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Scalo - Your Trusted Software Development Company

We are a world-class Software Development Company. A team of professionals focused on crafting digital innovations for forward-thinking brands.  

We Understand Your Challenge

A highly adaptive approach is what separates us from the competition. We don’t believe in one-fits-all solutions. Thus we challenge initial assumptions and look for the right questions to ask. Tap into our expertise and benefit from a true Software Partnership.

A Software Partner Who Adds Value to Your Project

Scalo is much more than a regular software vendor. We’re a Software Partner working towards your business goals. We deliver Custom Software Solutions and build Dedicated Development Teams to help you scale, deliver faster, and reduce your Time-to-Market.

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Work with Tech Champions. Keep your deadlines. Stay flexible and cost-efficient.

Our Software Services

Dedicated Software Development Teams

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Great people are the key to success in each software project. We know how to pick the best experts and create cross-functional development teams dedicated to supporting your project.

Custom Software Development Services

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We develop bespoke software to match your needs with the ideal tech solutions. Benefit from Scalo engineers’ experience and take your business to new heights with tailored software products.

IT Staff Augumentation Services

Hire top software developers from Scalo. Extend your in-house software development team with missing competencies.

Software Consulting Services

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If your project is stuck, our software experts will give you a helping hand. We’ll review the code, evaluate the existing technological solutions, analyze business goals and propose the perfect solution to your challenge.

Project Management

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Give your business a boost with perfectly managed software projects. We’ll help you at each stage of software development process: from business analysis to UX, development, and QA.

IT Outsourcing Services

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Get additional support for your in-house software department, from staff augmentation, to custom software development, to dedicated remote teams. We’ll help you get your projects done.

Our Technology Focus


Professionals in Full Cycle Software Development

As a custom software development company, we deliver tailor-made solutions covering both front-end development and back-end development. Our expertise in back-end development is based on 3 top programming technologies: JAVA, .NET, and Python. At the same time, we support our clients by providing the highest level of competencies in web and front solutions, especially in JavaScript, React, and Angular development. Absolute proficiency in these software services allows us to deliver perfectly performing applications to help our partners reach new heights.

Top-Notch Tech Experts Ready Support Your Projects

Having implemented more than 300 successful software projects, we have also achieved full proficiency in other crucial technology areas such as Quality Assurance, Embedded solutions (C/C++), Cloud (AWS and Azure), Mobile, and Databases. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced technology partner, we’re here to support you with the knowledge and skills of our top development teams.

We're proud to work with

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and they’re happy with it

They were experienced, and it went great.

Advertising Tech Firm

It’s been a pleasure working with them.

Xavier Anguera

Scalo is a very reliable partner and their productivity is impressive.

Associate Director
Digital Solutions Company

I feel confident working with them, knowing that they’ll be willing to help if an unforeseen situation comes up. 

Artur Bukowski
IT Director

They’re super professional in all aspects of the project. They understand the commercials on their side and our side.   

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William Conaghan

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Custom Software Development Company for your business success

| 600 software developers on board |

| 15 years on the market |

| 4 development centers located in top Polish IT hubs |


What services does Scalo offer as a software house?

At Scalo, we genuinely believe in a flexible approach to the client’s needs and the goals they plan to achieve. That’s why we deliver the full spectrum of software services. Our main area of expertise is custom software development; we build tailor-made applications with business in mind. At the same time, we can help you by forming dedicated, cross-functional development teams or through staff augmentation services. We also offer software solution consulting services when needed, especially when you need advice on software solutions or are stuck with a particular project.

What technological competencies do you have?

Scalo’s primary domain is bespoke solutions tailored to specific business needs, with vast experience in front-end (React, Angular, Vue, JavaScript) and back-end development (especially using .NET, JAVA, PHP, and Python). We fulfil our main domain thanks to our expertise in technologies and competencies such as the cloud, embedded software, business intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, and mobile.

What do we need before starting a software project with your company?

We know no one solution fits all kinds of clients and business cases, but we have created our own “Scalo Way” methodology, based on which we focus firstly on your business, your goals, and the existing technological landscape. Therefore, before we start any project, we need to go through the initial business engagement and discovery together with you. Based on the output of this phase, we can propose a dedicated solution, and of course you can decide if you will proceed further with Scalo.

What does the software development process look like at Scalo?

We work according to our unique “Scalo Way” methodology, based on six main steps. In the first step, Initial Business Engagement, we analyse your business goals, collect the primary information, and map the competencies and responsibilities needed to launch the project. In the second Discovery Phase, we work together to design a software solution that suits your challenges. We then move to the Project Setup, where we set the project details, establish the timeline and costs, and finally we begin design and software development. Here we work and report according to the methodology we have chosen with the client. We can wrap up our cooperation with handover and project closure when the solution is ready and implemented. Of course, we are still open to further extensions and improvements to the software we built.

What methodologies are used in the product development process?

Scalo is a company with Agile at heart, and where possible, we always encourage our clients to run software projects according to best Agile practices and Scrum methods. Based on our experience, we know that this approach guarantees optimal product delivery in most cases. However, there are also some cases where Waterfall or V-Model suits the client better, and we also recommend these as suitable approaches.

Is it possible to cooperate with Scalo using the outsourcing model?

Yes. We’re based in Poland, one of the most important and dynamically developing IT hubs in Europe. We deliver our services globally and bring value to customers who we cooperate with using nearshoring (EU, Israel) or offshoring (USA) models.

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