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When it comes to delivering a robust digital experience that sharpens a competitive edge, PHP offers unbeaten development opportunities. The language is aimed at implementing secure and powerful server sides of all types of applications. dnts’ growth, translating their business ideas into modern technology language.

As a PHP development company with years of experience, we skillfully tame PHP to deliver outstanding web portals and other web-based solutions. Our team of core PHP consultants has designed and delivered numerous ready-to-use and customized websites and apps that help businesses scale fast and stay future-proof.

Technology Competencies

As one of the leaders among European PHP development companies, we guarantee the best practices implementation for all projects we deliver. We offer qualified IT specialists and experts in PHP web services who provide truly excellent and powerful PHP solutions.

Applications and custom systems we build are high-performing, secure, and technologically advanced so that you can be sure your system will be able to scale as your business grows. We have a firm grasp of all major PHP frameworks as well as a profound understanding of PHP best practices.

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PHP Frameworks We Use

PHP alone is not enough to build a feature-rich solution. It consists of numerous libraries and popular frameworks. PHP frameworks are platforms that support creating PHP web applications. They provide code libraries for commonly used functions that cut down on the lines of code you need to write.

At Scalo, we use PHP frameworks to speed up the development process, write less code, and use libraries for common tasks. They provide the basic structure and components to build web applications. Also, they reuse code to avoid repetitive tasks. Usually, we use the following PHP frameworks:

  • Laravel – a framework for PHP app development. It allows our developers to write code fast and intuitively. The framework is extremely scalable.
  • Symfony – a PHP framework for large websites and applications. We mainly use it to build specific features in a project without redeveloping the rest of it.
  • Drupal – a content management system for projects, no matter their sizes. It enables us to build large and complex corporate websites.

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PHP Development Services We Provide

At Scalo, we provide expert PHP development solutions using the great flexibility of the language. With the successful implementation of hundreds of PHP projects, we’ve managed to handle the exact requirements of both startups and large-scale organizations.

PHP Web App Development

Web Application Development Services

According to research, nearly 80% of all websites across the web use PHP as a server-side programming language. The language is the best option mainly because of its powerful functionalities, simplicity, availability, and scalability.

As a company offering professional PHP services, we deliver robust solutions to clients who require a fast, intuitive, and feature-rich experience. By choosing Scalo for your PHP web app development, you choose proven knowledge and a proven team.

PHP Web Apps Development by Scalo

Working with PHP is our passion, and we lead each project to the very end within time and budget. We have accumulated knowledge and skills while developing solutions that facilitate the management of processes, workflows, and documentation, including ERP and CMS systems.

We are professionals in building amazing Progressive Web Applications that are cost-effective and operate on multiple devices. We also provide full cycle Single Page Applications including UI/UX design, front-end and back-end development, as well as testing and maintenance.

PHP Desktop App Development

Desktop Application Development Solutions

Desktop app development is a process where we build applications that can be used on desktops and laptops. They don’t require any Internet connection to run – users just have to download and install them on their computers.

As people nowadays spend more and more time online on desktops, the demand for desktop applications has never been higher. A professional desktop app is a way to increase profitability in your market, achieve higher engagement rates, and obtain greater visibility in search engines.

PHP Desktop Application Development Company

At Scalo, we build full-fledged desktop applications with PHP to develop native desktop GUI apps for businesses.

The language allows us to build applications that perform well on platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. PHP also supports databases. The language is perfect for building e.g., browser-based games or helper applications.

Custom PHP Development Service

Bespoke Development Solutions

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages that powers countless websites and applications. It has numerous features that make the language perfect for custom development solutions.

We recommend it for websites, cloud-based platforms, applications, and e-commerce stores.

Scalo's Custom PHP Development Services

At Scalo, we offer unmatched custom development services based on the latest technology standards and frameworks. Our skilled PHP developers create highly-scalable, robust custom solutions ranging from dynamic websites to complex ERP systems.

We offer PHP website development services, custom CMS development, custom PHP app development, as well as PHP MySQL development services. Whether it’s a startup or a complex organization, we’ll be happy to move your business processes to the next level.

Dedicated PHP Development Teams

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Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

If you are looking for fully-qualified developers at reasonable prices without overheads and additional costs, a dedicated development team is something you should consider. We have a pool of several PHP developers – most of them are senior and mid-level PHP consultants.

Team augmentation works like full-time support for your in-house team or as a fully functional software team united by a single goal. At any stage of our collaboration, you have full control over their working activities.

Benefits of working with Scalo’s Development Teams

You have access to high-level knowledge, experience in PHP development website solutions and PHP application development, and at the same time, you don’t spend a lot of money on recruiting processes, equipment, and other expenses that are usually connected with hiring in-house developers.

You can choose the working model that suits your needs best – our dedicated PHP development team services can be completely tailored to your organization. You can select a highly flexible arrangement and pay hourly, the monthly retainer where usual work hours apply, or a time and materials model where you are charged as per time spent by our PHP developers.

Our PHP Development Process

At Scalo, we offer a full-cycle PHP development process. We deliver ready-to-use, competitive software solutions aimed at enhancing your business. 

Comprehensive analysis

We organize a workshop to get to know your requirements and business goals to provide you with the best resources for your organization. During this phase, we gather requirements and set the goals of the project.

We design custom solutions based on our knowledge and experience

We include the features and functionalities you need and choose the technology stack.


This is when our PHP developers do their magic. This stage ends with implementation.

Quality Assurance enhancements and tests

All PHP solutions we deliver are thoroughly tested and debugged. We always go with suggestions on enhancements prepared by our QA specialists. All the issues found during the testing process are addressed to the development team and the testing team is requested to test the project once again.

Maintenance and after-release support

We ensure your software works efficiently for your business’s success. Therefore, we offer 24/7 support at any stage of our collaboration. This involves minor tweaks, updating, and upgrading your software.

Our PHP Industry Expertise

Within the last few years, we’ve been delivering PHP solutions to businesses operating in various industries.

Fintech & Banking

Financial and banking institutions rely on trusted, verified, and secured systems. We build world-class applications for the most demanding clients.


A new online shop or complex e-commerce platform? At Scalo, we develop beautiful, fully-fledged e-commerce solutions, no matter if you are a home-based online shop or a large-scale platform operating worldwide.


Need a complex platform to efficiently manage your business processes and data? We’ll build a custom solution that will be tailor-made for your organization.


Managing the supply chain can be a daunting task. No matter the size of your company, we’ll be happy to bring your logistic processes to a brand-new level.

financial software expertise

Advantages of PHP 

We love PHP because it provides an outstanding fusion of simplicity and maturity. It’s flexible and great for building products of all kinds from simple websites to complex web apps. The main benefits of using PHP are:

  • As already said, it’s flexible – both simple and mature, to build complex apps.
  • It’s popular. Nearly 80% of websites are built with PHP. Also, the language has an extensive community.
  • It’s cost-effective and it’s an open-source language. No licensing costs included!
  • It provides impressive performance. PHP can be easily used for building high-performance, scalable apps.
  • PHP has amazing, feature-rich frameworks that allow for quicker, safer, and cheaper app development.
  • It’s very stable which makes PHP a safe choice for any business. At the same time, the language is versatile and has a wide variety of uses.
  • Finally, PHP is user-friendly and easy to learn. If you are looking to develop dynamic and complex web applications, PHP is only the first choice to choose from another programming language.

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