In Scalo, we understand the importance of project management for a successful and timely delivery. For small or large projects alike, proper governance needs to be applied at all stages of the life cycle. From initiation to delivery, we strictly abide by effective project management methodology to deliver a high-quality product within the designated deadline.

Project Management Solutions- Our Effective Method

Our ultimate goal is to help our clients realize their business vision, their idea. To assure that, we apply a flexible project management model that always puts the client first. We take pride in our effective and efficient approach to project management and established strict PM guidelines for our teams. 

We work closely with our clients, adapting the process following their business needs based on PM good practices. We firmly believe that the key to creating successful software is expertise and proper project management. At Scalo, we offer our clients both of these things – with experienced developers working in cross-functional teams and careful management, we’ll bring your project to fruition. 

Software project management services- The Scalo’s Way

Experience gained working with clients from many different industries allowed us to establish the components of successful software project management. Since Scalo was established, we’ve realized hundreds of projects large and small, each of which gave us unique insight into how we should approach IT project management services– here are the results:

Initial Business Engagement

The initial phase of each project is crucial - this is the time to establish goals and gather essential information about the project. Together, we will lay out the initial project assumptions, as well as thoroughly discuss your software idea. We’ll also research your potential competition and existing software solutions, assuring your software remains unique.

Discovery Phase and Solution Design

At this stage, we conduct workshops with our client’s stakeholders - Scalo’s tech experts will engage the stakeholders, reaching a consensus on the project’s vision. During the workshops, our specialists will go over your business process and how the project fits in.
After the workshops are concluded, we’ll propose a Proof of Concept (POC) - our idea for effectively realizing your project, addressing your business needs and project goals and providing a framework for each step of the process.

Project Setup

Now is the time to start setting up the project itself - we’ll choose an appropriate project approach and development methodology. To assure the most efficient approach, we run various business analyses, map user stories, and define the backlog. Finally, we’ll also set up an effective cooperation framework and establish proper communication channels.

Design and Development

Once we agree on the project scope and used approach, we move on to actual production. Depending on your needs, we’ll do all the work necessary to create high-quality and unique software, including UI and UX design if needed. As we work on implementing functionality according to the backlog and thoroughly test the software afterwards, we’ll stay in constant communication with you.

Handover and Closure

At this stage, the development is over and we’ve produced a ready product - now is the time to begin the handover process. After all, the user stories are developed and your new app works without issues, we’ll train your staff in using the software, hand over all the relevant software documentation, and guide the product launch, assuring everything goes smoothly.

Further Development

Just because the software has been launched doesn’t have to mean the development ends - when needed, we’re ready to offer further development, upgrading and extending your app’s functionality. Whether you decide to move on to an entirely new project or keep on developing your current software, we’re always happy to help in producing high-quality results.

Effective IT Project Management - An Agile Approach

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Here at Scalo, we apply Agile values in our project management guidelines. It’s also our main recommended model, as it allows timely delivery and flexibility at all stages of development.

We believe that the used methodology should fit each project individually, which is why we always modify our process to better fit your specific business needs. We’re open to change, as is our approach – flexibility is one of the most important characteristics of agile software development, allowing you to introduce changes at any point of the project lifecycle.

We believe the agile software development cycle is often the most efficient software delivery approach combined with proper IT project management processes. However, we’re open to other models as well, so if in your particular case Waterfall or Test-driven approach proves to be more adequate, we will act accordingly.

To prove our expertise, our project management team consists of experienced managers, with certifications from Prince2, PMI, IPMA and various Agile-certified roles.

Scrum Project Management - How Is It So Efficient?

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While there are many types of agile software development strategies, we believe Scrum often works best for a variety of clients.

We believe that Scrum often provides the most optimal approach to IT project management services, securing timely delivery and space for improvements or changes. Flexibility is the main upside of Scrum, making it easy to implement changes at all stages of development.

Scrum divides the development process into iterations, simply called sprints. During the project setup phase, so-called Sprint 0, we’ll establish sprint types and lengths together, as well as construct effective Scrum teams.

The Importance of Project Management Transparency, Reporting and Effective Communications

The Importance of project management transparency, reporting and effective communications

To better realize your vision for the software, we utilise a proven methodology to assure smooth and efficient cooperation.

Defining clear project goals and scope – mutual agreement in terms of responsibilities, as well as what will constitute a “ready” project, and what exactly is and isn’t covered by the scope of the project.

Transparency and open communication – effective communication is the key to a successful project that fully reflects your vision. Before each project, we establish a proper tools and communication framework with regular meetings to discuss the progress and potential changes.

Regular reporting – we use professional progress tracking tools to deliver you regular reports and updates, with comments and valuable information so that you’re up to date on the development process.

User-friendly tools – We always put the client first – together, we’ll decide on the best communication and management tools to use, adapting to your needs and tools you already use to make the collaboration smooth and as problem-free for you as possible.

The main IT project management tools we use are JIRA, Azure DevOps, and – but we’re open to working with other tools that might be more convenient for you!

Project Management Quality Assurance- A Crucial Part of Every Software Project

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Project management quality assurance is a vital part of the software development life cycle. To ensure the best project quality, we take an organized approach to quality assurance based on experience and good practices:

  • We prepare and monitor project quality metrics.
  • As we work, we implement the process of regular projects reviews and process audits.
  • We constantly improve the SCALO Project Management Process by collecting lessons learned and implementing changes.
  • We conduct regular Peer Reviews under which Project Managers check and evaluate reports from other PMs to spot potential errors, learn from each other and constantly improve quality.

One of the most powerful tools for quality and learning in the software engineering process is code review. As my background is software developer, we at Scalo implement a similar idea to ensure the Project Management quality and knowledge exchange in the Scalo on PM team.

– Wojciech Czujowski, Head of Program and Project Management at Scalo

Tools, Certifications and Memberships

To assure smooth project management, we use only professional tools.

To confirm the expertise of our Project Managers, each one is certified by acclaimed international organizations.

W.Czujowski_green Scalo

As Head of Program and Project Management at Scalo, I strongly believe that communication in the project team (team = our clients + Scalo development team) is crucial for successful project delivery. We are determined to deliver your vision, which can only be achieved through efficient and regular communication. Communication is strongly supported by the use of professional tools and well-matched methodologies, guaranteeing the project goals are met. 

Wojciech Czujowski, Head of Program and Project Management at Scalo

Case Studies of the Projects We’re Most Proud of at Scalo

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Their estimates are accurate, and everything is delivered as promised and planned.

Software Company, Finland

I feel confident working with them, knowing that they’ll be willing to help if an unforeseen situation comes up. 

Artur Bukowski
IT Director

Throughout the engagement, they’ve consistently demonstrated their dedication to project success and customer satisfaction.


Let’s Realize Your Idea - Together!

We take project management to heart – effectively managing each project allows for better quality results and timely delivery. For us, these are the top priorities of every project we participate in.  

If you have a business software idea that you need help developing, we’re here to help you – fill out the contact form below and let our consultants set up a meeting to discuss the most effective solution for your business needs. 


What is project management?

Project management in the IT industry, comes down to the process of organizing and delegating responsibility for the completion of clients’ specific product develoment or general IT goals, to specific software development teams or particular engineers within these teams.

What are the benefits of IT project management software?

Project Management in IT is beneficial for both efficiency and quality of the work. It makes the communication within the team clear and keeps the client well-informed. It can reduce costs and lower the risks. Some of the major of using IT project management software are:

  • Better planning and scheduling
  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Clear task delegation
  • Easier file access and sharing
  • Smoother onboarding of new team members
  • Effective risk mitigation
  • Better budget management

What are the benefits of using Scrum and Agile project management methods?

Using Agile in software development became a gold standard for a reason. Proper approach keeps every side of the process well informed and on track with the ongoing tasks. It can lower the costs, improve quality of work, reduce reaction time in case of an emergency, it is beneficial to team synnergy, communication and completion of set milestones.

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