, as well as complex CRM systems. If you want us to take care of your order management system, you’ve come to the right place.


We have developed many solutions for inventory management and factory surveillance. If needed, we can also deliver a full-fledged ERP system.


When you need an order tracking system or barcode scanning application, we’ve got your back. We take care of your business processes at any stage of your supply chain.

What Advantages You Get With Node JS Development

Still wondering what’s in Node.js development for you? These are the most common reasons to use the framework for your next project:

Lightning fast

The framework is powered by Google’s V8 JS engine which enforces runtime speed. Your app development processes are faster than ever and multiple operations taking place simultaneously are performed smoother.


You can use JS for both backend and frontend development. Many libraries can be shared which saves time.

Asynchronous communication

This gives us greater flexibility and better use of computing power and memory, both by the server app and the client app.

Clean code

While using Node.js, you can write cleaner code and learn about potential errors much earlier.

Ready modules

As Node.js comes with Node Package Manager, you gain access to a big and constantly growing library of ready-made modules, tools, and libraries. You can use them to streamline the development process.

It's cross-platform

It can be hosted on any operating system. You can use the very same code base for your app.


Node.js is a perfect choice for data-intensive, networking, and real-time collaboration applications.

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Custom Node.js App Development

Custom development is a kind of service designed for clients who need customized, tailor-made solutions.

At Scalo, we do our best to understand the needs of your business as well as possible so that you can effortlessly build a competitive edge in a highly competitive market. Our Node.js developers bring custom-fit solutions for meeting the needs of your diverse organization all the way you want.

Node.js is a perfect tool for building custom web and mobile apps, business applications and comprehensive systems, as well as SPAs, PWAs, and cloud software. It allows us to build nearly any functionality, depending on your concepts and business goals. We especially love using Node.js for fully customized real-time, push-based applications that need scalability and high performance.

Hire a Node.js Development Company!

Looking for a comprehensive range of services for streamlining your product development processes?

We’ll help you develop your Node.js app from the ideation phase to making it market-ready. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.  

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