Robotics and automation
Python 3.9 (FastAPI, asyncio, pedantic), Docker, RabbitMQ/Redis, Azure (CI/CD)

The Client

One of the most advanced robotic companies in the UK.

Project scope

The client required a Tech Partner ready to comprehensively deliver a set of specified competencies and know-how in the entire software development process. The client already had a functioning in-house development team responsible for low-level embedded programming.

The client built the project’s Proof of Concept in Python to decide on future development later in the process. Python developers with extensive knowledge in distributed systems, large streams of data, and asynchronous communication were requested by the client and delivered by Scalo. The client requested aid in boosting the core project’s capacity, which is the autonomous warehouse technology.

The challenge

Our specialists work on implementing and testing the algorithm responsible for controlling automated platforms that move products in delivery centers and warehouses 24/7.

A distributed and scalable system consisting of several microservices evaluates the current traffic and calculates and recommends the optimal route for products on all platforms. Our specialists are part of an interdisciplinary client team working on the firmware and software of this product.

Future development

The collaboration is a greenfield project built alongside the client’s in-house team. We continue to work on a single core project separated into three smaller ones. The project stays in the R&D stage with new functionalities added to the scope on the way. Additionally, our team created a robust backend architecture to serve as a foundation for the future development of distributed systems.

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