Redesigning a sports event management application for the cloud

The Client

A global leader in developing scoring and timing systems for sports events.

  • IT 
  • Software 
  • Vue.js
  • .Net
  • Microsoft Azure 

Setting the goals

The customer has a mature on-premises solution supporting sports events management. Its functionalities span on-schedule setup, competitor starting list, and the entire scoring system.

Due to the logistic complexity and the associated costs, the client wanted to refactor the solution as a containerized application stored in the Azure cloud. The project was also an opportunity to develop and introduce new features to the solution.

The company enlisted Scalo’s help in research and development of the updated product. The goal was to implement a pilot solution in readiness for an upcoming sports event. Working in Agile (Scrum) methodology, we ramped up a fully functional team with Azure DevOps Architect, Technical Project Manager, .NET devs and QA to work on the app.

Picking up the pace

We worked closely with the client from the start, collaborating on the MVP of the solution. From the planning phase, through solution design, to delivery using the Infrastructure as Code approach, our team delivered a deployable on-demand, containerized, ready-to-use application in the cloud. The product is also available on-premises.

scoring app visualization

Hitting the mark

The MVP of the solution is on track to be released. As a result, planning stages for future development of the product are already underway.

With the updated product, the client will be able to save costs on on-premises hosting. In addition, scalability of the application is greatly improved with the use of the cloud. The container-based architecture makes it easier to add new functionalities and expand the solution as needed.

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