As a technology partner we build custom applications that support key business processes and cover specific business needs. Our end-to-end software projects will help you to launch your product successfully and promote the uniqueness of your brand.

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Software project delivery with Scalo

At Scalo, we aim to be your software partner. Our custom software projects delivery is aimed at making your business grow faster and more efficiently. We develop new software solutions but also expand your existing applications with additional functionalities.

Our goal is to help you focus on your core business activities. That’s why we manage full-cycle software development– from gathering and analysing your requirements, to creating a software architecture and its further development, testing, and maintenance.

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Scalo's Agile software development process

High-level planning

We gather and analyse your requirements and objectives–and use it to create project documentation and initial plans.

Creating a solution architecture

At this stage, we select the software solution that will match your expectations and needs identified in the initial phase.

Defining the backlog

We define and specify the tasks to be delivered throughout the development process.

Sprint planning

Our team selects the tasks to be delivered in a given sprint.


We develop the solution following your objectives and requirements.

Work acceptance

Once the project is ready, our team proceeds with testing it and checking if all features work as required.


The solution gets implemented in a production environment.

We follow the Agile Software Development methodology

Product backlog
Tasks and issues prioritised by the client
Items specified by the develop team
Sprint Backlog
Items assigned for delivery in a given sprint
New functionality
A functional feature or product

Depending on our client needs, we often recommend working in the Scrum Methodology, and adhering to a 14-day sprints schedule.

Agile methodology helps us to

Deliver software projects faster and more efficiently

Adjust the scopes and priorities during the project and minimise their impact on the budget

Continuously evaluate and monitor the progress of a project

Only carry out the requested and accepted tasks

Read what clients say about our software project delivery

We are proud of the work we do for our clients–and they seem happy about it, too!

They’re exceptionally hardworking. I don’t think we’ve worked with any team before with working hours like that. They clearly care about the product and it’s not just a job for them, so that has been amazing for us as well.

Change Donations
Lizzy Hayashida & William Conaghan
Co-Founder CEO & Co-Founder CFO

We know that Scalo is a good partner for companies which want to scale up their software development teams fast. They got great understanding of business needs, deliver experienced specialists, and know-how to build IT team in no time.

Katarzyna Wieczorek-Krasuska

Project work carried out by Scalo (former NBC) specialists always meets the Bank’s expectations. We rate our cooperation with Scalo highly. We appreciate commitment, professional approach and quick response for any changes and our needs.

Adam Polkowski
Deputy director of the purchasing department

We evaluate our cooperation with Scalo (former NBC) as very professional and the services they provide are carried out properly. We appreciate the commitment, professional approach and high qualifications of specialists as well as quick response to the company needs.

Piotr Badura

Scalo’s (former NBC) dedicated specialists have successfully delivered expertise needed for developing systems in PHP and .NET technology (which are based on microservices architecture), alongside with SharePoint solutions. Above all NBC has proven that they are stable and reliable IT partner.

Idea Bank
Grzegorz Pędzisz
IT Governance Department Director

The implementation of projects required the involvement of specialists with different competencies and technologies, including PHP, Java, and Frontend. The services provided by Scalo (former NBC) were performed on time and with high quality.

Marek Panek

Involvement of  Scalo provides us with an instant access to the necessary technological competences and essential support for our projects. This allow us to deliver high quality solutions, that assist our clients in everyday work.

Robert Martin

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