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Streamlining Your Project Success with Embedded Systems Expertise

At Scalo, we excel in embedded systems and software development. We understand the unique challenges your projects face, which is why we are able to effectively outsource embedded software development services. We can either supplement your existing in-house workforce with Scalo’s experts or provide complete development teams that will transform your plans into software that interacts seamlessly with dedicated hardware.

In embedded software outsourcing, we have one goal – to enhance your project’s capabilities. Does your software development company require specific expertise to develop firmware or complete critical components of your embedded systems? Or maybe you need a comprehensive team to take over the entire development process? In any case, we’re here to help.

By choosing Scalo for your embedded projects outsourcing needs, you gain access to the best talent in embedded software development.

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 Choose Scalo as Your Embedded Software Outsourcing Partner

Leverage Top-Tier Talent for Competitive Edge
Leverage Top-Tier Talent for Competitive Edge
We provide access to leading specialists and embedded software development outsourcing teams. Because your projects should be executed at the highest level.
Access to Advanced Technical Expertise in Industrial Sectors
Specialized in embedded project development, our team uses industry knowledge to tackle complex challenges in your sector effectively.
Power BI Reporting
Build Confidence with a Proven Success Record
Our successful implementations and high client satisfaction demonstrate our reliability and excellence.
Maximize Your R&D Budget
Maximize Your R&D Budget
Our solutions help optimize the R&D budget by efficiently allocating resources without compromising quality.
Adapt and Scale Effortlessly
Adapt and Scale Effortlessly
With flexible engagement models, you can scale your embedded software project efforts up or down to remain agile in the dynamic market.
Ensure Compliance and Protect Your Data
Ensure Compliance and Protect Your Data
We prioritize industry standards and protect sensitive data with stringent security measures in your embedded software development projects.
decision making
High-Quality Standards and Process Maturity
Our software developers prioritize scalability and security in every phase of software development to ensure top performance.
Experience in International Collaboration
Experience in International Collaboration
With a wealth of project experience, we bring valuable insights and effective collaboration strategies to every embedded software outsourcing project.
Outsource Your Embedded Software Projects to Our Experts
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Embedded Software Development Outsourcing Collaboration Models 

Explore our collaboration models in embedded software outsourcing services designed to fit your project’s specific needs.

Are you short on specialists? We will provide you with experts in embedded development, ready to join your project. Our outsourcing services ensure you have the necessary talent to develop embedded software efficiently and effectively.
skilled professionals
Staff Augmentation
We can expand your team with qualified specialists with the skills your project needs. This model allows you to enhance your existing workforce with additional expertise in developing embedded solutions that seamlessly integrate with your operations.
Dedicated Teams
Dedicated Teams
We can assemble a complete software engineer team to kickstart your project within a few weeks. This approach is perfect for rapidly deploying embedded software services, providing you with a dedicated group that focuses solely on your objectives and timelines.
How we Select Specialists for Your Project

Any project is only as good as its team. See how we select the experts that meet your specific requirements for embedded software development outsourcing.

Initial Consultation
We begin by understanding your embedded projects’ specific needs and goals through detailed consultations and gathering all the necessary requirements.
Specialist Screening
Our team analyzes CVs to identify the most suitable specialists for embedded software outsourcing, ensuring they match the technical skills and experience required for your project.
Candidate Interviews
Candidates undergo thorough interviews that assess their expertise and compatibility with the demands of your embedded software development outsourcing needs.
Agreement Preparation
Once the right candidates are selected, we prepare all the necessary agreements to ensure both parties clearly understand the project terms and expectations.
Integration and Onboarding
We provide a smooth onboarding process for the chosen specialists, so they can integrate quickly and efficiently into your project, minimizing downtime and accelerating project kickoff.

Extended Support Options for Embedded Software Outsourcing 

Need broader support with your project? Here are two additional ways we can collaborate:

Embedded Solutions Consulting

Embedded Solutions Consulting

We offer expert advice on embedded solutions to guide and boost your project strategies. Our embedded project outsourcing consultants bring deep industry knowledge to help optimize your system's performance and integration.
Complete Embedded Project Execution

Complete Embedded Project Execution

We can manage the entire embedded project for you, focusing exclusively on developing software that controls the machinery, without having to create hardware first. This allows you to concentrate on hardware specifications and development while we ensure your software is robust and fully functional.
Why Choose Scalo for Your Embedded Projects

As an embedded software outsourcing company, Scalo commits to delivering predictable and reliable embedded software solutions. We develop software that ensures precision and rapid response, enhancing the functionality of your embedded systems.

Our team optimizes operations to minimize overheads and maximize efficiency, guaranteeing your projects are completed within the required timelines.

We ensure consistent and predictable interactions, essential for robust embedded software outsourcing projects. Our thorough validation processes exceed standard requirements, testing our solutions under various conditions to guarantee reliability even in demanding scenarios.

With our experienced engineers, you gain access to technical proficiency and deep industry insights throughout your embedded software development outsourcing project, from initial design to full implementation.

Choosing Scalo for embedded projects outsourcing means partnering with a company committed to innovation and excellence, adapting to your business needs and challenges.

Join Leading Companies
Join Leading Companies
Join Leading Companies
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