Agile Software Development Outsourcing: Revolutionizing IT Industry with Global Teams

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The Agile approach is a software development methodology that has completely changed the former collaboration model. It allows software developers and project managers to deliver a product faster, and the client pays significantly less for the entire service. Agile methodology is perfectly implemented in teams working in the client’s location, but it is becoming more common to practice Agile-style work in outsourcing groups. Read the article and see if Agile outsourcing software development is possible.

The Rise of Outsourcing in Agile Software Development

In recent years, interest in employing external teams has increased significantly. Cooperation with a company located in another country is often much more favorable financially, and the software quality does not differ from global standards. Outsourcing services is also more convenient when team members have problems smoothly implementing Agile principles. In such a case, the success rate is higher because a reliable Agile outsourcing partner has successfully worked with external clients many times and knows what to pay the most attention to.

Understanding Agile Software Development: Key Characteristics and Benefits

What exactly stands behind the nature of Agile software development? It’s a methodology of breaking the project into small steps essential for maintaining flexibility, transparency, and reliability in ongoing activities. It is vital in managing software delivery because modern development projects must be implemented simultaneously quickly, safely, and efficiently.

According to Agile, you can accurately plan the project and control its every stage. You can also quickly change the work direction in case of unusual situations. The iterative development and efficient use of resources allow for optimizing software development costs.

Agile vs. Traditional Outsourcing Models

Before Agile software development outsourcing started gaining popularity, developers worked according to the standard waterfall model. It has good points, but there is limited room for changes, feedback loops, and additions to the project as they work on it. Clients can’t preview their product at any stage; they only get to know the final product when it’s ready.

The cascade software development model is suitable for projects with reasonably predictable outcomes. Individual stages can be executed after the previous ones have been completed, which means a longer waiting time to receive the product and increased costs. Nevertheless, a client who has decided to outsource the management and project can sleep peacefully, as the following stages will be implemented according to the approved plan.

The Agile Software Outsourcing Process

In Agile and software development outsourcing, this methodology is introduced the same way as during in-house projects, enabling smooth communication and collaboration between the offshore development team and members of project management. It can range from a single project element to complete product delivery. Choosing an Agile model gives software development companies greater flexibility in dealing with changing circumstances or customer requirements, facilitating a quick review of the results of each iteration.

In agile software outsourcing, it is essential that both the in-house and outsourced teams work in a synchronized rhythm to ensure smooth product development. A key element is synergy, based on sprints and daily stand-ups.

The Power of Global Teams in Agile Outsourcing

Agile outsourcing truly shines when global teams are brought into play. Being geographically diverse, these teams infuse a broad spectrum of skills, experiences, and innovative approaches into the development process. When synchronized under the Agile framework, they create a ’round-the-clock’ development cycle, accelerating project timelines and enhancing productivity.

Moreover, the cultural diversity of global teams often leads to innovative problem-solving approaches, contributing to the creation of more robust and user-centric software solutions. This global collaboration, backed by Agile principles, sets a new standard in the IT industry, pushing boundaries and leading to exceptional outcomes that satisfy clients and end-users alike.

Tools and Technologies that Facilitate Agile Outsourcing

What steps should you take to make your cooperation with an Agile software outsourcing company the absolute best? As early as in your search for the right software company to which you would like to outsource your software project, find out what tools it uses in its daily work. The more elements it has in common with your company, the better. Thus, you will save the time necessary to adopt a new tool for communication and immediately focus on working together on project development.

You need a tool for communication (text and video), an Agile environment for managing tasks, and a code repository. The most popular tools in Agile development outsourcing are Jira, Zoom, Loom, Confluence, and various alternatives.

Agile Software Development Outsourcing

Advantages of Agile Software Outsourcing

Considering opting for Agile software development outsourcing on your next project? Check out the benefits of combining Agile and outsourcing to capable professionals from a growing tech hub in another country.

Enhanced Flexibility and Adaptability

The main feature (and advantage) of the Agile methodology is its flexibility. Subsequent stages of software development projects intersect, and it is possible to return to other project scopes to make changes or improve the product. Flexibility in Agile development is also possible with expanded outsourcing teams, which can scale quickly and inexpensively for increased workloads.

Faster Time-to-Market and Improved ROI

Software development in Agile methodology is faster than using cascade methods. The interpenetration of successive work stages significantly shortens the software development process and is a source of significant savings against working in the outdated waterfall model. The return on this investment will be more favorable due to the lower costs incurred on Agile software development outsourcing.

Better Client Engagement and Satisfaction

The client, who can review every stage of Agile software outsourcing, has more confidence in the team. According to the primary vision, it also means better control over the commissioned task and suggesting corrections or improvements on the fly. Thus, handing over the finished product involves minimal risk of dissatisfaction or rejection of the complex software product.

Challenges in Agile Outsourcing

Among the benefits of Agile outsourcing, there are also some dark scenarios. You must focus on all risks early enough to prevent them from spreading and failing the Agile software outsourcing project.

Managing Cultural and Time Zone Differences

Time zone differences between the client and the outsourcing vendor are an inevitable part of delegating work to an agile software development team on the other side of the world. Best practices say that the time difference should be a maximum of 6 hours so that it is possible to organize a meeting of the working hours of both teams.
It’s also worth considering that employees in some countries hesitate to offer their opinions due to cultural differences because they are afraid of others’ reactions or customer dissatisfaction. You should note at the beginning that honesty is crucial throughout the agile software development outsourcing process, as every comment can significantly impact the result.

Ensuring Effective Communication and Collaboration

As mentioned earlier, effective communication is essential for a successful Agile outsourcing project. For each party to freely express their thoughts, the outsourcing provider should appoint at least one person in their team who speaks fluently in the client’s native language to represent them accurately. It could be a project manager, lead engineer, or Scrum master. Collaboration tools, which we referred to a few paragraphs earlier, are also crucial for success.

Selecting the Right Outsourcing Partner

Although many outsourcing companies advertise themselves as specialists in producing software solutions with Agile adoption, there may be more marketing than truth in such claims. Not every software development services partner has the right people to manage the Agile processes properly; others take on more tasks than they can complete. This comes with problems meeting project goals and deadlines and working smoothly with the client.

Take the time to select the true software partner to conduct a successful project. Consider Scalo in outsourcing agile projects, so you have the opportunity to work with Polish developers who are in the TOP 3 offshore software development teams. Our extensive experience in outsourcing allows us to flawlessly understand your needs and project requirements, and our meticulous approach results in efficient custom software.

Thoughts on the Future of Agile Outsourcing

Agile software development outsourcing has great potential to revolutionize the current approach to working with offshore teams. Agile project management methodologies will speed up your work, and cooperation with a capable team from emerging markets will lower software engineering costs. Contact Scalo and start working with an external Agile team faster than your competitors!

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