Development of an autonomous warehousing system

The Client

One of the most advanced robotics companies in the UK.

  • IT 
  • Software 
  • Docker
  • Rabbit
  • Python
  • Microsoft Azure 

Advancing warehouse technology

The client is working on a system for automated warehouse platforms. An in-house development team is responsible for low-level embedded programming.

To speed up development of their concept, the company decided to find a tech partner with expertise in Python, distributed systems, data handling, and asynchronous communication. We were asked to support the organization in building upon the Proof of Concept. The goal was to develop an autonomous warehousing system.

Integrating expertise

Our specialists were tasked with implementing and testing algorithms for controlling automated platforms, ensuring seamless 24/7 operations in delivery centers and warehouses.

Together with the client, we are building a distributed and scalable system comprising multiple microservices, responsible for evaluating real-time traffic and recommending optimal routes for products on various platforms.

Our specialists are part of an interdisciplinary team that collaborates on both firmware and software development, ensuring a comprehensive approach to the project.

warehouse software visualization

Future directions

The collaboration is currently in the R&D stage, with continuous development and integration of new functionalities. The project has been compartmentalized into three smaller segments, each contributing to the overall goal of creating a cutting-edge autonomous warehousing system. Additionally, our team has established a robust backend architecture, laying a solid foundation for future developments in distributed systems.

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