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Scalo Is Your Trusted Partner in .NET Development Outsourcing

Get the best out of Scalo’s .NET development outsourcing services. With skilled .NET experts determined to bring your vision to life, no project is too challenging. We stand out by offering a comprehensive team of .Net professionals who are fully equipped to address all aspects of your project requirements.

At the core of our operations is communication. Our developers are fluent in English to ensure flawless collaboration throughout every phase of your project.

Being more than just a regular dot net development outsourcing company, we carefully match our specialists’ skills with your business objectives.

 Discover the Scalo Advantages in .NET Software Outsourcing

Cost Savings
Cost Savings
We understand you need to optimize expenses. Our cost-conscious approach to .Net development outsourcing services ensures you pay only for the resources you use, with no hidden extras.
Your project needs may change, and we are always prepared to adapt. With your shifting requirements, we can scale our services to ensure you always get the best value.
Faster Time to Market
Faster Time to Market
We know the importance of speed to your business. Our experienced team accelerates your project, helping you capture market opportunities faster.
Access to Talent Pool
Access to Talent Pool
Entrust Scalo with your .NET software outsourcing needs and tap into the deep pool of expert .NET and Java developers. This guarantees higher quality outputs for your business.
24/7 Productivity
24/7 Productivity
We work round the clock, so the progress on your project never slows down. With the continuous development and quicker results, you save valuable time.
decision making
Risk Mitigation
Your project's security is our top priority. By employing best practices, we minimize risks, ensuring a worry-free experience for you.
Looking for Reliable .NET Development Outsourcing Services?

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A Closer Look at Scalo’s .NET Development Tech Mastery

Being a premier .Net software outsourcing company, we have the skills, experience, and tech know-how to deliver technically comprehensive services.

Customized Programming & Web Development Solutions
Our mastery in C#, .NET Core, and .NET 5+ enables us to build bespoke cross-platform applications that perfectly match your business objectives. We use ASP.NET Core to create solid web applications and services that can effectively boost your brand’s online presence.

Efficient Database Management & Dynamic Real-Time Functionality
We go beyond the usual .NET development outsourcing services by offering efficient data handling through Entity Framework Core and dynamic user experiences using SignalR for real-time web functionalities. With these tools, we can create a more engaging and technically impressive web presence for your business.

Secure Cloud Hosting, Effective Version Control, & Seamless Deployment
We put security, efficiency, and scalability front and center. By utilizing Azure, Docker, and Git, we provide secure cloud hosting, efficient version control, and smooth application deployment. This ensures your project is secure and ready to scale up with your enterprise.

Engaging User Interfaces & Cutting-Edge Front-End Technology
User experience is king, and we know it. Our team consistently delivers intuitive, interactive UIs, squeezing the best out of Blazor, .NET MAUI, Xamarin, and JavaScript/TypeScript technologies. We’re always on a mission to ensure your applications are user-friendly and meet the highest standards.

Scalo in Numbers

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Bespoke .NET Development Service Models Offered by Scalo 

As a leading dot net development outsourcing company, Scalo is built on flexibility, tailored solutions, and a commitment to the Client’s needs.

We offer three distinct cooperation models, each designed to address specific challenges.

.NET Talent Outsourcing

.NET Talent Outsourcing

When your project calls for a boost in specialized talent, our .NET Talent Outsourcing model steps in. We source and provide skilled .NET professionals prepared to contribute immediately and effectively to your project.
skilled professionals

.NET Team Augmentation

If your current team requires specific skills to complete your projects successfully, our .NET Team Augmentation model is an optimal solution. We enhance your team with specialists possessing the necessary qualifications, filling any skill gaps your existing team may need help with.
.Net Dedicated Unit

.Net Dedicated Unit

For projects requiring a complete team setup, we offer the .NET Dedicated Unit model. Here, we assemble an entire, independently managed crew of .NET developers ready to launch your project within the shortest possible timeframe.
Unlocking Talent with Scalo’s .NET Outsourcing Services Process 
Consultation and requirements gathering
We start by gathering your requirements and understanding the project’s needs.
Talent Identification through CV Analysis
Our recruitment experts sift through CVs to spot the most suitable candidates.
Comprehensive Interviews
Shortlisted professionals undergo interviews to verify that their skills match the project.
Agreements Preparation
Once the right talent is identified, we delve into the necessary paperwork.
Streamlined Onboarding
Selected specialists integrate into your project immediately to start bringing you value ASAP.

 Going Above and Beyond .Net Developers Outsourcing

Scalo’s .NET development outsourcing services are just the tip of the iceberg. And, in case you want some more, we have you covered.

.NET Consulting
.NET Consulting
Do you need pointers from someone who has seen it all? Our .NET consulting services are here for you. We've got a team of .NET geniuses ready to help you navigate the technological maze, ensuring you make informed decisions and get the most out of .NET’s vast capabilities.
Full Project Execution
Full Project Execution
Want to sit back and watch your .NET project come to life? Our talented team can take over the reins and drive your project using .NET-related technologies. You can trust us with the whole shebang, from design and development to testing and deployment. We promise a smooth and successful ride.
Scalo Consulting Session

Why choose us?

Choosing Scalo for your .NET developers outsourcing is the best step you can take to turn your software vision into reality. With our .NET development outsourcing services, you get access to top-tier talent, able to work directly with your in-house staff or within independently managed, dedicated teams. If needed, you can outsource the whole project to Scalo so you can focus on your core activities instead. And, in case it’s the guidance and inspiration you seek, our .NET software outsourcing experts will provide you with in-depth insights and fresh perspectives throughout comprehensive consultation sessions.

Teaming up with Scalo for dot net development outsourcing, you’re not just hiring a crew of hired technological gunsyou’re gaining a partner. We’re here for the long haul, committed to your project from start to finish.

Ready to Transform
Ready to Transform
Ready to Transform
Your .NET Vision into Reality?

Łukasz Pol

Head of Business Development

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