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Java is still on an upward wave. The popularity of this back-end programming language is not waning despite the emergence of other revolutionary technologies. Companies basing their most vital systems on Java will continue to be loyal to its reliability, helping it maintain its well-deserved place on the popularity podium. What will be the role of Java technology trends in 2024? Check out the most important ones in our review article.

Java's Role in the Current Tech Landscape

Java is a programming language that, for nearly 30 years, has laid the foundation for all the modern systems we use every day. As a general-purpose object-oriented programming language, Java is used to develop embedded systems (Oracle) and operating systems (Android), as well as numerous applications, games, and websites.

Java is heavily used to develop projects for the banking, healthcare, energy, or tech sectors. For several years, Java’s contribution to the development of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and, more recently, IoT and cloud computing has been growing.

Emerging Trends in Java Development

Java trends are changing as the demand for more technologies revolutionizes the world. Nevertheless, Java trends in 2024 are not significantly different from those that heated excitement in 2023, as areas such as AI, cloud computing, and microservices continue to thrive.

Shift Towards Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is likely to reach new growth records in 2024. A growing number of organizations desire this innovative technology segment due to its wide range of scalability and ease of adaptation to a changing market. Java trends in 2024 predict using cloud services to give the applications the ability to handle traffic spikes and adapt to the ever-changing demands of today’s users.

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Rise of Microservices Architecture

The microservices architecture allows multiple containers to run on the same operating system kernel. Each module is mapped to an application that communicates with other applications to form a larger, cohesive whole. This approach allows independence in developing separate applications and free choice of tools within each application.

Microservices is a trend that radically changes the use of corporate resources and reduces the cost of maintaining servers. Java is advantageous in creating a microservices architecture because of its ease of annotation. The critical Java trends in microservices are tools like Spark or Spring Boot.

Integration with AI and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is a topic that is not coming off the podium for another year. Java is the most popular technology among AI software development companies because of its low maintenance, high transparency, and portability. With AI development, Java programming language will transform for even better usability for developing technologies based on AI and machine learning.

Java in Mobile and Web Development

Java is a prevalent programming language in the field of mobile applications. Its share in utility software and entertainment app development is not declining. This is undoubtedly influenced by extensive documentation, reliable libraries, and broad Java community support. In what direction will be Java technology trends in 2024 shaping the future in the mobile and web application sector?

Java for Android: New Developments

Android is the most popular operating system on mobile devices. As a result, Java, perfectly compatible with Android, continues to be at the forefront of use for developing mobile applications. Applications developed in Java run smoothly and seamlessly, and the use of frameworks like React Native, for example, is finding its way into the development of increasingly popular cross-platform applications.

Java in Modern Web Applications

Modern web applications are complex systems requiring a high degree of scalability, performance, and reliability. These complex web applications are the focus of most current web development efforts. Java has the advantage of creating simple and customizable code that can be easily scaled and moved to different platforms without modification.

Java Trends for 2024 - Scalo

Java Performance Enhancements

Java trends in performance ranks, being one of the programming languages with the best results. It is primarily due to the language developers who created the concept of the JVM, mechanisms for efficient memory management, or multithreading. Regardless of the nature of the Java ecosystem, the developers are constantly expanding its performance, improving successive versions of the language.

Just-In-Time (JIT) Compiler Improvements

A Just-In-Time compiler is a program that converts Java byte code into instructions that are sent directly to the processor. The latest iteration of the JIT compiler is Graal, which was created in Java. Graal improves performance with an option such as partial-escape analysis optimization, which reduces the number of heap allocations.

Garbage Collection Optimizations

The garbage collector automatically manages the memory by detecting and deleting unused objects, freeing valuable memory resources. To optimize memory usage and performance in Java, you must minimize object creation, utilize local variables, be aware of object lifecycles, and appropriately configure the garbage collector. Following these best practices can significantly optimize memory usage and performance in Java applications.

Adoption of Java in Different Industries

The latest Java trends show that this programming language is commonly used for many software solutions in various industries. Where can we already find novel applications based on Java, and what are Java trends for 2024?

Java in Enterprise Applications

Enterprise systems are just one of many possible applications of Java. The numerous advantages of this programming language, such as scalability, high performance, and the wide availability of skilled Java developers, convince executive-level people to choose Java as the basis for enterprise systems. Java’s reliability ensures it will enjoy the trust of large companies for years to come.

Java in Fintech

Why Java trends in Fintech? First, it is a choice that guarantees a high level of security for solutions for the financial sector. It is also one of the most stable programming languages, which confirms the usability of code written even a dozen years earlier. In addition, Java is easy to maintain while being flexible and cross-platform.

Java in Healthcare

Gathering information on patient body parameters, remote health monitoring, or diagnostics through advanced systems is possible thanks to systems developed in Java. Due to the collection of confidential patient data, the high security of Java-based solutions is an incredible advantage for companies creating medical software. Medical applications will be one of the Java trends in 2024 due to the capabilities of independent platforms and the development of solutions with ML and AI.

The Future of Java

What will the future of Java be like? We can paint it bright, as it is still one of the most popular programming languages. Let’s check out some Java technology trends for 2024 that could open new doors for technological development.

Project Loom and Virtual Threads

Project Loom is a new Oracle project whose primary goal is to significantly reduce the workload of creating, maintaining, and observing high-throughput concurrent applications. Traditional operating system threads, the core of Java’s concurrency model, have some drawbacks and are computationally expensive. Therefore, to the delight of many, virtual threads were introduced in Java 19. Virtual threads will be developed in frameworks, making it much easier for Java programmers to write scalable software requiring millions of concurrent connections.

Project Panama and Native Integration

Project Panama is an OpenJDK project that focuses on improving the connection between Java and native code, making it smoother and more efficient. The project is a significant step towards adapting Java to various programming scenarios, especially those requiring seamless interaction with native libraries. As the Panama project progresses, developers can create high-performance Java applications with better interoperability and less complexity when working with native code.

Project Amber and Language Improvements

The Amber project is another Java project that combines multiple feature streams. Most of Amber’s features are stand-alone enhancements that make code more transparent, more concise, or less error-prone. These include switch expressions, sealed types, records, text blocks, and pattern matching. The Project Amber goal is to add productivity-oriented features to the Java language. Project Amber represents a considerable step forward in the Java programmer experience.

Java Community and Ecosystem

Java is such a popular programming language mainly because of the strong community that cares about its constant development. Many Java trends from previous years, as well as Java technological trends in 2024, are the results of the dedicated community work that keeps track of innovations and ensures they can be implemented in Java-based projects.

Growing Java Communities Globally

The global Java community already has more than 9 million developers. Plenty of smaller and larger communities exist, such as Oracle Java Forum, Java Community Home, StackOverFlow, and JavaRanch. It is certain that in 2024, these will be powerful places producing many ideas that could change the direction of Java software development. This is worth watching closely, as news from the community can significantly impact the creation of business solutions.

Impact of Open-Source Contributions

What would the modern world be without the bottom-up initiative of programmers? We can be sure that developing open-source projects will remain one of the leading Java trends in 2024. In addition to the simple accessibility and easy modification of open-source applications, it is a great place for junior developers and programming enthusiasts to develop their skills.

Our Parting Shot

Java has been one of the most popular programming languages for nearly 30 years for good reason. Java is not lagging, consistently phasing out its obsolete functionality and focusing on creating new solutions for cloud computing, big data, and AI. If you want your Java-based technologies to be up-to-date, stay abreast of what the Java community offers and keep your finger on the pulse of Java technological trends in 2024.

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