We are here to provide you with the technology to match your business ideas. Scalo specializes in bespoke software solutions – tailored to the client’s needs and expectations.  

We care about being organized and working efficiently – as we develop custom software, we work according to established project management methodology that allows us to produce high-quality applications and solutions in a timely manner. Whether you’re in need of a new machine learning system or an innovative cloud storage solution, Scalo’s here to help you achieve your goals. 

Scalo manufactures scalable software solutions for a wide range of industries. We also offer assistance in digital transformation of your company, handling the technology, data staff, and software development process.  

Proof of Our Quality

The Scalo Way- Our Efficient Custom Software Development Process

Through years of experience designing and developing custom solutions for a range of business clients, we have established an efficient project framework. Using this framework, we can take your product from its initial idea all the way to the launch of your custom-made application. Our process guarantees timely delivery and customer input, creating exactly the software you were looking for. 

We follow a 6-step software delivery process that guarantees flawless implementation: 

Initial Business Engagement

At this stage we’ve just begun our cooperation - we will want to talk with you extensively about your business idea to create a plan for developing your software. We’ll also show you Scalo’s methodology in more detail, and establish together the best course of action to deliver your product in an effective and efficient manner, creating high-quality software in a timely manner. As we get into more detail, we’ll map our competence area and responsibilities for your project, consult with stakeholders, create a general objective list, and assess risks.

Discovery Phase and Solution Design

After we’ve covered the basics, we can move onto the details - during this phase, we’ll be confirming the established project goals and technology requirements. We’ll also establish an effective delivery model that will fit your needs and expectations. Based on what we discover and agree on during this phase, we’ll be designing your software solutions and, if need be, create a proof of concept. We’ll also be doing some initial planning at this phase.

Project Setup

At this stage, we’ve pretty much fully established what your solution is going to be - now we’ll move on to setting up the details of the project itself. Working together, we’ll establish the exact scope of the project, as well as create a projected backlog. We’ll also choose proper development teams to realize your project, as well as establish its timeline and cost. We finalize this stage with a kick-off meeting with all the crucial stakeholders, introducing the team and all basic project elements.

Design and Development

During this stage, our developers will work hard at bringing your project to life, starting with UI and UX design, moving on to the development phase, and finishing with a thorough testing and QA phase. In most projects, we apply Agile approach like Scrum to guarantee optimal project management and result delivery. Scrum allowed us to deliver high-quality projects in a timely and orderly fashion while retaining a high degree of flexibility many times in the past. If need be, we implement changes to our standard development process in this stage to better fit your agenda.

Handover and Closure

At this stage, the bulk of the work on your software has been completed and your project is nearly at its finish. With your application successfully developed, it’s finally time to launch - we’ll deliver the ready software with all the relevant documentation to you. We create a detailed transition plan to guarantee smooth implementation, along with a thorough closure report and checklist. After the handover, we also offer future app maintenance if needed.

Further app development

Here at Scalo, we offer scalable solutions that are easy to evolve and expand in the future. We’re always ready to improve your software further, implementing additional functionality tailored to your needs. Even as we deliver a full-fledged app to you, we’re happy to keep on working on it and help grow your business even more. The world never stops and technology keeps getting more and more sophisticated with each day - if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, constant development is a must.

Scalo’s Unique Approach to Effective Project Management- A Personalized Experience

We believe that the journey is as important as the destination – that’s why we’ve been working hard for years on establishing an effective project management strategy. Our experience with a range of methodologies gave us valuable insight into a variety of approaches, and choosing the proper one for each project is to us the key to efficient work. 

By applying the right project management process and retaining a high degree of flexibility for on-the-go changes, we’re able to provide outstanding results in an organized and timely manner 

Agile approaches allow for dynamic changes to the development process, implementing changes and adapting the plan when needed. They take an iterative attitude to project management, working in manageable increments that are continuously evaluated, making it easy to adapt to necessary changes. 

Interested in how we do it? Learn more about our software project management methodology! 

scalo wojtek projec management

We’re dedicated to creating reliable software solutions, designed to answer your business needs and help you grow. Years of experience taught us never to stop adapting, using new-gained knowledge to improve our process and deliver better and better solutions each time. 

Wojciech Czujowski, Head of Program and Project Management at Scalo 

Let’s Talk About Your Idea - Schedule a Meeting With Our Expert!

If you think you have a great business idea, but have no clue how to realize it, we’re here to help – let’s bring your concept into the digital world together! 

Schedule a meeting with our expert Wojciech, Head of Program and Project Management at Scalo, and let us show you that everything is possible – we’ll take your idea, refine it together into a workable concept, and help you deliver it to the clients. 

Technologies and Competences We Provide

NET Development

As a Microsoft Gold partner, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and realizing all types of .NET projects according to client needs. We develop custom .NET solutions optimized for a range of devices, working with reliable .NET frameworks.

JAVA Development

We have years of experience in custom Java development - it’s one of the most commonly used programming languages, and not without good reason! We can create a variety of tailored Java solutions, designed and developed with security and performance in mind.

Python Development

We offer specialized services in custom Python development, addressing the needs of your business and delivering scalable solutions. Python is a powerful programming language, offering immense capabilities - that’s why it’s chosen by start-ups and international corporations alike.

Front and Web Development

Tailored web solutions are one of our specialties - we offer professional frontend development services, focused on excellent user experience. No matter the scope of your web project, we’re happy to help you create a successful and interactive digital product that’s comfortable to work with for your end users.

Quality Assurance

No proper custom software development process can be complete without extensive testing and QA. We’re all only humans, and it is human to make mistakes - to create high-quality software, it’s essential to identify and root out these mistakes before releasing the app to your users. Here at Scalo, we offer help as QA advisors on a range of projects to guarantee optimal results.


We’re experienced in delivering custom embedded software, designed for a specific embedded system based on client criteria. Creating code for use in machines and devices is no challenge for Scalo and our experienced manufacturing engineers, no matter the type of system you’re working with.


If you’re in need of extensive data storage but don’t want all of the machinery and infrastructure usually connected with it, our custom cloud solutions can be just what you’re looking for. Scalo is happy to assist in finding the best solution to data handling that allows future scaling, all in cooperation with you to establish a strategy suiting your exact business needs.

Machine Learning

AI is the future of computing - invest in your business now and future-proof it with intelligent Machine Learning solutions that will allow your system to learn and grow based on the data provided. Decision making is a rare functionality in technology, making machine learning a unique and innovative branch of software development.


Cyberspace is more and more dangerous with each passing day - if you want to protect yourself from unauthorized access and potential data leaks, you need to take proper security measures. At Scalo, we know how to make secure software and are happy to aid our clients with digital security consulting.

Business Intelligence

In today’s world, data is power - but there’s just so much data everywhere that navigating it all and making effective conclusions from them is extremely difficult. Scalo implements innovative Business Intelligence solutions to automate data collection, storage, and analysis, resulting in valuable insight that will allow your company to optimize profits and minimize expenditures.


Mobile devices are becoming more and more present in our daily lives - and so increases their business potential. Mobile apps can be used everywhere, the only requirement being internet access. At Scalo, we develop high-level mobile software, tailored to your needs and offering your clients enjoyable user experience.

Case Studies of the Projects We’re Most Proud of at Scalo

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They’re super professional in all aspects of the project. They understand the commercials on their side and our side.   

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William Conaghan

We have a good collaboration with Scalo (former NBC IT Outsourcing).

Damian Hojnowski
IT Budget Holder

They believe that their success is related to ours. They’re thoughtful and always go the extra mile to ensure things are going well

Xavier Aguera
CTO & Co-Founder

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