A system built on dozens of machines, appliances, and devices, monitored and managed remotely from one single point. It’s not a vision. It’s the reality created thanks to advanced connectivity software.

Make your products smarter. Build solutions based on data collected from devices and manage them remotely. Our team will support you at all stages of the project – from creating architecture to developing data collection software and connectivity apps.

Connectivity solutions we provide

Designing connectivity architecture based on IoT

  • Making use of protocols and standard libraries.
  • Using defined protocols to collect measurement data.
  • Using client sensors and creating measurement points for data collection.
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Developing data transmission and processing solutions

  • Transferring data to the target server, data centre, or cloud.
  • Building databases.
  • Exporting and converting data for further analysis.

Building applications for remote device management

  • Creating the app architecture and logic.
  • Designing interfaces.
  • Developing and implementing the application.
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How our connectivity solutions can support your business

Collecting data from production halls

Monitor your entire production process in one control panel. Gather data from all pieces of equipment and analyse it to assess their condition better and spot any potential failures.

Collecting data from appliances

Continuously gather data and monitor the condition of your appliances, subassemblies, and their components. Detect any potential glitches and fix them before they lead to serious failures.

Remote monitoring of devices

Remotely monitor different pieces of your manufacturing equipment. Regularly check their key parameters and how they work – and if necessary, service them.

The advantages of implementing connectivity solutions

Predicting and preventing potential issues

Unifying data management

Remote monitoring of your appliances

Let’s talk about connectivity solutions

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