Web application for smart warehousing

The Client

The client is a globally operating, end-to-end warehouse design company, specializing in smart warehousing and automation.

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When speed is of the essence

The client’s requirement was to build a web application supporting automation of WES – Warehouse Execution System. The system helps to facilitate work in warehouses for large e-commerce companies.

To ensure the required functionalities were available fast, the client decided to expand their development team. Another objective was to increase worldwide capacity, to meet project needs in different time zones. Our flexible software development outsourcing services provided a way to meet this goal.

smart warehousing app visualization

Automating warehouse operations

The team delivered by Scalo involves over 30 experts working as a part of a core in-house team, including Java, React, and C++ developers, as well as Scrum Masters, Business Analyst, and Testers.

We work on improving warehouse automation and support the configuration of the way the parcels are sorted and delivered to designated baskets. Additionally, our teams support integrating the warehouse with heavy-duty robots transporting large parcels and optimizing warehouse space.

Revolutionizing logistics

The updated application vastly improves warehouse operations. The sorting process is faster and handled by machines, reducing the risk of injury due to manual handling. In addition, the system facilitates greater visibility into the shipping process and storage levels.

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