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The Essence of Cloud DevOps Engineering Services in Scalo

In Scalo Cloud DevOps services, we provide you with a combination of DevOps best practices and the latest cloud computing principles.

The DevOps in the cloud service links software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to extend the development, deployment, and application management in your company.

Cloud DevOps engineering services also leverage cloud-native computing services and platforms for business use cases.

 Key Advantages of Scalo’s Cloud DevOps Approach

Increased Efficiency and Productivity
Once you decide to deploy automation and streamlined processes with DevOps in the cloud, you boost team productivity and reduce overhead by minimizing the amount of manual work.
Continuous Integration and Deployment
You can implement automation with Cloud DevOps Services, allowing for trouble-free code integration and deployment, improving quality and speed.
Enhanced Scalability
Scalo Cloud DevOps Services can help you scale your applications and infrastructure according to your changing business needs and customer demands.
Cost Optimization
Increase resource efficiency and minimize development costs by leveraging Cloud DevOps services for long-term operational benefits.

Our Key Focus Areas in Cloud DevOps Services 

intelligent data

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)

In cloud DevOps engineering services, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery automate software development processes to enhance software delivery speed and quality. CI/CD simplifies the process of building software releases, automates deployment, and drastically reduces the time needed for testing. It also allows developers to release more often, increasing the efficiency of the feedback loop with customers.

Security and Compliance

Security and compliance in Cloud DevOps services focus on integrating security principles, best practices, and threat detection in cloud-based infrastructure and applications. It implements and automates security controls as well as a set of procedures and practices to check if the cloud environment complies with governance rules.

Implementation of security measures is instrumental in establishing procedures and policies for preventing cyberattacks.

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Monitoring plays a vital role in Scalo’s Cloud DevOps service, providing valuable insights into performance, incidents, and costs. Without proper infrastructure and application monitoring, it is impossible to assess the overall system’s stability. Monitoring also helps predict vulnerabilities and potential issues before they arise, ensuring proactive measures can be taken. Scalo’s experts implement monitoring using dedicated cloud-native solutions and third-party software, selecting them based on cost efficiency and system architecture.

Automation Tools

At Scalo, we believe in the power of automation to optimize various aspects of cloud operations. We use a range of tools to monitor and manage cloud resources, orchestrate containerized applications, and implement continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. With our automation expertise, we help organizations achieve faster, smoother, and more reliable cloud performance.

Digital Transformation

Infrastructure Implementation

Infrastructure implementation, vital to Scalo’s Cloud DevOps services, involves creating live infrastructure aligned with project needs. Leveraging Infrastructure as Code (IaC), an essential tool in our approach, we empower the automation and scalability of infrastructure provisioning.

The use of IaC eliminates the need for manual configuration, allowing businesses to focus on their core functionalities with the ability to manage infrastructure as though it’s software code. This approach ensures reproducibility, reviewability, and the ability to manage multiple environments efficiently.

Incident and Event Response

A robust incident response policy is essential for organizations running resources in the cloud. At Scalo, we believe an efficient event response strategy cannot exist without comprehensive and effective application monitoring. And whenever a security incident occurs, our experts follow a set of activities – from a thorough investigation of the root causes, through fixing the bugs, to implementing corrective actions for the future. Additionally, if needed, we organize a post-mortem meeting to review the incident and discuss improvements for future incident responses.

Our DevOps Cloud Solutions Across Sectors 

Banking and Fintech
Banking and Fintech
In the digital era, the banking and fintech sector faces challenges like meeting customer expectations, regulations compliance, and legacy product migration. Scalo provides cloud DevOps solutions to address these challenges and more. We help banking and fintech organizations leverage hybrid and private cloud environments, implement data analytics solutions, and modernize products with cloud-native technologies.
By leveraging cloud DevOps services, manufacturing firms can streamline operations by simplifying IOT solutions, outsourcing infrastructure management, and accessing new integration opportunities. Additionally, adopting a data-centric approach enables manufacturers to make data-driven decisions, improve operations, and optimize the supply chain through data analytics.
Using cloud DevOps services in the e-commerce industry facilitates the innovation of businesses by enabling faster deployment of new features and upgrades. By utilizing the MACH architecture, where applicable, we provide e-commerce firms with modular and scalable infrastructure, allowing easy integration of services and enhanced scalability to meet fluctuating e-commerce demands.
Cloud DevOps services enable the logistics industry to leverage microservices architecture, allowing individual services to be independently scaled out as needed. This ensures that the system can handle increased demand without affecting other application parts, resulting in improved availability and responsiveness.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
With cloud DevOps engineering services, renewable energy companies can quickly scale their operations to meet the growing demands of the industry and adapt to changing market conditions. Cloud DevOps services provide improved data management and analytics capabilities, allowing energy companies to harness the power of data to drive innovation and optimize energy production.

Why Work with Us?

Vast experience in architecting software solutions
Vast experience in architecting software solutions
Business-first approach when designing software architecture
Business-first approach when designing software architecture
15+ years in the software services industry
30+ experienced software architects onboard
30+ experienced software architects onboard
Cloud solutions providers’ certificates (Azure, AWS, GCP)
Cloud solutions providers’ certificates (Azure, AWS, GCP)

When DevOps in the Cloud from Scalo May Help You? 

infrastructure implementation

You should contact Scalo experts of cloud DevOps services in the following cases:

  • you want to automate your software implementation process,
  • you need cloud DevOps services for infrastructure implementation,
  • you need a reliable partner to implement your cloud infrastructure,
  • your team needs training and guidance in DevOps in the cloud field.
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See How We Cooperate with Our Clients

backend and frontend development

A retail company of medium size was going to expand its operations to multiple locations in different parts of the World. The company used an on-premises IT infrastructure to manage its sales, inventory, and customer data. The company’s continuous growth made it clear to the owners and the management that the current on-premise solution was getting harder to maintain in multiple locations and costly to upgrade.

The company decided to trust DevOps in the cloud and to move their on-premise solution into the cloud computing environment. The dedicated team of developers maintained the previous solution, which made the owners proud of implemented software.

However, they lacked experience in building highly automated infrastructure and modern cloud-native development. The company development team members didn’t want to learn from scratch and make beginner’s mistakes. They needed some well-experienced developers to implement the infrastructure in line with cloud DevOps services standards and best practices.

Experts from Scalo supported the team of programmers with their extensive knowledge and rich experience. Thanks to this, the modernization of the existing software took place without any problems, and the whole procedure was a valuable lesson for programmers.

Do You Want to Implement
Do You Want to Implement

Do You Want to Implement
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