Standardizing land transport with an IoT-based solution

The Client

A major European logistics and transportation company.

  • Logistics & transportation
  • Microservices
  • Java

As a market leader, the client recognizes the need for optimizing operations wherever possible. With a land fleet shipping products across Europe, they wanted to implement a unified, standardized management system to increase productivity. This would also improve efficiency and customer experience by simplifying processes and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Leveraging the cloud for dynamic shipment tracking

We worked with the client to develop a scalable, reliable solution built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Leveraging an IoT-based distributed architecture, we achieved seamless management and expansion, and ensured data durability.

The application monitors international shipments across multiple modes of transportation. It also features alert management and customizable reporting based on selected criteria.

The system continuously evolves, with new functionalities being added regularly. This iterative approach allows the project to adapt to changing needs and incorporate emerging technologies.

The project was conducted with the continuous improvement approach, whereby developers would actively incorporate new technologies and replace parts of the system as needed to fulfill their functions better. This forward-thinking process encouraged innovation and presented the teams with exciting challenges. Cooperation was remote, opening up opportunities for collaboration with diverse talent and reduced geographical constraints.
Land transport tracking app visualization

Empowering decision-making in logistics with data

As a result of our cooperation, the client can benefit from a solution providing improved scalability, reliability, performance, and accurate handling of incoming data from telemetry devices. With incoming data, the client can make informed decisions regarding their shipping processes, and react promptly to any delays or other problems.

The client’s customers can also take advantage of a seamless and convenient way to manage their shipments, thus enhancing their experience. The successful execution of this project highlights the potential for leveraging modern technologies and embracing continuous improvement practices in the logistics industry.

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