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 Let’s Turn Your Idea Into a Product With Our Custom Software Design Services

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Need help designing your system idea? Our software architecture design services are for you.

We will work with you to create a solution that fits your needs. We will cover technical and user interface aspects and give you a design document for development.

With our software design services, your system will be well-designedwell-documented, and well-aligned with your vision.

Main Points of Software Architecture Design Process 
Functional & non-functional requirements
Functional & non-functional requirements
System lifetime expectancy
Cost analysis
High-level design
High-level design
Low-level design
Low-level design

Discover Our Custom Software Architecture Design Services 

Why Scalo

Functional and Non-functional Requirements Gathering

We start by helping the customer determine what their system should do and define its quality attributes and properties. We use the UX perspective, brainstorming, and workshops to elicit and prioritize the features that the customer needs. We also explore the security, availability, performance, durability, compatibility, and usability aspects essential for a successful design. This step ensures that the customer has a clear and comprehensive list of requirements that can be used to produce an actual design.

UX/UI Design

We support the customer in designing their system from the end-user perspective. We make sure the system is operable, accessible, learnable, error-protected, and appropriate for the target audience. Once we establish satisfactory User Experience prerequisites, we utilize user interaction mapping, wireframes, and prototypes to create a user-friendly and attractive interface. This ensures the system meets users’ needs and expectations and integrates well into their routines.

High-Level Design

High-level design is a crucial step in software architecture design service. It involves defining the overall structure and scope of the system, as well as the best architecture to meet the requirements. It also includes planning the system’s deployment and infrastructure, considering the security and scalability aspects. With high-level design, we can help you create a clear and coherent vision of the system and its components.

backend and frontend development

Cost Analysis

As part of our software designing services, we use cost analysis to estimate your system’s development and operational costs, as well as the total cost of ownership. Whether you prefer a cloud-native or an on-premises solution, we will provide a detailed cost breakdown that considers all the factors and variables involved. Cost analysis will help you to make informed decisions and optimize your budget and resource utilization.

System Lifetime Expectancy Planning

System lifetime expectancy is critical in software product design services. It helps you to plan and design your system for optimal capacity and performance. We recommend following principle of designing for 10X growth but rewriting before 100X. This way, we avoid overspending and delaying development and ensure that your system can handle the expected load and traffic. System lifetime expectancy helps you anticipate and prepare for your system’s future needs and challenges.

Low-Level Design

Low-level design is the final stage of software designing services. It involves defining the details and specifications of each component and sub-system of the system. We will design the communicationdata storagehostingscaling, and data exchange aspects of the system and choose the best option for each one. The low-level design, if implemented correctly, will ensure your system is efficient, reliable, and secure.

Rely On Our Expertise and Grow Your Business 

UI UX design
Top-notch expertise in software architecting solutions
Flexible and client-centric approach
Flexible and client-centric approach
15+ years in the software industry
Experienced software architects and consultants onboard
Experienced software architects and consultants onboard
Expertise of more than 600 tech talents who build Scalo
Expertise of more than 600 tech talents who build Scalo
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 Benefits of Partnering With Scalo

Enjoy customized software that is tailored to your specific business needs and challenges
Boost your performance with software that runs smoothly and reliably on expertly crafted architectures
Grow and adapt to changing market conditions with software that is fully scalable and future-proofed
Tap into a vast network of software engineering talents who can deliver top-notch solutions for your business
custom code
Leverage cutting-edge technologies to create software architectures aligned with your vision

We Get Your Challenge – Our Expertise in Diverse Industries 

Financial Services
Financial Services
We provide software design services to help clients create secure, scalable, innovative solutions for their business needs. Whether it is banking, insurance, wealth management, or fintech, we have the expertise and the tools to deliver high-quality software that meets industry standards and regulations.
Manufacturing & Logistics
Manufacturing & Logistics is one of our core industries. Our software product design services help clients streamline their production, distribution, and supply chain. We expertly use automation, IoT, and cloud computing to create reliable, efficient, and cost-effective software solutions.
automotive systems
Automotive clients use our software product design services to get assistance in designing and developing software solutions for their vehicles, systems, and services. We utilize advanced technologies like AI, machine learning, and computer vision to create safe, innovative, and sustainable software solutions.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Our custom software architecture services help clients create software solutions for their green energy projects and initiatives. We leverage technology like big data, cloud computing, and IoT to build software solutions that are scalable, secure, and eco-friendly.
healthcare software
We have extensive experience in software architecture services for healthcare. We can design and build software solutions that address the sector’s challenges, such as data security, interoperability, compliance, and user experience. We can create a software architecture that improves healthcare quality and efficiency while ensuring safety and privacy for your patients and staff.
E-Commerce is the future of retail. Selling products, services, or subscriptions requires reliable and scalable software solutions to handle high traffic, complex transactions, and secure payments. We have the experience and expertise to design and build e-commerce platforms that meet your business needs and delight your customers.

Don’t let the industry challenges hold you back. Schedule a free workshop session with Scalo experts with experience in several various domains.

When Our Software Design Services Can Help Your Business 

Scalo solutions

When Monolithic Architecture Becomes a Liability

A fast-growing e-commerce platform wants to scale its operations and offer a seamless user experience across different regions and devices. They have a basic monolithic architecture that is becoming difficult to maintain and update.

They need to design a new system architecture that is modular, flexible, and resilient, using microservices and cloud-native technologies.

However, they lack the resources to do so in-house. Therefore, they decide to hire Scalo with proven experience in providing software designing services and delivering high-quality solutions within their budget and timeline.


When You Need to Scale Up Your Virtual Infrastructure

large organization specializing in technical support of sports events wants to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency by migrating to the cloud. They have a general idea of how to separate their domains and functions. Still, they need IT infrastructure design experts to plan and implement a robust and scalable system architecture that can handle their complex and dynamic needs. However, they don’t have the expertise or time to do it themselves. They choose Scalo, a company specializing in designing and implementing virtual IT infrastructure for the cloud and has proven experience in similar projects.

When Your Existing Software Solutions Pull You Down

national-wide railroad operator wants to modernize its mobile application and other points-of-sales to attract and retain more customers. Their outdated, slow, unreliable app results in poor user satisfaction and loyalty. They need to design a new system architecture that is user-friendly, fast, and secure, using the latest technologies and best practices. Considering they don’t have the required skills and resources to do so internally, they decided to partner with Scalo with extensive software architecture design experience that can deliver a top-notch solution.

Let Us Design the Software
Let Us Design the Software

Let Us Design the Software
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