Power Your Progress with Scalo,a Software Development Company
Power Your Progress with Scalo,a Software Development Company
Bringing Your Vision to Life with Future-Ready Software

We are a leading European IT company supporting your business growth with tailored software solutions, skilled development teams, and expert consulting

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Power Your Progress with Scalo,a Software Development Company

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Our Services

Our services are designed to help you navigate the digital landscape and provide comprehensive solutions to foster growth and digital discovery.
With our expert guidance, you can be sure each service is customized to your unique business needs.

Areas of  Our Expertise 

Think beyond coding with Scalo. Benefit from our comprehensive expertise, tailored to deliver solutions your business truly needs to succeed. 

Looking for a partner who gets your vision?
Looking for a partner who gets your vision?
Looking for a partner who gets your vision?
Let's meet and work together!

Jerzy Wiśniewski

Chief Technology Officer at Scalo

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Case Studies

    How to scale business growth with an Azure-based data platform?

    Find out how we helped an established fintech company modernize their software for improved scalability and reliability with the Azure cloud.

    View case study
    Improving e-commerce platform performance with a migration to microservices

    See how our client improved their e-commerce platform performance by modernizing a monolithic system.

    View case study
    Crew management & recovery system for an aviation company

    A global aviation leader revolutionized crew management and recovery systems. By leveraging Java, Spring, and Oracle, they have significantly enhanced system performance, reliability, and scalability.

    View case study

    See What Our  Clients Say 

    Piotr LigezaModivo

    Scalo’s responsiveness, budget-consciousness, and client-centric approach are hallmarks of their work.

    Xavier AngueraELSA

    It’s been a pleasure working with them.

    Jessi LichteneckerGiga.Green

    Scalo has successfully implemented the system’s UI design and different features. Their team has demonstrated good project management and team fit, which pleases the client.

    Łukasz FidoZooplus

    They are a reliable partner who understands our needs.

    William Conaghan Change Donations

    They’re super professional in all aspects of the project. They understand the commercials on their side and our side.   

    Robert MartinAsseco

    Involvement of  Scalo provides us with an instant access to the necessary technological competences and essential support for our projects. This allow us to deliver high quality solutions, that assist our clients in everyday work.

    Radosław SamlikVolvo

    The Scalo team was significantly more productive and submitted better-quality deliverables in less time.

    Artur BukowskiCRIF

    I feel confident working with them, knowing that they’ll be willing to help if an unforeseen situation comes up. 

    Your Trusted Software Partner

    Scalo Microsoft Partner

    Excelling client expectations has been Scalo’s mission ever since we started our journey with software development and IT talent outsourcing services. Today, 17 years and hundreds of successful projects later, we enjoy a reputation for reliability and professionalism. One of our core principles is service integrity, which means we never offer unnecessary features. This approach builds trust and solidifies our reputation for reliability.

    Our focus on quality and dedication to following the best industry standards and practices have earned us prestigious certifications, including Microsoft Gold Partner and ISO 27001. We have also been awarded the esteemed Forbes Diamond Award, recognizing our exceptional performance, growth, and customer satisfaction. Our clients have shared their positive experiences with us on Clutch, a leading platform for B2B services and solutions, further validating our commitment to delivering exceptional results. 

    It’s safe to say that if you seek a reliable Software Partner, you’re in the right place. 

    ISO 27001
    Microsoft Gold dark
    Clutch Global
    Clutch Champion
    Top10 Best Web Dev
    Gazele biznesu
    Forbes Diamonds

    The Software Partnership – New Vision of IT Outsourcing

    At Scalo, we have redefined IT outsourcing by building it on the foundation of technology partnerships, a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, and an unwavering commitment to helping them achieve their goals. We are trusted partners who share the same objectives as our clients, offering much more than traditional outsourcing. 

    Here are the main advantages of Scalo’s unique approach to outsourcing:

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    Strategic Alignment: Rather than just following instructions, we align our strategies with your vision, contributing our efforts directly to your long-term success.

    number point

    Flexible Collaboration: Our customizable cooperation models go beyond standard outsourcing and adapt to suit your specific business requirements.

    number point

    Business Immersion: We don’t just serve your business; we take the time to understand it, which lets us provide insightful solutions that drive your growth.

    number point

    Comprehensive Expertise: Scalo’s technological expertise allows us to cater to various IT needs, delivering solutions that exceed typical outsourcing capabilities.

    number point

    Proactive Agility: Our agile methodology ensures we can react quickly and effectively to changes, keeping your business ahead of the competition.

    number point

    Service Integrity: We commit to delivering only the necessary features, ensuring you get exactly what you need without surplus additions.

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    Competitive Pricing: With our cost-effective pricing models, we can provide superior solutions without breaking the bank.

     Years of Industry Experience 
    at Your Service

    With more than 17 years of experience, we saw and solved hundreds of industry-specific business cases.

    As a dedicated software development company, we gained a great understanding of banking, financials, SaaS, manufacturing, renewable energy, media, and many others.

    We will use this expertise to support your business, too.

    Our Unique Approach to Software Partnership

    Having delivered more than 750 software projects in the last 17 years, we have built a unique and mature approach we call the “Scalo Way.” 

    The central tenet of our philosophy is that even the most sophisticated technology solution is worthless if it doesn’t bring business value. We craft digital products with your business goals in mind, utilizing the extensive experience we’ve gained through numerous projects. 

    We also firmly believe in long-term partnerships. No client is ever left to navigate on their own once a product is developed. We continue to support, maintain, and further develop your solutions, ensuring their growth and adaptability to future challenges. 

    At Scalo, we always act according to the “Scalo Way” to find the proper software solution for your business case so you can grow now and into the future. 

    Deep analysis of your business case,
    goals, and the initial assumptions
    Solution Design
    Solution Design
    Linking you with proper solutions based
    on our experience and technological requirements
    Successful cooperation in a full swing
    Maintenance and Support
    Maintenance and Support
    Ensuring your software works well
    Scalo Projects - References

    Empowering Businesses Worldwide with Software Development Services

    Scalo is a Polish software development services company that will help you succeed globally.
    With a strong presence in America, Europe, and the Middle East, we are an international organization that thrives on diversity and innovation.

    We adapt and align with your specific needs, no matter your location or industry.
    Whether you are a large manufacturer in the US, a financial institution in the UK, a tech corporation in the EU, or a renewable energy firm in Israel, our software development company is equipped to understand your challenges and deliver solutions that drive success.

    Our global delivery model, combined with our deep understanding of various markets,
    positions us as your premier choice for software development services on a global scale.

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    Why Work With Us 

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    Aligning Our Technical Proficiency with Your Needs

    From mainstream to niche, we’ve mastered a broad spectrum of technologies, enabling us to tackle any digital challenge you may face. Our expertise isn’t limited to current needs – we’re here to support your tech future. With strategic technology guidance, we help you choose the tech stack optimal for your unique requirements.

    Full Stack Development: Benefit from our skills in front-end and back-end technologies, including Angular, React, Java, JavaScript, .Net, and Node.js. Let us provide complete tech solutions to streamline your business operations.

    AI and Data Science: Leverage the latest AI and data technologies, backed with our Python expertise. Turn raw data into valuable insights and transform your business toward a future where decisions are based on data.

    Cloud Computing: Get the most out of cloud technologies like AWS and Azure. Allow us to create scalable, resilient, and cost-effective solutions that will effectively give your business a competitive edge.

    Embedded Technologies: Utilize our deep knowledge of various embedded systems. Let us build complex, efficient, and reliable solutions that improve your operations and reduce costs.

    Start your journey with a free consultation on your software needs

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