Power Your Progress with Scalo,a Software Development Company
Power Your Progress with Scalo,a Software Development Company
Power Your Progress with Scalo, a Software Development Company

Unlock your business potential by getting the best from
bespoke software and expert development teams.
We build solutions so you can build success.

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Power Your Progress with Scalo,a Software Development Company

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Let’s TalkAbout Your Needs
Let’s TalkAbout Your Needs
Let’s Talk
About Your Needs
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Łukasz Pol

Head of Business Development

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Maximize Your Digital Potential.
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Unleash your digital potential with Scalo, your go-to software services company.

Our targeted software product development services are designed to deliver innovation, strategic insights, and impactful results.

Scalo Software Dev

The Software Partnership – New Vision of IT Outsourcing

At Scalo, we have redefined IT outsourcing by building it on the foundation of technology partnerships, a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, and a firm commitment to achieving their goals. We believe in working together, not just as software product development services providers, but as trusted partners committed to shared objectives.

Here are the main advantages of Scalo’s unique approach to outsourcing:

Focus on shared goals: We align our ambitions with yours, ensuring all efforts are directed towards a common destination.

Flexibility in cooperation models: Our adaptable collaboration models allow us to tailor our services to suit your business requirements.

Deep understanding of client’s business: We don’t just serve your business; we understand it, enabling us to provide insightful solutions that drive growth.

Comprehensive technology stack: With a wide range of technological expertise, we can cater to diverse IT needs and deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Ability to act fast: Our agile approach ensures swift action and rapid response to changes, keeping your business ahead of the curve.

Competitive billing models: Our cost-effective pricing models provide you with superior solutions without breaking the bank.

 We get your industry. We get you.

With more than 15 years of experience, we saw and solved hundreds of industry-specific business cases.

As a dedicated software development company, we gained a great understanding of banking, financials, SaaS, manufacturing, renewable energy, media, and many others.

We will use this expertise to support your business, too.

Case Studies

    Enhancing operational efficiency for a government agency

    Discover how automation and system enhancements led to faster and more accurate service delivery at a prominent government agency.

    View case study
    Long-term cooperation with a global financial institution

    Discover how, through strategic software solutions, including Business Intelligence dashboards and a microservices architecture, we delivered improved the operational efficiency of a major financial institution.

    View case study
    Conversational AI-based platform for a bank

    We implemented an AI-based chatbot for a banking customer portal. The tool uses artificial intelligence to understand users’ questions and assign them for resolution.

    View case study

    Opinions of Our Satisfied Clients 

    Xavier AngueraELSA

    It’s been a pleasure working with them.

    Łukasz FidoZooplus

    They are a reliable partner who understands our needs.

    William Conaghan Change Donations

    They’re super professional in all aspects of the project. They understand the commercials on their side and our side.   

    Robert MartinAsseco

    Involvement of  Scalo provides us with an instant access to the necessary technological competences and essential support for our projects. This allow us to deliver high quality solutions, that assist our clients in everyday work.

    Radosław SamlikVolvo

    The Scalo team was significantly more productive and submitted better-quality deliverables in less time.

    Artur BukowskiCRIF

    I feel confident working with them, knowing that they’ll be willing to help if an unforeseen situation comes up. 

    Our Unique Approach to Software Partnership

    Having delivered more than 300 software projects in the last 15 years, we built the unique approach we call “Scalo Way”.

    The central assumption of our philosophy is: That even most sophisticated technology solution is worthless if it doesn’t bring any business value. And our goal is to craft digital products with your business in mind.

    Therefore, we always act according to the “Scalo Way” to find a proper software solution for your business case and help you grow.

    HOW WE
    DO IT
    Deep analysis of your business case,
    goals, and the initial assumptions
    Solution Design
    Solution Design
    Linking you with proper solutions based
    on our experience and technological
    Setting and adjusting the cooperation
    model to achieve fast and effective
    solution delivery
    Successful cooperation in a full swing

    Why Work With Us 

    Our software development company in numbers


    Projects delivered




    Years of experience


    Development centres

     Empowering Businesses Worldwide with Software Development Services

    Scalo projects worldwide

    Scalo is a Polish software development services company that will help you succeed globally.
    With a strong presence in America, Europe, and the Middle East, we are an international organization that thrives on diversity and innovation.

    We adapt and align with your specific needs, no matter your location or industry.
    Whether you are a large manufacturer in the US, a financial institution in the UK, a tech corporation in the EU, or a renewable energy firm in Israel,
    our software development company is equipped to understand your challenges and deliver solutions that drive success.

    Our global delivery model, combined with our deep understanding of various markets,
    positions us as your premier choice for software development services on a global scale.

    Proofs of Excellence
    Microsoft Gold dark
    Clutch Champion
    Microsoft partner
    ISO 27001
    Clutch Global
    Gazele biznesu
    custom software development company

    Aligning Our Technical Proficiency with Your Needs

    From mainstream to niche, we’ve mastered a broad spectrum of technologies, enabling us to tackle any digital challenge you may face. Our proficiency doesn’t stop at addressing current needs – we’re here to help you shape your tech future. Providing strategic technology guidance, we assist in choosing the optimal tech stack for your unique requirements, driving efficiency, and fostering innovation.

    Full Stack Development: Our expertise spans numerous front-end and back-end systems, ensuring comprehensive, end-to-end tech solutions that streamline your business operations.

    AI and Data Science: We harness cutting-edge AI and data technologies to transform raw data into actionable insights, steering your business toward a data-driven future and informed decision-making.

    Cloud Computing: By leveraging the power and flexibility of cloud technologies, we deliver scalable, resilient, and cost-effective solutions, providing you with a competitive edge.

    Embedded Technologies: Our in-depth knowledge of various embedded systems enables us to create complex, efficient, and reliable solutions, enhancing the reliability of your operations and reducing costs

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