Long-term cooperation with a global financial institution

The Client

A multinational bank offering a range of financial products and services, including savings accounts, loans, mortgages, and investment services.

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With a strong emphasis on customer service, our client has earned a reputation as a trusted entity in the financial industry. The bank provides a robust online and mobile banking platform for easy access to accounts and services, solidifying its position as one of the world’s largest and most prominent financial institutions.

To maintain their market position and continue to meet its customers’ expectations, the company decided to modernize and extend its systems. Our developers worked on a number of solutions, delivering new functionalities and increasing system capabilities.

Leveraging data for tailored customer experiences

Personalization is one of the key components of modern customer service. Whatever the industry, users expect to see offers and services that are relevant to them. However, to enable this capability, companies need to have a good understanding of customer behavior that is based on data. Our client decided to improve their use of data analytics, so they could develop their services based on customer preferences.

The project involved extracting data from legacy databases and processing them accordingly, so they could be presented in a modern dashboard format. Our team examined the databases, data models, and structures to develop a roadmap for the transformation. We then extracted and cleaned the data, and then standardized its formats in preparation for analysis.

The next step was the design of dashboards and reports providing relevant Business Intelligence. We’ve developed a series of wireframes and prototypes to demonstrate new capabilities and functionalities. Based on the selected designs, we created the final reports, and integrated them into the bank’s systems, ensuring that data was continuously updated and accurate. Finally, we offered comprehensive documentation and training to the bank’s staff to ensure they could effectively use the dashboard.

The project was a resounding success, and the solution was well-received by the bank’s stakeholders. Newly-implemented reports provide real-time insights into the bank’s customer behavior, which helps the client improve its services and drive more revenue.

personal finance app visualization

Fueling innovation with microservices

Successful businesses in the modern world need to be agile and able to adapt fast to changes and new directions. Legacy monolithic architectures may hinder this agility, as large and complex systems are difficult to change. To increase their capacity for innovation, our client decided to refactor their solution into a microservices architecture.

Migration to microservices is not without its challenges. One of the main issues is the increased complexity of managing a distributed system, as microservices are independently deployed and require robust communication mechanisms. This can lead to challenges with monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting. Our QA team worked on standardizing these processes to simplify them for the future and minimize any errors.

Moreover, managing the deployment and scaling of multiple services can be challenging, as it can cause increased operational overhead. This is where our expertise in implementing a robust DevOps approach and infrastructure planning shone through. We addressed these issues through careful planning, thorough testing, and careful management.

The transition brought the bank several benefits. They can now quickly adopt new technologies, which means they can innovate and introduce new features quickly. The microservices architecture also improved the systems’ fault tolerance, as potential failures in one service will not impact the entire system.

In addition, the bank managed to reduce costs, as each service can run on its own infrastructure with its scaling policies. This improved performance and reduced the infrastructure costs significantly.

Overall, the transition to microservices was a significant step forward for the bank, enabling them to stay competitive and innovative in an ever-changing market.

Elevating precision and performance

As part of our cooperation, we provided quality testing services for different aspects of the bank’s services, such as loans, leasing, and other financial products. Quality testing was essential, as it ensured that the bank’s services functioned correctly and the data used for Business Intelligence was accurate.

Our team of quality assurance experts tested the bank’s services thoroughly, identifying any issues and reporting them back to the development team for prompt resolution. Quality testing services were designed to cover different aspects of the bank’s services, including functional, performance, and compatibility testing.

Functional testing ensured all implemented features worked as expected on mobile devices and web versions. Performance testing was conducted to test the system’s response time, ensuring it could handle the expected load. In addition, compatibility testing ensured that the services could work across different platforms and devices.

Our quality testing services provided the bank with an added layer of assurance, ensuring that their services were performing as expected and data underlying any services was accurate. It also helped the bank identify any issues before they could affect their customers, thus maintaining great user experience.

A successful strategic collaboration

Through our partnership the client leverages the latest technology solutions to optimize their operations, so they can react fast to changing market conditions and stay ahead of the competition. By anticipating and answering their customers’ expectations, the bank maintains its industry leadership.

Our cooperation involves multiple other areas, such as development of mobile and web applications for loan & credit processes or for measuring carbon footprint, as well as implementation of solutions for maintaining regulatory compliance. This partnership ensures the client stays at the forefront of technological innovation, enhancing both their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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